The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 193 This king is not good

Zhang Jia's person took the anti-thief after leaving the anti-thief yesterday. Who once thought that the thief today was still reimfilled, and the thief was still personally coming, and suddenly it was hard, but she only greeted.

"Little king, this female hero, yesterday, you have already searched it, I will pay it out of the people who will pay, come today, I don't know what else?"

"Yesterday, the people were slack, did not figure out, today, the king of this day came to check again, see if there is no fish in the net, put all the women in the house."

Qin Yu became a cylinder in his hand, and he was in his hand.

"Little King, this ..."

Although this small thief is small, it looks very savvy, it is afraid that it is not seemingly confused yesterday, and Zhang Lao is shocked.

"Why, don't you want to go to your hand?"

"Don't dare, the old man will go, the little king will later."

Zhang You only had to arch, turn around.

Not much time, Miss dozens of women came to the yard, they were all kinds of war.

In addition to some old woman, a young is not.

I don't have to refer to Hongjun, and Qin Yu's eyes are straight down on the last woman.

And the woman also looked up to Qin Yu, the four eyes, and the woman had flashing on the face, but there was no panic.

"Can this lady do children?"

Qin Yu came to the near, carefully talked her, I saw this woman's body, the eyebrows picturesque, the mouth is like Zhu Sakin, but it seems to be an old, and the face is slightly yellow, but can still be seen when you can see you, inevitably Peerless people.

The woman is also playing Qin Yu, seeing him, in the heart, it seems that I can't believe this teenager in front of it is the king of the anti-thief of the world.

Seeing her not answered, but staring at myself, I also took a sense of majesty in my eyes, and Qin Yu smiled.

Zhang You is an urgency, and rushed forward to explain: "The little king, this is the three lady of the old three sons, and the old granddaughter is standing."

"Oh, when you really thought that I was less than I saw, even if there is any woman who has been born, can't you distinguish?"

Although the girls and this woman is really similar, the Qin Dynasty is also a person who has slept three mature women. It is not the proliferation of the pilgrims. It is almost a bit of this lady. No birth.

Zhang Yao should also argue, Zhang Wei is putting a hand: "Three grandfather, why need it necessary to be self-sufficient?"

After that, I pulled out a dagger from the cuffs and talked out of the chest. Qin Yu is a good eye. I grabbed her wrist and took the dagger.

"Good courage, your woman dare to puncture the king, take away!"

Looking at Zhang Wei, who is taken away, people in the hospital are anxious straight feet, and only the old face is variable.

"Father, the mother is taken away by the thief, must be disclosed, how can this be good?"

"Hey! End."

"What is panicked? Command it, no one can pass it, and when you haven't happened, the illegal no matter who is one."

Zhang You hooks his hand, and the look is quite calm.

Back to the study.

Seeing a few sons still rushed to the group, Zhang Yao sighed and slowly said: "I gave a look at the little thief in non-pool, it was gently, and there was this as it is now. Walking, it is also the case, but I said to me, no matter what kind of results, there is no harm. "

"Father, this ... is it ... you ..."

The three sons are all shocked.

I didn't dare to read my old father, but I thought it was very deep, and I had to have a dark, ginger is still a spicy.

In the study of the county.

Zhang Wei did not know that he was sold by Zhangjia.

Still do not panic, sitting in danger, watching the paintings in front of it, and staring at the little thief of yourself, although I am curious, how is he recognized, but it will not ask.

Qin Yu saw that she still didn't have a nervousness and panic, and she had to admire her heart, and there were seven-curtified grasps and sure she is Zhang Wei.

Seeing that she never talks, smile, and she will slowly launch her, and she said.

"I want to be very calendered in my heart, why do you find that you are not dead? Hey, you still have to lose this picture."

Zhang Wei is curious about a look, his face flashes a shame, but then disappears.

"The Niangniang knows who this is painted?"

"It is that Huang Zhixian, this person is really a dog bile a day, so I have to admire, but the craft is not bad, it seems that Daming's literary officials do not have, painting beauty pictures are all hand, Have time this king must ask him to ask! "

Although Zhang Wei did not speak, the eyes were obviously flashing, and the majesty of the invisible, let Qin Yu secretly shocked, and then she has closed his eyes.

"Iron Cards such as mountains, can you deny your identity without talking?"

"If you are a Queen, the king is naturally a lively, if it is an ordinary woman, like you, the beauty of the big house, although I am not a woman, but some of my hand is people, Do you have to give you a reward you, and you will think about it. "

"Whether it is like this, if you admit, I will never leak your identity. If I don't, I will take the world, say that I caught the Queen Queen, when I got to see the royal face, how?"

Qin Yu is around her, and it will be threatened for a while. After a while, I will have a good words, but Zhang Wei always closes the double eyes, not speak.

"Small thief, the horn, you are doing this, quite benevolent heart, not like other anti-thieves, why do you have to do so big?

If you are willing to return to the court, the Palace can not only accept you as a righteous, and will also recommend it to you, reuse you, value, you will be inhabited, you will be able to become a generation of a generation of ministers, Gong Hou Millennium . "

Zhengqin Qin Yu is so patient, ready to call the Huang Zhixian County to the same, Zhang Wei finally opened the beauty and looked at him slowly.

Yes, Zhang Wei's reasoning to follow the county, it is to see Qin Yu's young, relieved the victims, and the big households in the city will be, so they are ready to advise some, see if they can persuade him to discover the secret .

I just didn't talk, just want to test him, now I see Qin Yu, I am a heart, and I will know how to know this child is not yet mature. I will have a lot of hope.

"Hey, rarely, I want to start to starve in Googheng in Googheng, I have to go to the tree, why don't I go to enroll, I will receive me?

Now I hold 100,000 soldiers and horses, and the wealth is shocked. I want to collect the Nianggui for the righteous girl, I don't know if you are willing? "