The rumbling horseshoes are getting closer and closer, and there seems to be a stressful atmosphere.

Because Cangzhou City is in front of you, just add a whip, it will arrive in an instant, plus the circumstances around the ground, and the river water on the left can block the cavalry, look at it, even a piece of forest is not, except The grass is still weed, and there is no longer stopping the things of the cavalry, so Cao Zhaoba has never thought about it here.

Quality is also not discovered anything wrong.

Three thousand rides can't hate wings, Cao Shizhen's brain is more frequent, and the two sides under Zhangzhou are fighting, and he suddenly kills.

At this time, there was not much troops around Xiaohua Wang, all sent out, he took a cavalry and brought the little .

In the brain of Cao Shizhen, how to win the flag, when I started the Queon, the dozens of rides of the head suddenly lost the front and hoof, and they were planted on the ground.


The sound of the drums immediately sounded in an instant, and there were countless infantry to stand up and slowly moved forward.

One row is connected to a row, and it has become a few long dragons. There are three miles long. If you don't go through the grass, you will see this scene.

The shock is actually ambushed, and the other party is not only in the wilderness, but also in the infantry to fight their cavalry, but also put a word long snake array, even if there are several, can you stop the cavalry?

So not only didn't panic, but I will pull the horse, turn it down to the right, and I will take the right point.

"The public will listen to the order, turn the horse head, and then rush."

"General will not be irreplant, the supervisor is over, must not fight against the thief army ..."

"Fay, at this moment, the other army will not take care of the first tail, this is not war, when is it?"

Cao Zhaoba did not consume the high, throwing a sentence, and greet the cavalry rushed up.

This kind of unbained opportunity is missing. It doesn't have to take a soldier in the future, and he has not been able to bear it.

Today, I have to let them taste the rush of the cavalry.

The money is just a sense of consciousness. I didn't talk anymore, because the other side put this word long snake array, facing the cavalry is really looking for death, just a few coming back, more than 10,000 people have to explain here. .

And three or four hundred meters, the other party will not have time to fight, surrounded by a hill bag in the distance, there is no place to avoid.

Due to the open terrain, the more than 3,000 rides of Cao Fengjun also took only a long time, because the cavalry as long as the condition allowed, he would try to choose the horizontal team to run, the wider the team wider, the more security, not the column of the margon.

Three thousand Guan Ning iron riding, the truth is a long-term battle, the bow is ripe, and the head of the dozens of rides have a statement of the police, and they will slow down equestrian.

Therefore, when the moment is time, it is turned to the horse head and rushed to the left.



See the cavalry rushed to the rushing, the infantry suddenly stopped and half squatted, and 1500 knife shield soldiers raised the shield on the top of the head.

3,000 senior gunmen platinumed to take a long guilt to the front, four thousand fires, the same is equally arranged two rows, followed by a thousand training and female soldiers who hold the gun bamboo, then 1,500 bow and arrows hand.

The cavalry has not rushed to the near, first suffered a wave of arrows, felling on hundreds of rides, and did not feel unexpected.

It can be followed by the fight against the small pit, and the front and the front hoof, there is a bit hate tooth itchy, and the big thief doesn't know how many small pits are dug in this area.

If Qin Yu knows that Cao is in the vomiting, it will definitely tell him, not much, each person will dig ten, each of them, the size of the foot, a feet, the front of the surface, the side is just Wraps a thin layer of hay.

This small pit, running the horse, a foot step, although shallow, but it is enough to lose the front hoof.

Just like people in the stairs, it is close to the stairs, I can't see how high the stairs, the body will be uncoordinated, the feet are feet.

The horse and people are also the same.

Therefore, the more forward, the small pit is more intensive, and the felling horse is getting more and more, this will be called Cao Zi and a cavalry.

But now, it can only continue to rush forward, because it is unreasonable to turn around, and slowing the horse speed will undoubtedly become a living target of archer and fire.

As for the stop, it is even more impossible, and those who are squatting on the ground and the long guns can wait for them to stop.

The neighborhood of the horse is too much, and it is quite regular, and there is almost very little horses high-speed Mercedes-Benz unhappy, so many cavaliers have caused the horse to slow down.


On the side of the continuous horse, the front and hoof, there is a madness of the horses and the archer, so that the two hundred meters long death in this zone, let Cao become full of more than 2,000 match .

"Give me ..."

Cao Yan's face, fierce, looked at the thief army, the long-awaited waving in his hand, directly ignored the arrows of it.

At this time, it is not that you die, it is me, as long as they rushed over, there is still half of the horse, and can still kill the other.

Boom ...

At this time, the ground sounded a sound explosion, there was a pottery that buried in the ground, and there was a bamboo thrown from the rear engineering and female soldiers.

Whether it is on the earth's pottery, it is still a lot of power, but let the horse have completely lost control, some stop, some to the right, collide with each other.

I didn't have a lot of the cavalry team, I was completely stirred into a pot of porridge, and the trend of the cavalry rushed was extinction.

Even a few cavalry rushed up, put the shield soldier, the long gunman hit, but the horse's war horse inevitably avoided by a long gun.


After the explosion, it was a shocking, and the knife shield soldiers and long gun soldiers were all rushed.

The young fire soldiers also forth in the first time, the engineers waved the hoe ax, even the female soldiers took out the short swords in the waist, carrying the small bag, followed to soy sauce, want to stand, I found it in the future A like Lang Jun.

More than 10,000 people siege three thousand horses, more than a thousand cavalry, killing the hot fire, the scene is very spectacular.

Qin Yu on the hillside is getting angry, because he is in advance, but the female soldier does not have to rush, leaving it in place.

Still being stepped on, then it is unlucky.

But he believes that the cavalry that can rush the past will not be too much, because his infantry and young soldiers are not the lamb to be slaughtered.

While being killed by cavalry, the long guns in the hands can also turn over the ground.

If it is too far away, he is afraid that the other side is rushing up, but it can only rush as a wavy shape three or four hundred meters, and even the horse is not fully mentioned.

Plus countless trap, fire bows, bamboo potato, this day, even if he lives, he will stay here.