"Sun Chuan Qing, is you really not afraid of being suspicious of Sheng, and finally fall a home alive?"

In the end, Fu Wang is still returning to the hall, and the sound is lowered, stare at Sun Chuan.

"Lower official food, the worry of the king, now the Henan situation is corrupt, the anti-thief is increasing, if you can't stabilize the place in time, you will blame the anti-thief, why do you want to ask for a sin? "

"Okay, if you are, this king took the lead in donating food Baishi, and the silver and silver."

Fu Wang saw that his look did not seem to be bluff, but when he really hugged himself, he had to bite his teeth.

"Oh, Wang Ye is holding 100,000 mu of Liangtian, only donating these Xu, the rest of the city is not afraid to donate."

Sun Chuanqi has a lot of breath. If Fu Wang is really donating such a money, he is not as good.

"How much do you want?"

"Five thousand stones, silver silver, two thousand."

"What? It is impossible, surnamed Sun, don't you get inch, really do you dare to fight you?"

The blessing stood up, his face was distorted, pointed to Sun Chuan Ting.

"Wang Ye, the official will give you a bottom, and the food is less than one point, no king of Wang Ye, today's official use this still Baojian in this hall."

Sun Chuanqi also slammed the same brush, and he would don't smoke it on the table.

Sun Chuan Qibei is also really forced to have no way, Hong Chengge will give this rotten stall to him, and it will not be able to pick it up.

Now that the northwest is just stable, the soldiers and horses are not much, if they are touched, they will be able to smoke again, and the last result will inevitably press the cucurve floating scoop.

Therefore, the soldiers can also do two thousand camping camps under the hand, this soldier hideline, says that there is no money in the hands, I am afraid that even stabilizing the situation in Henan, there is two thousand camps. The hurry, I have to break the grain.

"It's also, I have a minister like you, and it is also a favorite of the community. Today, the king is a big Mingjiang Mountain community, and it is a good job."

Fu Wang only sighed, sat back, but the heart was in the heart, and the Chongzhen actually turned this to Henan.


Sun Chuan Ting came straight to the Fuwangfu, and the big household in the city almost knew what he did, so he was paying attention.

Seeing that he is not only worth going to food, but also has a hundred cars, and it is shocked.

Sure enough, the large and small business owners in the second day of the second day, one, was invited by Sun Chicone, I was invited to Tuen Mun.

I didn't have nonsense. Now what is clear, and Fu Wang took the lead in donated five thousand stones, silver, and everyone looked at.

Although everyone is in the heart, although it is big, how is this generous?

However, the Fu King took the lead, they did not excuse in evil, so they donated money to donate.

And because Fu Wang opened a bad head, it could not be willing to donate to perfunctory, and they have to follow his charter.

First, a few top larger in the city, then there are more than a dozen big households, and finally small households, and the first-level level.

This is not to worry about Sun Chicone. How much don't donate, which is more donated, and there are fewer donations, and the big family is in my heart, it will never be wrong.

In just three days, Sun Chuanqi raised food 50,000 stone, silver and 50,000, which was more reluctant, then convened all state county civil servants, all the martial arts, to come to Luoyang.

Luoyang took the head, and the large households in all localities should naturally follow.

In the next day, the county officials in Henan Province, also organized large households to start to put porridge outside the city and succumb to victims.

Sun Chi Ting also dispatched the books of the school to inspect the supervision. Which state county dared to laverse, and they would first demonstrate the official, and they will pay the capital to the capital. Whoever dares to take the money to take food.

After all, everyone donates, you don't donate, or don't donate according to the rules, I am looking for an excuse to make a home law, and the other scholars will only cland their hands.

In fact, it is not a large man who does not want to put a porridge to help the victims, but the disaster is too serious, and it will not be saved.

Because the porridge is put in porridge, the people will run, and the last porridge is stopped.

Let me talk about it, no one is coordinated, knowing that the public knows that the county is not active.

In this case, Sun Chuan Ting only used the situation in just a month, and then stabilized the situation in Henan, and recruited 10,000 young people from the victims, and dried two thousand schemes.

This is the difference between Sun Chuan Qing and Hong Contribute. Hong Chengge is careful, not willing to sin, it is destined to go to Ping Fuwang like Sun Chuan Ting.

The fact is true, Hong Chengsho has come to Luoyang to go to Fuwangfu for more than once, every time, good words, Xiao Zhi, the way, the situation, there is no smashing, but the king is not bird.

And Fu Wang did not take it out. Other big households in the city are also differential, and I will donate a little bit, perfunctory.

Maybe Sun Chuan and Hong Chengge will be quite in terms of military and big strategy, but to govern the place, the former is far from the latter.

In history, Sun Chuanqi also indeed quickly stabilized the northwestern situation.

Chongzhen fifteen years, Wang Wang is doing big in the Central Plains, sieving Kaifeng, Chongzhen has to enable Sun Chuanqi again, and foken it from the big prison and throw it to the northwest.

Back to the northwest of the three years, although the situation has been in a hurry, Sun Chuan Qing is still full of strength, there is no half-point complaint in his heart, but also stabilize the northwest, but also recruits training, and is too busy.

If the reminder of Chongzhen, Daming is absolutely will not be so fast, even so, Sun Chuanqi still defeated the army several times in Cangzhou, and even sneak attacks. Li Zicheng.

After all, after all, the grain can't keep up, add a heavy rain, soldiers complained, and finally defeated the Jieguan, the soldiers and horses do not deposit one, and the army will kill the customs.

The most sad thing is that because Sun Chuanqi is fighting, it is too fierce, even the body cannot be identified, the result is wager to think that he is a fraud, even the treatment is not enjoyed.

Today's trajectory is completely stunned by Qin Yu.

Sun Chuanqi took the lesson of Hong Chengge in Luoyang, 10,000 new armies, same three meals, and drill a battle in Japan, I want to practice a soldier who can play wildest war.

For this reason, he only recruited 10,000 people, as for how to practice the soldiers, as long as there is money and food, Daming Wen official military will actually.

Nothing in the hands of Yan Shaobao?

About how to choose the soldiers, all kinds of large-scale battle, how to command, detailed, can no longer detail, completely alive in the embrace.

Why can I really have a clear and punishment, and I will be aware of the Wen Zhengwu, who is going to the ordinary soldiers.

The truth is very simple, everyone knows, but truly implement it, it will not be able to do it.

Not only that, Sun Chuan Qing has also undergone great efforts in the firearm, invented a train that Franc gun in a trolley, but also sent people to northwest to buy a fight horse, intend to form cavalry.

However, the old grandson didn't sit hot, and the sacred desire of Chongzhen came again, let him take the soldiers to rescue the opening.

Because, at this time, Qin Dawn has already taken a horse, and it is mighty to approach Kaifeng City.