The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 185, is like a ghost

"Boy, you can't come today, I will go tomorrow."

"Yan Yan, waiting for your long wait!"

That is 45 years old this year, plus several cooperation, and the last time, it is also very good to join hands in Tongguan defeated Li Zi, so the two private relationships are still very good.

When I met, the two were only a slight walk. Sun Chuanku saw that his face was obviously defeated, and the heart was also surprised. Direct opened the door and asked: "The battle of Zhangzhou, Yan Yan is ambush?"


Hong Chengdu is sighing, I really don't want to mention it, but I have to say it from my head to my end, and I have brought the soldiers into Fuyang until all the processes of Zhangzhou defeated.

"This is true, this thief is really my big heart! If you don't get wet, I am afraid that it is ..."

After Sun Chuan Qinghu, his face was also unprecedented.

"Oh, Why is you waiting until the future? Now, this will bring a big victory. It is lying in the Kaifeng to attack the city, and it is a thousand miles in the Central Plains. It is not half a year, I am afraid not ..."

The Hong Church has laminated self-laughing, and it didn't dare to say anything elward behind him, but both understand the meaning of the other words, that is, there is a danger of the building.

It's so silent, and Hong Chengge will also feel said: "Boya, you know that this year is old this year? It's not to meet, I will never believe in the age!"

"What? How is this possible?" Sun Chuanqi stood up and did not dare to set him with him.

"See you with your own eyes. It is said that this is just a small head under the eight kings. Later, he led the three hundred teenagers to visit Nanxun. In just half a year, I broke the guarantee, and then I can't send it. pack."

The flooding also served as a cup of tea cups, and he said slowly, like Nothing to see Sun Chuancha.

For a better, Sun Chuan Qingqi took a deep breath and said: "On this internal trouble, the natural disasters are constantly, now there is a demon, why is the society unfortunate? However, if this is young, if you can keep up, return to the court ..."

"Boy, I advise you to disappear this idea, this child is great, now the climate has become, even if it is decentralized, it is afraid that it is not temporarily hoping, it is harmful!"

Sun Chuantrian said that he had not finished, and the flood will shake his head.

Sun Chuanku saw that he said, and he only sighed, and then asked: "What is the high level of the current situation?"

"Now I have any high idea? Berie thinks that it is a good time, I will not be ugly." Hong Chengshi shook his head.

Sun Chuan knew that the Hong Kong Association is also a proud person. Now it is almost all army, if you talk about the thief's policy, it is inevitable that there is a thing, and there is a suspicion of the troops on the paper, so no longer ask again.

There is no longer delay in Hong Chengwen, and immediately, because he is still a sin, I don't want to delay, so the canning has already finished taking a point.

Sun Chuanqi has always sent Hong Chengchi to the city ten miles. It is urgent to return to the city. There is no return to the government, and there is no way to let the officials of civil and military officials, but straight to the Fu Wangfu.

After understanding the situation of the Huajun from the Hong Chickens, Sun Chuan King knows that now I want to go to encircle the Xiaohua king.

Therefore, I plan to stabilize the situation in Henan Province, and then organize the people to restore production, and train the military to strengthen the county prevention, and wait until next year.

Otherwise, according to the current situation in Henan Province, once Xiao Hua Wang once west, don't say thieves, I am afraid that I can't even stay.

But he is now empty, and the Fuku, Henan Province, is too lazy to patronize, and county counties are not asking for it.


At this time, in the Fuwangfu, in the luxurious and luxurious interior, warm, summer, spring color.

I saw a big fat man was covered by a black cloth, and the stomach is very fat, and the handsome dance.

The girl who exposed a dozens of clothes, but they were around him to avoid, and the big halls were smiling.

"Haha, finally caught one by this king ..."

The fat man scratched a girl in his hand, and then pulled into his arms. Haha laughed, and then pulled down the black towel. It was a mess in the girl.

"Wang Ye, the five provinces of the five provinces, Sun Chunting, who have just been taken!"

"He is a big battle, just come to visit this king, don't you know this is a crispy thing? I don't see it, I said that the king is not suitable."

The fat man is the uncle of the emperor Chongzhen, the uncle of the emperor Chongzhen. After being interrupted, it was not so angry.

Although he is the uncle of the you today, but I am afraid that the people in the world know that Chongzhen is most wanting to kill this uncle, so I have been clipping the tail, never talk to official Wu, I am afraid that Chongzhen finds an excuse.

After the eunuch of reporting, Fu Wang continued to play, who once thought that the eunuch was still returned.

"Wang Ye, the Sun Chuan Qing said that Wang Ye actually was not suitable, then he waited, waiting until Wang Ye's physical recovery."

"There is this reason, he wants to wait for him to wait."

Fuwang is anger, one waved.

After two hours, Fu Wang saw that Sun Chuan Qing is still not going, and finally couldn't help but rush to kill the hall.

"The official sees the prince!"

"Governor of Sun, now there is no thief, you don't go to thieves, but go to this king here, what is it?"

Fu Wang black face, even the minimum guest's words are too lazy to say, obviously know that their Wangfu is all the secrets of Jinyiwei, and Sun Chuan Ting's red ear is absolutely better than talking.

Sun Chicang didn't care, but a hand directly: "Nowadays, the victims in Henan have countless, and the little Hua Wang is raging, and there is a trend of westward at any time. The situation has arrived at the point of dangerous eggs, but all state counties Qian grain appeases the victims, so the next official wants prince to take the lead in donating some money, used to relieve the victims. "

"A sent a non-rhyme, the relief victim is the matter of your civil servant, what is the king?" Fu Wang jumped up and rose red.

"Wang Ye is not properly, Wang Ye is a royal family, and there will be in Luoyang. You can take care of the local people to live, stand by side?

"Sun Chuan Qing, even if you say it today, this king is a sentence, you have no money, you have to grain, this king is the meat, you want to cut two pounds."

Fu Wang, a dead pig, not afraid of boosing the boom, and the tea cup said, he knew that this guy came to visit him, absolutely no good thing.

Sun Chuan Ting is also a half-dead. He didn't expect this Fu Wang as a rumor, like a ghost, looked at his fat belly, and when you really can't rush to cut two pounds.

Finally, the same end came to the tea cup and said: "In this case, the official is talking about the death of Wangfu and Wang Ye, first talk about three days and three nights."

"You ... do you dare to threaten the king?" This round of the joy of Fuku is almost touched.

"The official is not dare."

Sun Chuanku also as a lady who is not afraid of boiling water.

"Well, then who we have consumed who it consumes." Fu Wang lost a sentence, got it up.

His Fu Wang is not scared. At that time, he caught Chongzhen, he didn't have a good day, this guy can take dry?

So he dared to definitely black, Sun Chuan Qing will definitely go.

However, let Fu Wang did not expect that Sun Chuankut is really sitting in the sky, it is anxious and anxious. If it is a general official, he hits people to fight.