"Now, the anti-thieves have been destroyed. If the emperor wants to return to the township pro, you can transfer 200,000 silver from the inner library, let the emperor make the people of the hometown,"


"This ... The minister, thank you, the saint, just the minister, the pro, in the province, inseparable, add trouble to the you."

Zhang Yanyi, the heart is big, the touch of his eyes is a little red, actually gotting down.

"This emperor doesn't have to worry, as long as you don't have a big casino, I want to come to the sonar, I will not have a lot of more, just some grievances."

Chongzhen hurriedly raised her, a hand, may also be a good mood, excited, or Zhang Wei is too important in his mind, in order to make her happy, it is also out.

"Chen Chen is happy, there is any grievances?" Zhang Wei was excited to hit his hand.

This is a happy girl in a sixteenth year old, and where is there any disease on my face?

It can be seen that Jinyi is still a hometown, not just a man who is dreaming of men, women can't help but do.


After three days, Zhang Wei took a large pile of palace female eunuchs, and he had a large palace female eunuch, and he was awarded the savings and the accumulated accumulated, low-key, Henan is going.

Although the civil servant is somewhat unsained, it has not bounced on the book, and it is a little taste in Zhou Queen.

And Zhang Wei took a few days, the bad news came back, first, Hunguang came out of a small Hua Wang's anti-thief to attack the guarantee, and then attacked Bamboo Mountain in the house, and the Yunyang official army Losing, the governor Dai Wen is in the country.

Following the five provinces of Governor Xiong Wen, the 20,000th Army is surrounded. Because the general soldier Qin Ming is afraid of death, the result will lead to the defeat of the whole army.

Here, Chongzhen is only annoying to be ambulatory, and it is aim to urge the small Chinese king, and it is not allowed to sit.

But the eight kings have a rebellion, attacking the guarantees, and smashing the Lake, Xiao Hua king has broken the state. After the circumference of the Hong Contribution section, he suddenly became anger. rotten.

The eight kings who have dropped the rebel are can't hate the corpse. The same is true for the unhappy to train his Xiongan, and immediately will immediately.

Put the Xiong Wencan to take the next to the Beijing to get a trial, put the lake and the boat, Xiangyang Zhi Fu, the Yanyang Zhiyuan dismuses the official, will be afraid of death, the Qin Ming, the Qin Ming, who is sure, abandon the defending, and lose the official printed Zuo Liangyu dismantled the enemy.

Similarly, the flood field did not escape, but also to be dismissed, but still exercising the power of the three-side governor responsible, Cao Ying, Chen Hong Fan, Zuo Guangquan and others have also been deserved or dismissed to kill the enemy.

Chongzhen is not only to capture a three-sided governor, but a three-side governor and a patrol, two Zhizhou and other ten civil servants, but also killed a general soldier, removing more than ten martial arts.

But compared to Chongzhen eight years, Fengyang is captured. This time, this time is nothing, but still let the civilian scholars are stunned, and it is difficult to measure.

This is not, Yang Yichang, who is still a book of the military department, has been outside the palace gate.

Because Xiong Wencan is the best in this military department, now it is a big scorpion, this moment is a bold and is afraid of being implicated.

I know that the eunuch will go in, this is too much relief, wipe the sweat on the head, quickly pack the mood, follow the eunuch to the Qing Qing Palace.

"The minister is unknown, and he also hopes to fall down!"

I went to Yang Yichang to steal a look, my face was gloomy, such as the water of the water, pounced.

"Let's get up, this matter is no wonder Yang Aiqing, all the bear Wencan can't be mistaken, leading to a good situation to be destroyed once, it is really hateful!"

When Chongzhen hooks, it is clear that Yang Yichang is still very trustworthy. After all, it is the policy of the encirclement and suppression of him, in order to extinguish each other one by one.

"Thank you!"

Yang Yichang's heart is finally put down. However, I saw that Xiong Wencan was said, and I also knew that Xiong Wencan is afraid that it is not more miserable than Qin Ming, but now he is difficult to protect, it is impossible to ask Xiong Wencan.

"Your Majesty, the minister is willing to resign a book of the Ministry of War, please go to the Hunguang to destroy the eight kings and Cao Cao, and wear a sin, and hope to look down!"

Yang Yuchang knows that he is not blamed, but other civil servants will not let him go. After all, Xiong Wencan was the first five province governor who was recommended. Now he does not personally pick it up, and this is not able to collect it. I did it again.

"Ai Qing has this determination, he is very honest!"

When Chongzhen's face suddenly slowed a lot, nodded, but in the end, he did not only let him comply with the military department, but also gave a monk sword, which was convenient for action.

In order to avoid the dust of Bear Wencan, Yang Yuchang took a few generals.

Chongzhen thought that Xiong Wencan couldn't, but he knew that Xiong Wencan's unobstructed, but Xiong Wencan did not neither the soldier and horses, and there was no Shangfang sword. It couldn't comply with the arrogant.


When Yang Yichang arrived in Fuyang with Shangfang Baojian, the time has arrived at the end of August, and there is also the sacred descent of Xiong Wencan at the same time.

Poor Xiong Wencan is still a national governor, and the next second is allocated to the official service, and the prisoner is closed.

Looking at your own adults were taken away by a face, Wang Ca, who was asked, was sad.

As a school, he will not be implicated, but it is also a piece of future.

I don't know how, he wanted to go to Blackshi Town before leaving Fuyang, because he always felt that if he didn't have a day later, he said that Xiao Hua Wang would accept enrollment, adults.

He always believes that with his own three-inch bad tongue, he will definitely convince Xiaohua Wang Guoshun.

After Qin Yu left, the entire Nanxun County was calm.

After the autumn, the people of the people just dried, and the scholars in the county played their minds, and they sent the finished food to go to the house.

Especially the two landlords entrusted by Wu Ergongzi.

In the cottage, Qin Ru replaced the men's clothing again. Since Qin Yu, every day, although they have diligently handled the cottage's size, but they are not missing.

Especially in the past two months, the whole person is like a soul, Li Yuer and Liu Rulan are the same spirit of the soul, and Li Yuer is naturally a teacher who misses her Xiaoyuo, but Liu Rulan is worried about the safety of Hungjun.

"Mrs., the sergeant in the county is catching up again, I have a few people who simply kill him, and they dare not come."

Qin Double came in, a murderous way, if the last wife did not let killed the family who came to collect food, where did the campscent bun?