The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 159 Zuo Shuai is righteous

After the cavalry returned to the mountain bag, he did not continue to attack, and Cao Zhao received the command of the Hong Contribution section and gave up the idea of ​​the flag.

The battlefield that just caught Xiao Xiao, it has become quiet, but only occasionally comes from one or two painful.

Hong Chuko is busy with the soldiers who returned.

Qin Yu is also busy adjusting the formation, preventing the other party cavalry.

After some clear point, the five thousand horses have died of more than 2,000, and the two thousand camps have lost hundreds. The flood dog is painful only blood.

In fact, there is more than a thousand people who are killed in the killing, others are hacked by the other party when retreat.

But it is very rare to withdraw so many people, if there is a cavalry cover, it is estimated that ten is not allowed.

Looking at the soldier who returned, a horrible look on the face, Hong Chengwen had only to return the big camp with them, and then under the cover of the cavalry, it took more than ten miles.

Qin Yu did not chase it, until it was at this time, he was in the battlefield, and he casually cashed down. If the other party is in the big camp, he may go to attack.

As a result, the bodies were almost two thousand, and the eight thousand Han Dynasty killed nearly two thousand. The first step of the military camp, and it was only more than 300, and there were dozens of heavy wounded and more than two hundred slims.

A good winner, that is because of the help of the heroes, it is hard to get a two defeat.

However, Qin Yu did not pursue it again. I believe that after this lesson, the help of the Han Dynasty has experienced the end of the no sign.

that's the truth.

Huge casualties contrast, whether the infantry is still a battlefield, and the battlefield is the difference between the battlefield, mutual cooperation and singles.

After almost all of the battles, the war was almost slash, and the result was nearly a thousand people.

The infantry is a unit of Wu, the knife shield long gunman cooperates with each other, and the result is only more than 300 people. It is more than three times more than the battlefare.

Of course, the thousand people who have been slammed by the cavalry are not counted. In fact, these people are all enough, basically catch up with each person.

It is a hundred sentences to just, and it is not the result of the actual combat.

After a break, the next day, I saw that the cavalry came to harassment, Qin Yu took the army to kill the Sichuan.

However, there are only you to open, don't say to chase, and continue to follow up, you can't dare.

Once the field can't win, once the mountain, the cavalry does not play the advantage, it is absolutely to kill the mountains in the mountains. This is not a familiar reading book, and the flood dog of the long-term battle is an ordinary soldier. understand.

Therefore, Hong Chengwen has only chooses to choose in place, waiting for the left portal army to arrive, and then enter the army.

Original Hong Controvenate is intended to adjust the five thousand soldiers of Zhushan, but think about it or give up.

After all, the five thousand army of Zhu Mountain have been withdrawn, and the whole Yanyu has to be caught up by the eight kings and Cao Cao.

At this time, the eight kings and Cao Cao were thoroughly panicked in the Baokang City, the army of Zhu Mountain entered the house county, and the old weakness in the city did not dare to guard, only have to escape the Wareang.

The same faces the attack of the Chen Hongyuan, Sun Kewei, has to abandon the Gucheng to fleam to Baokang.

Because the three thousand soldiers and horses in the hand are just swallowed and the rest of the leader, half of them are almost dissatisfied with him, people are uniform, how is it?

Therefore, although Zhang Xianzhong was shocked and angry, he just smoked two whip and did not punish more.

"Zhang brother, this is over, we are sold by Huangnao, he took someone to sneak attack, but he hated him to attack the state, but he hit the state, but took people away, Zhu Mountain one soldier If you don't leave it, you will not notify it in advance. Now I am sending a hunter to send a letter. How can I do like him? "

Luo Yi waved the letter in his hand, hurriedly cried.

"Luo Da Ge, don't you understand? That kid is clearly unhappy, you have to plant it!"

Zhang Xianzhong took the credibility, just looked at it, he pulled the raining and biting his teeth.

"Hua Wang is too unfinished, what can I do now!"

"Yeah, Googheng lost, the housing and counties were also lost, and the guaranteed is too late, and the food is also found."

"Hey, the people are killed."

The leaders of the righteous army are both chest, and they are anxious as the ants on the hot pot.

"For the time of this, only to fight for death, there is only a living road, otherwise I am afraid that I have to have the king of the king."

Zhang Xianzhong looked at the Guoang City in front, a face of a face.

"Yes, the left thief has not much soldier, let's add the strength, don't believe it."

The big leader knows that now, now, the moment of life and death, do not attack the guaranteed, even if the wind is around, you have to starve to death in the deep mountain forest.

After all, they are not one or two, add up, there is three or 40,000 people, including half of the old women account for half.

Immediately, the attacking of a few days was again started again. This time, the thief is not going to evade each other, and the strength is saved, which is more than a few days ago.

Sun Kewei, Li Dingguo is more frequently crawling the city, and the old thief of his parents and children, it is also out.

Zuo Handshadie see this helmet dog urgently jumping the wall, but also a hurry.

If the assistant is late, I insist on a morning, and finally a bit bite, still with more than two thousand soldiers will abandon the guarantee, and fled to Nanxun.

No way, then keep it, although I can stick to persistence, but his home is not full, there is no soldier horse in his hand, even if you hold the guarantee, the merits will not fall on his head.

When Zuo Liangyu took, although the food in the city was ignited, the time rushing or rescued the anti-thief, and there were almost a thousand stone.

This thousand stone food is less, it is undoubtedly a tens of thousands of anti-thieves of life-saving straw.

Everyone did not dare to stay in the guaangant, full of meals, take a break, take the remaining food, and escape from the fire.

As long as I arrived in Lake, I will grab a big household, and the food is there.

I almost Zhang Xianzhong just walked in the morning, and Chen Hongfu killed the army in the afternoon.

At dusk, the five thousand army of Hong Chengge also arrived. Seeing the anti-thief has attacked the guarantee. Hencered into the Hunguang, and the team will also be bachelor. On the next day, I will be in the north, the river and the Hong Chengchi will be closed, lazy A stalls are bad.

Chen Hong Fan had to pursue the traces of the thief, and immediately reported Xiong Wencan.

Xiong Wencan learned Zuo Liang Yulin to abandon the guarantee, put the anti-thief into the Hunuang, suddenly spurting a old blood, fainting on the spot.

After waking up, although I can't hate Zuo Liang Jade, I have to reprimand some, let him and Chen Hong Fan will continue to chase.

At the same time, the county guards in Guanghu Guanghu, who strictly presented, preventing the thief military flow.

For a time, the thief army broke into the Huangguang, such as half of the wind, and countless gentry landlords, Wen Shiwu will be great.

The entire Lake Guangdu is one of them, and a piece of stunned, the same, the play of Xiong Wencan, also flying to the capital as snowflakes.