The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 187, Mi Niang, I also steamed steamed steamed bun.

Kaifeng City is in the east tiles, looks at it, and people have nothing to have, and it is not possible.

One month of attacking the city slightly, the ligabit team doubled by 50,000, and reached a full one million.

This is just a way all the way. If you count the other two channels, I am afraid that there is no more than two million, which makes Qin Yu have to feel emotion, Henan is worthy of the population, the center of the Central Plains.

Since ancient times, no matter how to endow the fire, how to get a thousand miles, Bai Kesen, to the end, Henan is always a population, the land uses close to a quiz.

This is also to come to Xiong, and it will be the Central Plains in the end, because the Central Plains may not have to have the world, but they must be the Central Plains.

This makes Qin Dawang gave birth to the idea of ​​root in Henan. In his opinion, the most rare resources in ancient times are actually a population, and Henan is a Ma Pingchuan, convenient transportation, and easy management.

The reason why it is now in this world hell, that is because there is no treatment, in addition to the disaster, there is a solution.

At this time, Hongjie also killed the army in Jixian, the south of Kaifeng, and the bull two due to the far, still in Zhangzhou, Guide.

However, let Qin Yusi have not so many people in Kaifeng, but in the south, there are more than 20 miles in the south, but a large number of lifelines are gathered, at least 50,000.

"That is to say, the entire Kaifeng is round two hundred miles to go to Xiangcha County?"

For this Xiangfu County, Qin Yu does not have much impression, only remember that the birth of the birth of the world seems to have a families.

"Yes, Hua Wang, is said that Xiangfu County is still putting porridge yesterday, and today, there is a very chaotic side now."

An old man of a fairy style, explained.

This person surnamed Niu, famous Venus, I took the initiative to walk, and I was so surprised that Qin Dawang was surprised. I said that he was quite strategy, staying behind him.

"Oh? No wonder it is close to Kaifeng, no one is on the way."

"Well, it seems that the Xiangfang county is also a person, and it can be left him after breaking the city."

Qin Yu is first surprised, and then he will take some heads, and the heart will rise to recruit it.

Because all the way, Henan is all championships, let the victims are self-destruction, even Kaifeng City is no exception, but now a small Xiangfu County, but dare to meet, it is very rare. .

If Xiangfu Knowledge knows that he was staring in Xiaohua, it is estimated that he will cry, because he doesn't want to put porridge at all, but you can't do the Lord.

At this time, outside the Xiangfu City, hundreds of thousands of people were surrounded by the county group group, crying and pleading, screaming.

The city is a smashing county, and it is an urgent burden when it looks at the people.

And a beautiful woman, but angry, I looked at the county of the county, and the tone was quite strict: "Why don't you put porridge today?"

"The mother, not the official, not willing to put porridge, but ... but no food!"

Knowing the county rushed down, a look of crying.

"What? How can I not have food? Doesn't there still 20,000 stones? Isn't you floated from you?"

"The mother,, the minister did not dare to floating the money of the mother, but the more the victims were more accumulated, the daily food could not count, the area of ​​the district 20,000 stone is really a drop in the bucket, if Niang Niang does not believe, please read the book ... "

When the county was suddenly anxious, he said yetfully let the master will take the book book, and hold her hands with her hands.

The beautiful woman's beautiful woman is a jade, and after the account is looked at, the more surprised it, but the face is gradually and slow, and finally the account will be, and the sigh:

"It's a bad monster, get up, the victims have two bowls of dinner porridge. It has been barely, but now, even porridge has not had to drink, how is it?"

"Niang Niang, I am waiting for the family, there is no other grain!" A exclusive household saw that she saw her, and they also cried.

In these two or three months, they have a hard scalp to follow her, and now there is no extra grain in the family.

"Rice bran is also good, is there no?" The beautiful woman looked forward to them.

That looks really let the Shiyi can't wait to make a lot of money, I have to smile, but what is really no. Even if you want to buy it, you can't buy it now, so you all have a shocking head, then you will be low.

Of course, some people have turned over white eyes, secretly, you know that the rice bran and wheat bran are good, can you eat?

Yes, just started to eat rice bran and wheat bran, who once wanted to be semi-dead, and finally he had a little fine grain.

"Is it true that I don't want to watch these few hundreds of people?"

This palace, the beautiful woman is Zhang Wei.

The impact of her in March is too big. At this moment, I looked at the victims who had been waiting in the city, but they were uncomfortable, and they were uncomfortable. The heart was uncomfortable. The corners of the eyes did not help but slipped out two tears.

Huang Zhixian is also sighing. If it is not started, the girl is hard to steamed the hurts, waste too much, I am afraid that I can still hold a seventh day, now I have to bite the teeth: "Mother, Zhou Wangfu should still There is less food, if the girl is in person, I want to come to the prince, I will take out some, plus the other county in the city, I can support it next year. "

"Yeah, the maiden is still alive, go to Kaifeng City!"

The family is all persuaded. Now there is a thief is raging in Kaifeng, and Zhang Yu stays in this small Xiangcha County. Everyone is worried.

"At the palace, you will definitely do the death of these victims, right?"

Zhang Wei is not stupid, if she has always stared here, the people who starve to death and death are afraid that they have not been countless.

"There is no more food in the city, and the bride is not going, can you save them? Only the mother will go to Kaifeng City as soon as possible to save them!"

A old man is finally standing in the eyes of everyone, and the tone is quite strict. It is Zhang Wei who has not yet out of the five-service Zhang's elders. If you should call Grandpa in the session.

"It's also, the Palace is to show your face to seek what is the king? Just how to go out now?"

Zhang Wei is also a person who is thinking, knowing that there is still not much food in the city, and finally nodded, and then looking at the people outside the city.

"This mother doesn't have to worry, I will wait for a lot of porridge, I will take a porridge in the southwest of the East, and the girl takes the opportunity to go out from the North City. Half time will go to Kaifeng." Zhang's old man bites.

"Then, please, this ancestors return to the country, add a lot of trouble to the township, the heart is not in the heart, only one worship, talk about the mind."

Zhang Wei said, actually went to the end of the end of the world.

"Niang Niang can't ..."

Everyone knows, and quickly kneel off, and the tears that are moved, there is no more complaints in the heart.

Then I will make a batch of food again, let the psychic persistent in the three sides of the pot, while maintaining order.

Sure enough, the people will see the porridge in the city, and they will be quiet, and they are sitting on the ground, and the people in Beicheng also have flowed to other two sides.

Until the queue, the North City door opened, and more than a thousand people were clustered with a luxury carriage and rushed to the north.