Eight Kings did not have much food, since the summer of last year, this summer, the whole year, tens of thousands of people sit in the mountains every day, and more food has to eat light.

That is, the first few months, Sun is expected to be defeated, lost more than 8,000 soldiers and horses, and reduce the burden, otherwise I am afraid that I have seen it later.

Therefore, in Googheng just stayed for three days, Luo Yucai and others had to see another way.

No way, there is already Zhang Xianzhong near Zhang Dynasty near Gucheng, and there is still a long time, and there is no more than 20,000 people.

The Yangyang and Fuyang are not allowed. Although I can take the river to Nanyang, I know that Hong Chengguo and Guanning iron riding Cao Cao will not dare to cross the river, go to the Nanyang of Pingchuan.

According to Zhang Xianzhong's statement, Hong Church actually secretly used the carrier of the ship, saying that there was no military horse in that place in the other side, only waiting for them to cross the river and arrived.

The three sides are dead, and the eight kings are reminded, and a few people have a total of one more, they know that Zuo Liangyu is only a turtle in Baokang City. It is also a cow, and immediately decided to go to the housing and county. Be safe.

On the third day, more than 20,000 big army is moving along the river, and I want to raise some food along the way. Who once I want to have a bad empty space in the village of the village, Luo Wei is angry.

"Mind, what do we do next?"

Looking at the army of the South, Liu Wenxiu and Ai Neng are a bit anxious, and Li Dingguo is sighing.

He wanted to persuade the father and also went to the house and queen with Luo Yi, and the small and hooded, and then everyone united the crisis, but the rhetoric and big brother were refused, but also almost died him.

"Let's go now to the court, first look at the situation!"

Zhang Xianzhong waved his hand, and he went to Jiangbei. He did not dare.

And he felt that the Hong Contributions should be to pack the kid first, so I want to look at the situation, then take the opportunity to walk away, after all, Fuyang and Fuyang have no signs of the army.

Baokang City.

"The big handsome, the Cao Cao quickly arrived in the Sancha River, obviously wanted to go to the family and the small Hua Wang, we would like to block or ambush."

"How many people do they have?" Zuo Liang Yu is in the face of Zhang Zhang, asked without moving.

"More than 20,000 people, but in a large half of it is old, the real anti-thief is afraid even 10,000."

"Forget it, the front of the surname has come to order, let me live to keep in the city, I don't have to play."

Zuo Liangyu put a slightness and hesitated, and he still did not dare to perfunctory for the command of Hong Chengchi.

What's more, his soldiers and horses have also returned to five thousand, and that Luo Yi is also like a dog's dog, there is no much thing that is worthy of him.

In case of accidents, let them get into the Lake Guangkang, in accordance with the style of Hong Chengge, I am really not asking him, so it is completely unpaid.

Luo Yucai is also afraid that Zuo Liangyu will fight his ambush, all the way is pujie, if it is not learned from Liu Guo, I can't learn about Zuo Liangyu, and I can't borrow it.

Until the three-stop, enter the housing and county, and the crowd is heavy, but it is stopped after the 20 miles of the housing county.

After Luo Wei reported a big name, the bull two did not dare to neglect, and he had to hurry to come out to narrative.

"Haha, cattle brother, now you are unlimited, follow the Hu Wang to eat incense, I really envy the brothers!"

Luo Yi is worthy of the best leader in the righteous army. It took the shoulders of the bull two before laughing, and the enthusiasm was like two brothers and death.

Other leaders have also played a relatives of the youth, completely treat the cattle and second as the leader of the righteous force.

Niu Er is being smoked by their own, but it is very useful.

After all, in front of these big leaders, he was a short level, and now I am afraid that I can sit in peace now.

"Do you have this brother?"

Niu 2 looked at them behind him, try to ask.

"The cow brother has some understanding, the surname Hong's coming, my brother and brothers wondered, I feel that only everyone can unite, can defeat the official army, this will not come to you and Hua Wang Hui."

Luo Yucai said that it is a good listener, but the cow is not a fool, is it? "" This ... Luo Da Ge, this brother, I can't do the Lord. "

"This doesn't matter, let's go to the Fang County to take a break.

"Luo Da Ge, everyone, don't you like this, I'm griever you temporarily take a few days, I sent a fast horse to Zhu Mountain to report Hua Wang."

Cow two wants to say, there is no consent of Qin Yu, he daresters that it will put these guys to enter the house.

"Hey, no, Liu brother, you are also the first figure in my righteous army, even this little thing can't do the Lord?" The old returned and unhappy.

Niu Errheeded face has also risen red, so he quickly hit a circle. "The brothers, the cow brothers also have his difficulties, we are not difficult for him."

This way, the cow brother, we are here a few days, but the brother is in a hurry ... "

Luo Yu said, and patted his shoulders and started to borrow food. Compared with eight kings, the bull is too tender.

In the continuous ticking of this righteous army old brother, it agreed.

This is not returned to the city, not only pulled five hundred food, but also brought two cars, and then invited the leadership leaders and he went to the county.


Niu Errhended by a dozen big leaders, the whole person floating in the cloud, and finally, a few small little people who were already married and shared together with the buddy.


At this time, the official army is too late to attack, but every day, in Zhuxi Xiangyang, the rumor, a look, who has consumed who has grown, let Qin Yu can't fall into two difficulties.

He is not afraid of the official army to attack, but he is afraid that they are too poor, after all, Zhu Mountain and Fangxian are too poor, and they are all in the mountains. After being completely blocked, the time is long, don't say development, I am afraid that even the basic survival is difficult.

And the army of Fuyang and Zhuxi also tiger, a pair of arrogant, but always killed the scenery, let him not act rashly.

The knife will not cut it in his hand, and it is more threatened than directly cut.

If Hong Chengban dares to rate the army to attack, he rely on his strength, even if they will put them in a wilderness in Zhushan City, he is not afraid.

Most spelling a two defeated, then he took the opportunity to win the bamboo stream, and even directly into the mid-Chinese or Sichuan.

So I learned that Luo Yi took the horse to come to the Fang County Meeting League, the eyes suddenly lit.

I was immediately in the Red Hau, and then kill the housing counties with a private camp, and I also pulled a bunch of broken iron.

And after Qin Yu left, Hung Yi began to greet the army to pack up the capacity, and more than 30,000 people were busy.

Thanks to the development of this show, the seized weapons and iron are basically used, and the rest will also take the Qin Yutian.

And the cloth, cotton also made a military uniform cotton, except for the horse, other livestocks have already eaten clean.

Therefore, there are some food and pot bowls, and books should be taken away, and more than eight thousands of horses are not finished.