The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 189, are you a red lady?

At this time, in Kaifeng City, the governor of Jiuyuedi, I just gotten in September this year, and the Wenshuan Wu will be anxious. This time I came here.

Although Zhang Wei has been very low in Beijing, in order to avoid the literary officials, she will throw her head, disturbing place, is directly in the south of Xiangfu County.

During the period, there was no stay in any state county, so ordinary people didn't know, but the governor and other senior officials didn't know that Zhou Wang also known, and even the Wangfu was emptied to a palace, ready to meet Zhang Yan suits.

Who once thought that Zhang Wei did not live in Wangfu, but in more than two months, once Kaifeng City did not enter, everyone wanted to meet, he heard that she was raising money to disaster relief, and suddenly fell.

Even Zhouwang and other ancestor is no exception, because they are too clear about the disaster in Henan, plus Zhang Wei is the queen of the rumor, and there is no gamper to fight the official document, so it is the choice to pack.

After the thief army is stringing into Kaifeng, the governor does not dare to pack it again. Several people sent people to open the opening, and even hinted that she directly returned to Beijing.

There are 500,000 people in the city, so that Chang Dao Li does not dare to see Zhang Wei, after all, Zhang Wei is in Xiangfu County, they have been paying attention, the county is almost very fast Cried.

Now the thief army suddenly kills, Xiangfu knows that the county is sent to help, and everyone is shocked, and it is awkward, and the heart is inevitably complained.

Can the soldiers in the city are insufficient, and where there is extra force to rescue?

This army is not more anti-thieves, so there is a five province Governor in the top of the top, so I haven't brought the thief army not yelco, and everyone is discussing, immediately sending a waterway to Luoyang, reporting the situation to Sun Chuan.

The reason why Zhang Wei did not go to Kaifeng City, which is a prince of the civil liberals and the princes in the city. It is extremely dissatisfied with the disaster.

When I want them to come to meet myself, I have a responsibility, let it disaster, who I want to actually come, my heart is boredom, I know, I can't go to Kaifeng.

Nowadays, this to see this anti-thief is really in the relief victim, Zhang Wei's face is called a wonderful, but the heart is not a taste, and the people of the people have the truth of the world. She still knows.

I used to be in the palace, she still didn't know, but this time, although she is unwilling to accept, the fact is Daming soon.

"The mother, the city is big, the girl is tight, still go back! The anti-thief will not attack the city today."

I know that the county saw she looked at the city and did not move, and she stood a whole time. I really didn't endure the front small channel.


Zhang Wei looked at it again, this is sighing, in the help of the palace, headed down, returning to Zhang's Old House.

Three days, Qin Yu did not send people to attack the city, but also adjusted a lot of literacy women, re-regulating 500,000 people, and is busy.

Hongjie also broke the county, Chen Li, and finally arrived in the south of Xiangchao.

The team is equally large, more than 60,000 living people have followed.

Good, material food is equally sufficient, and thousands of large cars, obviously will be empty along the state counties along the way.

Cow two is just coming back to Guide, Zhengbei Shangki City, and then in the west of the East, Lanyang, this whole Kaifeng House almost a county city did not fall, and it was really a rabbit.

"Xiao Hua Wang, this time I am recruited in Jixian, I am quite a sophisticated, still a person."

When I meet, I can't wait to invite the job.

"Oh, you also recruited a big talent, what about people? Why don't you bring it?"

Qin Yu thought of coming to the cattle Jinxing, so laughing, with the Huajun and his prestigious name, can recruit the literati too normal.

"That ... still in the back, or I will take you now ..." Hongjun is a little supported.

"What, he went to my Huajun, don't come to take the initiative to meet me, I have to go to see him? What dog fart is big." Qin Yu face was black.

"Don't be angry! It is this, when I was in the county in the south of the sister, I have been Iron Hui, I have been in the city, I advised him to follow us, and Mr. Qian also said that you are absolutely Ming Lord, Mr. Li did not agree with Mr. Li, and finally I have to tie him over, but I believe that by your own business, I will definitely convince him to join. "

In the red, I saw him a fire, and quickly explained that she was in understanding the temper of Qin Yu, but she was afraid that he killed the Mr. Li.

"Hua Wang, the Li Zhan is really quite talented, not under the students, when we arrive in Jixian, he is calling on the city to pick up the porridge, Nai, the county is not allowed to live." Qian Bin also rushed.

"Oh? Wait, Jixian, Li Zhan, what is his name?"

Qin Yu was strange, and then thought about it. He suddenly shined, stepped forward, staring at the two.

"Li Xin."

Both people were shocked by his reaction, but Qian Bin still rushed to answer.

"Haha, it is him, yes, the girl, this time you are beautiful, then Li Xin does have a lot of talents, it is my current talent."

Qin Yushe said that two people said, it is really auxiliary king in history, Jixian County Li Xin, and then renamed Li Yan, and suddenly, gave Hunting a vision of the eyes.

However, laughing is half, like what is like a frown, some weird looks at the red and asked: "Ghou, you said that you told him?"

"He is not willing to live, I have to go out, that can ask you one thing, if he really doesn't want to join, can you put him?"

Some of the red scorpion is a bit embarrassed, then the tone is a little pleaded to see him.

"This is nature, my Huajun has come to stay! Yes, have you heard of Hong La, do you hear the number of people?"

Qin Yu is swaying, then looking at the two, calculating the time, the red lady and Li Yan should be to kill the official during this time.

"This can not blame me, it is the little bit of the bull, I will give yourself, I have to get a one! Let him have more than my red lady."

Red and excitement thought that Qin Dawang had to pursue him and the bull two unauthorized things, and quickly built the pot on the bomb.

"What do you mean, you gave yourself a little, just called a red lady?"

Qin Yu was shocked by the chin, and he stared at her with his ghost.

"Don't you do? The bull is taken, why can't I take it? The big army of the righteous army does not have a tanker?" Huiji saw such a big response, some indignant.

Yes, in order to let the red ranked rumor, the army is all the army, before the training, Qin Yu will promote her for the big collar.

As soon as this is, this girl has always been loyal, I'm now got 10,000 women, but also wants them to be more powerful, there is a hoping.