The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 146 The thieves are gathered.

Zhuxi County, county in the county.

The flood category of a casual dress is leisurely practicing calligraphy, as if it is not coming to thieves, but to play.

On the side of the county and the small money, it is constantly taking the Governor's good calligraphy, good Yaxing.

"Zhi Gao, the little king can be moved?"

After putting down, Hong Chengnoes also looked at his own mountain water painting, quite a little bit of satisfaction, and asked.

If this kind of model is to be sent to the Qin Dynasty, it will only be sent to force two words. It is afraid that it is not even the bones.

"Go back to the adult, the thief army in Zhu Mountain did not have an interest, still as before, driving the soldier horses outside the city, only the probes of each county increased."

The two of the other people are not forced by the Governors, and they are not forced, and they will reply to the way.

"Oh, I am interested, if I changed the other thieves, I learned that I was surrounded by this Cartler, I would definitely fleeing, and the little Hua Wang chose to make the movement, so that the thief is really not simple! "

The flooding wado came to the window and looked at the direction of the bamboo mountain.

"Adults of the Governor, is the so-called genital calf is not afraid of tiger, the little Hua Wang is not escaped, it is estimated that he only smells the famous name. He has not personally experienced it, but also feels that he defeated a few officials and believes that the court of the court is tasty, huh! "

On the side of Zhu Xi Zhixian, smiled and pulled a sentence, I have already forgotten the days of sleeping in the past.

"The big people said it, the little Hua Wang is not simple. According to the probes, the drums of the outer corner of the Zhu Mountain are constantly moving, the army has the model.

Not only the armor is complete, there is also a unified costume. It is said that I haven't brought the title, I have not opened the house, yes, the Cao Cao is flying, I don't know it. "Money high point."

"Nothing is to go to Googheng and the eight king will be able to take it." Hong Chengchi smiled and said, although he didn't say, his heart was in the five provinces of Xiong Wencan.

Not only don't let the little king do big, but also to take this old thief, let it rest in the valley, when it is a faintness.

So this time he wants to destroy Xiaohua Wang, it is the eight king of Cao, and has returned, and the stream of the sky must be annihilated, in order to suffer.

"Adults, then it is to enter the army, or continue to be siege?"

"Don't worry, since the Xiaohua Wang drifted the soldiers outside the city, let each will also go to the city outside the city. The whole person wants to see when he can endure."

The Hong Contributions swayed, this time he also brought 20,000 infantry and three thousand cavers. Zhu Mountain is in danger, from the faint thief army, it is better to enter the army.

As for the people of Ten Hong Fan and the soldiers from all over the world, strictly guard against the death and stay.

Zuo Liangyu's soldiers fell by a bird, but he was defeated by the Xiong Wen, otherwise he would conserve this.

The money is nodd, he knows the reason why the Governor does not want to speed up the speed.

It is because the court has already passed some news, and the general of the Governor went to the Liaodong to host the overall situation.

But he felt that the Governor did not know why, do not want to go to Liaodong.

The high guess is true, Hong Chengkegu does have the idea that I want to delay some days, but more or he thinks it is better to let the thief army stay in Zhu Mountain in Fang County without completely dismissed the opponent. The anti-thief is chaotic, and they are much smaller than chasing blocking.

at the same time.

On the official road of the Yunyang County of Fuyang, the brigade is in a hurry, and there are many wolves.

In the team, there is no longer, and it is estimated that there are no 20,000 people. It is the third righteous army of Cao Cao.

After being defeated by Qin Yu, Liu Guo, who escaped in the mountains, also mixed with hundreds of people.

Liu Guoneng directly turned directly from the mountains in the north of Zhu Mountain, and was prepared to follow the official road on the martial arts, and then went back to Fuyang.

Never thought, I just hit it in Wudang Mountain for a long time.

Although the sky has returned to the court, the old brothers still tears and tears.

Originally, Luo Yi saw eight kings, and I also wanted to find a doorway, temporarily returning to the court to avoid the wind.

I can listen to the sky, I went to the imperial court army to eat and defeated, and hesitate.

How long does it take? I learned that Zuo Liangyu and Qin Ming's soldiers and horses were almost full of military, and suddenly, but not only the idea of ​​returning, and even invited Liu Guoneng and Eight Kings to fight together.

Liu Guo can don't want to rebel, and the eight kings is a little fear of Xiangyang, so it is too late to talk.

As a result, this drag was dragged to Hong Confucius. Compared to Qin Yu, Luo Yucai and other old thieves have been familiar with the Qin Jun and all walks of the generals in Hong Chengge, so they fled to Gucheng in the night, and they did not dare to in Wuwang. The mountain is staying near the mountain.

"Liu brother, do you really want to go back to Fuyang?"

"Luo Da Ge, the brothers, not I am not talking about the righteousness, and my wife and children and many brothers are still in Suizhou!" Liu Guoneng sighed.

"Liu brother, what is the wife? The son will be regenerated in the future. Listening to the old brother, it is really not allowed to be, the Hong Duan is not better than Xiong Wencan, is it less than the old brother who is killed by him?"

Luo Yi took his shoulder, and he worked.

"But I am in the hands of the bear governor, and now I am also the preparation of Daming, the surname Hong's dare to dare to dare?"

The sky is changing, then said.

Obviously, I was also afraid, and the Hong Kong wording is always ruthless, don't say that he is a leader of the name, as long as it is caught, no matter whether the men and women are weak.

"Hey, you won't get started, and you will not die in the back. When you come, you can't cry, you still listen to my brother's persuasion, don't go to the fire pit."

"Yeah, Liu Big, Luo Da Ge will harm you? If so, let's go to Gucheng to see Zhang Brothers again?"

Luo Yucai shook his head, hehered, and Ma Shou should also rushed to help.

"Well! Just a year, I haven't seen Zhang brothers for more than a year." Liu Guoneng hesitated and half, and finally nodded.

Luo Yucai and Ma Shouying suddenly watched, holding his shoulders, smiling, although Liu Guoneng only had hundreds of people in the district, but all all are elite.

Zuo Liangyu took the soldiers, although the eight kings did not occupy the Gucheng again, but also moved to the county town, I learned that the two old brothers took him from the south, and suddenly burans.

"Luo Big, you are the buddy brother!"

"Zhang brother, You said this, isn't you really want to be a dog going to the court? Let's see if your brother is not harm you, but to give you a letter, you can drive you, you are in the hands of the name. In, do it. "

"Luo Da Ge, what do you mean by this?" Zhang Xianzhong brows wrinkled.

"Zhang Big Brother, Hong Chenggang That dog thief came to Fuyang.

"What? Is there a king?" Zhang Xianzhong was shocked.

"Hey! See the situation, even if it is not finished, I am afraid that it is not almost the same, otherwise, I will never give a good break." Luo Yan sighed.

"Mother, Laozi said how many of the merchants on Han River in the past few days have been doubled. It turned out that Hong's dog thing, secretly transferred to Xiangyang, ready to pack Laozi, it is also the buddhism Otherwise, will it also bring the surname Hong? "

Zhang Xianzhong was shocked and angry, and finally jumped.

"Zhang brother, this will then say, right, have you still have food? First take a brother, my brother is in a hurry, food is fast on the road."

Luo Yucai is a hook, this time, if you do it, you will have the past, it is absolutely finished.

"What? Luo Lao Ge, you didn't joke, you didn't bring food, I also plan to take you."

"No, Zhang brother, you are playing Gucheng, will there be food?"

Luo Yucai and other leaders are face each other, I feel that the eight kings have not generous generosity.

"That is the matter last year, this day, people eat and chew, I have already seen it."