The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 155, the first fierce


On the battlefield, the gunshots came, and they were completely covered with noise and horseshoes.

Although only eight hundred people per fire camp, half of the people are equipped with fire, and everyone is wearing vine helmets.

The teenager who holds a long gun is before, after the fire, I looked at the horse's face, and I was not afraid, and the cavalry as a living target of a living target.

Cao Shiji originally watched the five small squares of the Qingxi, all of which were composed of a fifteen-six-year-old child.

Who once I thought that these bould n't be afraid of tiger's calves, and a row of rows of rins on the ground pointed to the front, and they didn't move like a stone.

What makes him think of, the latter teenagers are all holding fires, and the range is far from their ride than their ride.

Although he is holding some casualties, he has not yet rushing, killing the opponent's piece, but the other party does not run, and it will let the cavalry lose the speed. In the middle of those people rush, they also take a little less cheap.

More than 3,000 rides were in the fire soldiers, they didn't want to be good, and they came back and forth for a while. Cao Zhanyi did not dare to rush in two heads. Finally, she only had to rush with a cavalry.

After all, I have been rushing to such a long way, and I have been a trapped horse in this moment. It is not the present.

Seeing the other side of the hill bag that rushed to the seven-eight miles, it was obvious to take a break, Qin Yu's heart, finally put it down.

Just now, he is really afraid that the cavalry doesn't care about casualties, and hit his fire camp. As for the two heads, he is not afraid.

There are more than 10,000 good guys on the outside, and the women and the essay inside are still very safe.

After all, people are squeezed at this moment, Mahawa, the other district, more than 3,000 rides, want to cut into their teams, that is, dreaming, just caught them.

The cavalry didn't have a speed, caught in the surrounded by 20,000 people, and one person wanted to drown them.

Just just in order to hurry to respond to the cavalry, Qin Yu is taking advantage of the array of adjustments. He knew that helper, never give up.

The good people in the middle of the team have a lot of people.

"Mother, the snow girl gave the brother's armor, just if the old man didn't have a brickle, it didn't stay with a piece of dog."

"If I don't forget to take the shield, I will be afraid of them impact?"

"Oh, my sister, I am in the arrow, come and give it to me, I can't stand it!"

Responding to those heroines, but they are a sound and delicate.

I just crowded forward, I crowded many female soldiers and craftsmen, almost didn't be treated by the horse, so where would give them a good face?

Those runners even took the hammer and ax to take them outside, and smashing, noisy, not lively.

Qin Dawang is not at them, until the three infantry camps, returning into a huge character, five fire camps, after blocking three gaps, this kills.

"Du fuck to the Laozi, who dares to say a sentence, decide!"


After Qin Yu grew away, the people behind him were ruthless, and the scene was quiet.

A famous man, sitting on the ground, low head, female soldiers and craftsmen are controlling the horse.

"The brother, my brother is embarrassed, the team didn't bring good, you eliminate the gas, I will pack them."

"Oh, I usually make a fierce than anyone. When I met the cavalry, I became a soft and foot shrimp. I was not as good as my female troper camp. I didn't think of the war, called the soft soldier."

Just now, Hungju is being crowded, and now I will go to the horse, and I will come to Qin Yu.

Niu Second and several collishers are shy and low, and they are surrounded by a good guy, and a red face is bloated.

"When is it?"

"Look at the performance of you just now, look at the performance of those infantry and young soldiers, usually blame Laozi eccentric? Laozi is not eccentric, relying on you, today is fucking, tens of thousands will be held two or three thousand People as a pig sheep to kill, is the guy in your hands? "

"Usually, I will talk to you, I have encountered the cavalry to hold the group, I will have a whole 10,000 people, they dare to come up, you fight one person and a knife, I have to cut it."

Qin Yu is exhausted for a while, which allows all battles to refine the team, then stand next to the fire camp.

This time, the speed of good people is called a fast, after all, I usually look more, plus every day, I will have an urgent collection, so the moment is completed.

The women also followed the Qin leader, and sent their shield cotton, and lifted the people injured in the middle arrow to the treatment.

"Xiaohua king, what should I do next?"

The cavalry on the mountain bag in the distance began to turn over the horse again, and worried about Qin Yu.

"What are you afraid of? Let's so many people, as long as you don't mess, borrow ten courage, they don't dare to rush."

On Qin Yutao, I was bleached, but I was a little hard. Now, once there is a flaw, the cavalry will definitely rush.

Then, the Han and Women's Works once again pulled, and they were chaos around, and they were not able to kill their personal heads in the cavalry.

At the same time, there is a bit helpless, they are 30,000 people, but they have been passive by more than three thousand cavers.

And Cao Zhan, on the hill bag, not think so.

"The original supervisor is said that this anti-thief is not simple, it is different from the anti-thief, calling me to cautious, I still don't believe it, now that Xiao Hua Wang is really a person."

"Yeah, a rare army, I just took a few hundred people, but we also went more than 100 rides. Seeing this trend in them, no matter whether it is still a waiver, I am afraid that I don't want to be good."

At the side of the head, this battlefield response speed, and the fighting power of the soldiers, they are afraid that they can do this.

"Is that I brought a straightforward to the other's thief?"

Cao Shizhen pointed to the Chinese characters, and the eyes were ignorant, and it was a strong murderous.

"Major General, these anti-thieves are not more anti-thieves, not only training, but also equipped with a lot of bows, not irritating!"

Where do you want to do what you want to do on the side of the general?

I will definitely want to ride my own martial arts and elite kiosks.

"Regional rottenow, how can I break my armor? With my hands, just rush into the array, let the first head, like the probe!"

Cao Shi did not disdain.

"Although this is, it can be too dangerous, and the less general, one is not good, the three thousand brothers have to go in!"

"As long as you can kill the thief, value, otherwise you will let them go into the mountain, this thief will definitely become my big-hearted abdomen!" Cao Shijun said.

"I am afraid that the brothers will take the life, and they can't kill the head of the thief, and the will, they are equipped with a lot of firearms."

"Yeah, a rare army, I just need to drag them, and wait for the warrior to arrive in the army, they still take a dead road."

The generals are all persuaded, obviously don't have his determination.

"It's all, then the teacher is coming again."

I think of the power of the other party's row of fire, and Cao's face has become more dignified, and finally nodded.

Anyway, he just keeps at the thief, and the other party will take a separate walking.

If Qin Yu knows that he is attacked by Cao from the end of the Ming Dynasty, I am afraid that I will consider whether to collect the big flag of the Chinese characters.