The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 165, the officers and soldiers are more than the anti-thief

The two big sorrows are desperately desperately desperate, the Wenshi military commanders in the Fuyangfu are not idle, and start to pinch the memete.

After more than ten days of preparation, Liyang Wei command made Luo Tong, combined with Shangwanwan soldiers around the land, together with thousands of households on the South of Fuyang, Moyao, Moyou, Hao Hao Turn off the black thief in the black mountain.

Fuyang's civil war officials did not deliberately publicize this action.

It's completely hitting, when you attacked the black mountain village, then here is the old nest of the anti-thief Xiao Hua Wang. If you don't get a big pile of his brothers and wife, you will go out, and you will go to the head.

But if it is an accident, the black mountain village is just a very common bandits, anyway, they will never believe that Xiaohua Wang is from here.

Because of this, in the past six years, the civil and military officials of Fuyang have chosen to ignore the black mountain village.

The big army is crushing, which makes the uncomfortable black mountain village in the village, but there is a panic, but there are a few of the preparations of Qin Yu, so the first time will withdraw ä cottate, ready to die.

Although there is almost five or six thousand people in the cottage, but the mountain has opened up a large air, and the house has a thousands of housing.

Plus the previously hoarded food materials and move from Guaidang, and in the past six months, Mrs. Li has secretly purchased many, so the food in the Zhenzhong is very energetic, enough to eat two years.

Therefore, although all people have a little panic, they have not yet lost, and the men and women are in the long name, and the men and women are young, and they are hot.

In contrast, a thousand teenagers, one, fume, and you can't wait to go immediately.

However, the official army arrived in Black Shishi Town, stopped, a team of official military family is rushing into the villages, the value of the money, the woman drags away, and the rebellion is a knife.

"The official, I am waiting for a good people!"

"Good people? Old things, your home hide so much food, if you are not sneaked with anti-thieves, do they have the truth? And your daughter-in-law, Laozi, look at her is a thin thief, bring Go, wait a minute to ask yourself! "

One of the heads, the old man who took the pains and pleaded.

And more than a dozen soldiers rushed to his daughter-in-law daughter, even the forty-five-year-old mother, and lifted like a pig.

For a time, the yard is all laughter and screaming.

The old man and two sons want to rush to block, but they are cut down in the blood, they die.

This scene, almost in the entire Black Shishi Town, which makes it just started to be happy, ready to look at the villagers who have a good play of anti-thieves.

It's only three days, thousands of people in the past, when I realized a ghost town.

All women were as small as thirteen, big until four or five years old, a little bit of color, almost all camps outside the town, accepted officers and soldiers such as wolves.

The victims have thousands of people, and the hard work is harvested, and they are all piled up to the town, enter the pockets of martial arts and local gentry.

The reason why the officers and men is unscrupulous, and the local stern gents is the abuse, the civil servants are all default, and do not do not work.

"Mrs, Houjia Village, Hou Hou, with dozens of villagers to see the lady in the door of the Zhai."

"Hey! Let them come in, first settle down, I will not see."


She didn't expect that these officers and men were so sad, and they were even fierce than those eight kings.

In advance, she sent people to inform the villages to enter the mountain avoided, who once thought that other people were asnected.

Today, even if you want to rescue, you will be in your heart.


"Yes, who called when they didn't join us, I still want us to buy food with silver, now I don't call officers and soldiers to buy silver? Haha!"

"To right, haha ​​..."

"You ... do you still laugh? How can you give this idea? How do I teach you on weekdays? Do you all have left ear, right ear?"

Xinru saw that they did not only have some sympathy, but in turn, a bliss-disaster, and he was trembled.

Qin Shuang Qin Wen and Qin Feng, or the first time I saw her temper, it was shocked, stopped laughing, Qi Qi lowned.

"I will not teach you again in the future, just don't have this disciple."

Mrs. Li is strict. The face is all disappointed, and even some painful, I feel that my heart has been in a hundred years.

This is not to blame her, I don't teach it, it is hard to learn, it is easy, and other teenagers are calculated. But the three have already influenced the influence of Qin Daw, which is still unable to change their own non- View.

As for the wind of the gentleman, in addition to Qin Wen, Qin Feng and Qin Shuangnan are half a shadow.

"Lady, don't be angry, we know the wrong."

"Yes, we really know the wrong."

"We don't dare to laugh again."

Three people saw the disappointed expression of Mrs. Li, but also said this, all quickly squatted on the ground, and finally worked out.

Three people are orphans, so I have already used the teacher as a teacher, even a mother.

"Let's get up, hehe! I also don't want you to be a modest gentleman who will be my heart in the future. I only hope that you don't completely die, the son acts as a big evil. In fact, you will save great good, you don't want to learn. His bad, you have to learn him. "

Mrs. Li is still a soft, and the teachings of them have been crying.

Obviously, in the heart, the three have already regarded three people as a proud disciple, I hope they will enter the phase, assist them.

"Disciples must keep the teachings of Mrs."

Three people are heavy, rushing up, nodding, nodding, my heart is not to think, the leader has a big good, how did they haven't seen it before?

Mrs. Li also knew that the three were too deep by Qin Yu tea, and it was not a short time to change. Seeing the three attitude towards the end, the gas has also been there.

The tone becomes soft: "Qin Wen, how much is the villagers of each village of our cottage?"

"Mrs., there are more than 3,000, half of them are old and weak, and women add more than two hundred." Qin Qi said quickly.

"There are so many people, if the official army is in a long time, I am afraid that there is still a bit trouble!" , naturally understand where the woman goes.


Qin Shuang just wanted to say, then the old and weak, but remembered the things just now, and then returned again.

I have thought about it later: "Mrs, there are many weapons in the cottage, and that some people will definitely hate those officials, and they help defense should be enough to deal with the offense of the official army, but I will take a soldier tonight to hide in the mountains. After the officers and men to attack the mountain, I will attack Blackshi Town, first rescue those women, and then play them away from behind. "

"Well, this is good, but the officers and soldiers have more than 10,000 people, will we have some people?"

Mrs. Li saw him first thought that the woman was rescued, and his face could not help but show an appreciation.

"The lady is relieved, the leader said that the soldiers are not too many, and there are more people who have soldiers, I have a thousand fire soldiers, and they are also enough to kill them."

Qin Shuang was a bang that was shot.

"Mrs, Qin Shuang, the head is too stupid, can't do this fine life, or let him stay in the mountain defense, by me to go down the mountain!"

Qin Feng saw Qin Shuang's little son out of the limelight, got the sure of the lady, and there was a bit embarrassed when he suddenly turned.

"Qin Feng, do you want to face? Don't look at those who have played before, dare to say that my brain is stupid?"

"Why, your kid is still unconfaciated? I only took more than one hundred brothers who took the bamboo gun, I rescued the lady from the hands of the Wu's second, change it as you did?"

"Can you still say some other records?"

Qin Duo saw that he didn't move, and he took this thing in front of his husband. It also hated the teeth.

"Okay, do you have to fight, go together!"

Mrs. Li saw that they were like a child, and the red ear is also funny, and hurriedly put his hand.

Qin Feng is flexible, and there are many ghost ideas, and Qin Shuang is steadily, and the two can be complementary.

"Lady, we all gone, who is going to keep the cottage?" The two people said.

"Wang Ba eggs, isn't the Laozi? Is it that Laozi called Qin Wen, and he did not move the knife to kill people?"

Qin Wen is no longer helping, and the waist knife is smoked, staring at the two people roaring.

I usually help my lady to deal with the daily affairs of the cottage, too lazy to fight with these two people, but the two now actually ignore him directly, when it is a taxi, can't bear it.

"Qin Wen, you are looking for death, you are not only speaking in front of the lady, but also dare to brill, let me know that Laozi is killed you?"

"Qin Feng, you fucking also said Qin Wen, do you not charge the old man?"

Three people competed under the shackles of the red neck, and Mrs. Li's face on the top is a cyan, and the purple array.

Three people noisy may also feel that it is wrong. After seeing the face of Qi Xinru, he has rushed his mouth and lowered his head.

"Okay, you are not small. In the future, you should pay more attention to the words and deeds. To unite mutual love, don't quarrel for a little bit, Qin Wen has a hundred people left to defense, your two have another Nine hundred people pick a thousand young people. "


Three people didn't say anything, Qi Qi, but after, it must be sneaked again.