The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 160, Chongzhen, no face, see Zhang Wei

Daming Jingshi, Forbidden City, Dry Palace.

Night has been departed.

However, Daming Emperor Zhu Fu, but still diligently adds a class, and it is not tired to look at all places.

From the beginning of Dengji, in the past eleventh year, the Chongzhen Emperor did not have a lack of lacking.

The grandfather of his love-dried carns, the grandfather of the hard work, even Zeng grandfather, Zeng Zeng's grandfather, Chongzhen undoubtedly diligently diligently.

It is more special than the ancestors or less, and Chongzhen is inert-like in virtue, not only diligent and thrift, and the ridiculous and extravagant is more unfolded.

Only by these points, in addition to Taizu, Mo said that the emperor of Daming, that is, all the emperors ever, I am afraid that I am afraid to be self-defeating in front of Chongzhen.

However, personal virtue is also good.

As an emperor, Chongzhen lacks the disturbance of the outline of the outline, lacking understanding of the status quo of Daming, and lacks the way of being the most important person of the emperor.

As a result, although diligent, Daming this ship, under his lead, instead of every day.

The most terrible thing is that as the Chongzhen of the helm, but I don't know where the problem is, maybe I found the answer until I sprout the southeast branch.

However, in recent days, even the small eunuch women who are afraid of the Qing Palace can also see, the emperor is surprisingly, this is still more than ten years.

that's the truth.

At this moment, I looked at the play, Chongzhen Emperor is not only a good mood, but excited excitement, if it is not an identity, I really want to make two sentences.

The anti-thief to ravaged Daming in more than ten years has finally been extinguished. You can fully deal with the scorpion of the off-site scorpion.

"Big companion, I heard that Hu Huang has recently be uncomfortable?"

After the Chongzhen Emperor was excited, she put down the eyes and smashed her eyes and suddenly asked.

"Returning to the emperor, the doctor has seen, saying that the Niang Niang is recently stunned, non-pharmacistic stone can be doctor, the spectacle will improve."

Wang Chenghe, a sides, rushed, although some wondered, but not surprised.

He knows that although Emperor is rarely went to the Cixin Palace, but even if you are busy, you must care about the situation of the Queen of Jian.

The usage overhead in the palace in the palace is repeatedly cut, but the Cixin Palace has never changed, and the reward of the New Year has not been less.

"This is really incompetent, it's not good to do it, it is true, what is it used?"

Chongzhen brow wrinkled, the tone is quite strict, Wang Cheng En does not dare to pick up, seeing he picked up again, but I can't help but remind him: "Emperor, has been three more days."

"It's also! That will deal with it tomorrow!"

Chongzhen thought of today's situation, but also felt some tired, so put it down and got up.

Early in the morning, I heard that I would like to drive to the Cixin Palace, Zhang Yutian was stunned, and quickly served in the palace girl, and then came to the outside.

"His Majesty!"

"Hu Huang does not have to be more ceremony, hear the emperor's body is not suitable, come and see."

Two people have never met for a long time.

At this moment, I looked at Zhang Wei's illness, and Chongzhen is also a burst of embarrassment. I feel that I haven't taken care of Huang Huang, and I can't afford to be the original trust of the emperor.

And Zhang Wei looked at a face, two ,,,,,,,,, .

Chongzhen's appearance is indeed a bit scary, twenty-eight-year-old young guy looks like a middle-aged middle age of 30 or 40.

Confused this year has already had four Zhang Wei, but it seems more like a beautiful woman who is a 20th, it seems that the years can not bear to leave any traces on the face of her.

"I seem to have a good thing about the mood today. Is it a big thing?"

The two people are sitting, and after each other, Zhang Wei is slightly curious.

In addition to just two years, in the next two years, in this way.

Your Majesty is the most stronger. Nowadays, the day is less than the day, it is worse than the Tianqi New Year. This makes it to see him in the first day before the first day, how can he be embarrassed?

"Hu Huang said, Xiong Aiqing played before, the eight kings have returned to the court in Googheng, and Yesterday, Hong Aiqing played again ..."

At this moment, Chongzhen has no mature solemnly in the past.

More than a lot of years, I finally mixed the person. I urgently need to get a sure of the junior in front of the elders, and I'm talking about it. The eight kings and the anti-thieves are in the court, and Wang Wang is also annihilated. There are more than a dozen rides to hide into the mountain, Daming is expected.

Yes, Chongzhen is also a person, I have been tortured for more than ten years. Now I am looking for the coming day. I also need to find someone to share the joy of my heart, and I need to find someone to encourage two sentences, and I will definitely.

From the childhood, I have to care, and Zhang Wei, who is also the mother, is undoubtedly the best candidate, and the most qualified person.

This is also the case, after receiving the tempering of Hong Chengdu last night, Chongzhen ran to visit Zhang Wei in the morning, before he didn't think that there was no face to see Zhang Wei.

"That's great, congratulations, He Xiu, come to the eleventh year, to die, diligent and affection, the emperor will not have a heart, let Daming ZTE is expected."

After Zhang Yu heard, it was also excited.

"It is also the ancestor bless, the blessings of the society, and now the situation is finally improved, let the finally did not live up to the original judges."

Sure enough, see Zhang Wei is excited, Chongzhen is even better, and the whole person seems to be young.

"Their Majesty is not a night, the love of the dragon is not a day or two, and now there is a flat, there is Hong Aiqing, Lu Aiqing this kind of energy, and Your Majesty can slowly gradually. "

Zhang Wei also took the opportunity to persuade, she knew that his majestic is actually an acute child, now there are thousands of holes in China, but some things are eager.

"Well, I will pay attention, too doctor said that the emperor is stunned, what is the so-called?"

Chongzhen nodded, but it was left ear to the right ear, and it didn't seem to talk to her too much to talk about the political affairs, so I opened the topic.

Zhang Yu is also sighing, in order to avoid it, it is not good to say anything, but a slightly sad way: "In fact, there is nothing, just listening from his father, this year, Henan has been greatly affected, and the minister is more There is 18 years in the palace, the daily Jinyi jade food, the people of the hometown is not enough, and Yi Zi is good, and I don't know what kind of scene is now, the minister is expensive for the queen, but she has never made the people of the hometown. What have you, now I want to come in my heart! "

Chongzhen saw her picture, and gave birth to the emperor, did not take care of the idea.

At the same time, I also understood that Hu Huang said that he went to the palace for too long, and he heard that his hometown was suffered from big disaster, in anxious, this is ill.