"what happened?"

Qin Yu ride is right away, feeling the horse's horse, it seems to be frightened, some are not controlled, becoming irritating, suddenly drinking.

"Brother, broken, there is a big brigade cavalry hit ..."

"Yes, see this movement is not a few thousand rides, you should only have more than ten miles away."

The bull two riding the horse rushed to Mercedes, and he shouted.

Ma Ying jumped down the horse in the first time, sticked the ear on the ground, and then stood up the dignhip.

"What, cavalry, where?"

"That direction."

Qin Yu handed over the dry shed, looking around, found that there is nothing, but Hongjie is quickly pointing to the east.

"Blow, the whole army will come to the enemy."

Qin Yu saw that the two were saying, and they didn't dare to neglect, and immediately did it immediately.

After all, they are still on the side of the Han River, have not yet goes to the mountain, and the territory is very open. If there are thousands of cars hit, do not do it well, I am afraid not to eat big losses.

Suddenly, a long-awaited horn sounded.

Twenty kids took out the horn hung in the waist, drums the pensions.

After the angle sounded, I didn't know what everyone happened, and the conditions reflected quickly, looking for her team flag and battles.

On the wilderness, the three infantry camps and five fire camps were the fastest, and the momentum was completed.

Secondly, five battle troops camp, although the team is thin and fragrant, but it is divided into five pieces.

However, the number of five people is quite, hard is, which is different from this helper Han station, and the decentralization gap is huge.

And the work and the posts are a lot, because there are too many horses, nearly 10,000 people are messy, everywhere, people shouting the horses, Hungju is with a thousands of female soldiers, returning to Mercedes.

Ok, they are in the middle of the team, at this time, all battalions have been launched, with the assistance of the troops, three infantry camps, move toward the right side, five fire camps, is Western wall on the left.

Five war battles, two in front, after three, the big army is expanding quickly, the middle gathering, the two heads are launched.

At this time, the sound of the rumbling horseshoe has been clear and audible. I saw that the eastern smoke rolling, and it seems that there are Wan Ma in the Pentium, Qin Yu is also an urgent.

"Qin Tie, you personally tell Hongjie, don't give Laozi's entire team, hurry to get people and horses to a bunch."


Qin Tie said, immediately slammed the horse.

In fact, I don't have to use Qin Yu command, and Hung Yi is equally anxious, and I can't take care of the formation and men and women.

It's just a flavor to rush to the middle, shrink the team, it is best to be a horse.

The coming is naturally the Guanning iron ride leading to Cao Cao, a whole three thousand cavers, five thousand horses.

When I received the command of the Hong Contribution, Cao Qingyi led the cavalry, galloping from the Guanghua County, one night, finally put the thief in the Han River.

But when I rushed to the near, the chin almost didn't shocked. The anti-thief didn't escape around, but in a chaos, but the big and small and small aircraft array.

"Major General, this anti-thief is not simple, not only there is no chaos, the reaction is so fast."

"Hey! Laozi wants to see if they are really not simple, or just a flower shelf."

"Division! Impact the three square arrays."

Cao Shiyi snorted, put the long-awaited in his hand on the win hook, remove the long bow explosion.

Three thousand rides were divided into three, and the three infantry directions of the most eremoved were killed.

One is screaming, some waving the long knife, some benting the bow, and the speed of the horse is not reduced.

"Don't be afraid, in front of the eyes closed, the handsome said that the cavalry is a paper tiger. They are scaring people, as long as we don't move, they will never rush, the archer is preparing to the old man, shooting this dog mother Raise! "

Looking at the cavalry, the three leaders and the big captains are all loudly.

And three square marsh, there has been a round array, which are all tight hoops.

The shield is smashing, and some timid is really closing, the long gun is intensive, such as the hedgehog, the five hundred bow arrows have been bent in the middle.

At this time, I saw the benefits of Qin Calang usually propaganda.

What cavalry is a paper tiger, the impact of the infantry is in scaring people. The cavalry encounters the fire in the living target. When the cavalry is only a group, the mess is to be slaughtering the lamb.

Because Qin Yu always felt that the Ming army was not defeated by the Qing army.

It is scared, especially in the later period.

Before the end of the battle, the special one was shocked, regarding the Qing army as a tiger, bloodthirsty devil, and his heart gave birth to not winning, and there was an unbeaten reason?

Even if people are more, they are all white.

Just like the myth of the Japanese devil propaganda Japanese army, the truth is the same.

Therefore, it is very important to have a military propaganda.

Every day, someone tells you that you are a hero, a long time, even if it is a dog, it will become a hero.



The two sides have not hit together, it is a burst of arrows to collide the lead, and the cavalry is rising.

The infantry has a large vine helmet on his head, and there is a shield, and there is not much.

Cao Zhaoba and the other two cavalees will be a big shock, and the impact on them has not collapsed the impact on them, and they have been unexpected. Whoever wants to have so many archer.

I immediately understood the hard bones, and my persimmon was soft. This truth understands that the three round arrays, one top helmet with armor, shield, plus unified costumes, and see it is elite. Therefore, the three team cavalry is bypassing three infantry squares and rushed towards both sides.

The good people on both sides can be unbearably, watching the killing cavalry shakes one by one.

Because they don't have shields and rattan helmets, only a few people have broken cotton, but they are all in the body too hot, almost all of them have posts, and the shield is too difficult, and it is too lazy.

The rattan helmet is looking to wear a top, covering a shade, which is a scarce senior place, and Qin Dawang will not help them.

Especially those who are too hot, or want to show their strong body in front of the female soldiers, wearing shorts, and shirtless guys.

At this time, the intestines repent.




One time is full of screaming and wolf, three warfare, the good people are caught by the cavalry, and hundreds of people are shot.

"You don't want to be chaotic, to the old man, the Dawang said, the faster, the faster!"

There is a riot when the team is drafted, and the leadership and big captains wearing iron cotton have swearing.

"I fuck your mother, you will try it to I will test it."

A shirtless big man, the shoulder is inserted with an arrow, and the hurt is the sizzling, roaring, and then turned out to the middle.

Qin Dawn looked at the three good Chinese camps that were chaotic into a pot of porridge, and the face was black into a pot, but they also calmly adjusted three infantry camps and five fire camps.

The second wave of rins came, three good Han Ying, finally collapsed, have sprinkled the feet to escape to the middle of the posts and the trade camp, and the other two camps were only able to flee in the middle.

Cao Shijun is a frowning, although the five military arrays of the other side are disappeared, but there is still some access to him.

The other party did not discard the blade, four and fled, but all rushing in the middle, people crowded, the key is that the eight squares of the east and west did not follow the chaos, still slow moving.

At this time, they rushed to rush, slashing the soldiers, will definitely fall into the quagmire, eight squares will take the opportunity to come up, this three thousand rides are afraid that they have to take it.

So, he greets the cavalry around the west. It is intended to kill the five small squares. Thoroughly disrupt the other's forma, even if this is the thief has a thief with a thief, the horse, the horse is also slaughtered. Lamb.