The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 194, people are not small

"You ... you have no unfired shameless little thief ..."

Even if Zhang Yu will raise it, listening to him, I can't help but point to him.

At this moment, a pretty face rose red, the body is slightly shaking, it can be seen that it is not light.

Qin Yu is directly over white, and self-defeating the cup of tea, secretly can't knew.

He didn't know that modern jokes can't open in ancient times, especially opposite, ordered.

If you change your usual or by others, you dare to say that Zhang Wei is the words of the righteousness, I am afraid that I will not be killed.

"You don't think that the imperial court can't pack you. You can get high-pillow in the future, now the enemy into the country, the army of the court is in the north, waiting to drive away the enemy, next year, the army is coming, and you can ignore you in an instant. Herism, you are very talented, this is good to persuade, you don't want to obstinate, you can't hurt yourself, but also tired family family! "

Zhang Yan saw him calmly calmly, and may also think of today's situation, depressed anger, slowly sat down, and slowed some.

"This is not worrying, I have a bachelor, there is no relatives, and there is no family. There is a saying that it is called the light is not afraid of wearing shoes. There is also a saying that is called to bear one, put the emperor, pull down the horse, should say Is this kind of person! "

"You are a true iron to rebel? You are so old, I still want to have a day to win the nine five respects?"

Zhang Wei stared at him straight, and the eyebrows were obvious. It is clear that he is ignorant, or it is really ambitious.

"Mother wants to know why you can't save the victims, but can I? Just because I am a thief.

Again because I am an anti-thief, I can now drink tea chat with the Niang Niang, not like the Huang Zhi County, I don't dare to look at you, I can only sneak the portrait, but I still have to be surprised, afraid I found that the nine races, so the Niangniang thinks that it is a thief, or is it? "

"The evil spirits said that you are now looking like a scenery, but you can't escape the miserable collection, but the official is subject to some constraints, but can be rich, it is possible to bless and the children, is it bad?"

Zhang Wei may be really a small age, so I have been moving again, and the tone is getting soft.

"Is it a miserable dressing, but it is not necessary to say by the Niang Niang. Since ancient people, it is not necessarily the world, but the people who have lost the people, but they will lose the world. Nowadays, Daming has lost the people, it is my senior universities, saves the world. His good time! "

Qin Yu said that he finally waved, and he really had a magnificent to the world.

"It's so, the palace has nothing to say, today falls in your hands, this palace only speeds up."

Zhang Wei saw him saying that the people's heart, not necessarily the world, but the people who lost their people will lose the world, and they suddenly stunned, and they took a deep breath, spit out, then! Close your eyes again.

Obviously, the Qin Yuzhi is not small, and has extraordinary knowledge, knowing that more is nothing more.

"The Niangniang said that the world knows that my Huayao is the most pity, like a beautiful person, although it is more expensive, but I bite the teeth or can be raised."

Qin Dawn said that it finally prototype, extended a wolf claw, slightly tensioned, and the peerless face.

"You ... you let go, the Palace originally thought that he is less ignorant, but it is still a bit of benevolence. Who once thinks you is a civilian disclaimer, if you dare to rude, this palace is engaged in "

Zhang Wei's face was a moment that he touched, just like electric shock, he opened his eyes, and then took a step, and he was angry and angry. He said that he is overwhelming.

Obviously, I didn't expect it. Qin Yu just said that he was a non-beautiful person, but now not only peptides yourself, but also in a hurry, causing a handleman.

Qin Yu was originally trying to test, seeing her reaction, but also shocked, seeing her to bite her tongue, hurryly:

"The Niangniang is don't want to bite your tongue. It is a lie. It's not going to die, but it will be unhappy. I just see some of the maiden and portraits. Some curios are not brought, this is a mask. I can't help but want to confirm. "

Zhang Wei closed his eyes, and didn't see the look of Qin Yu. Now he see him, and then looks at the face with a tender face. It is a bit of a little, and it is not rumored to say:

"What kind of person skin mask is in this world? This palace is just a little slightly, there is anything weird, this palace and ask you, how do you plan to dispose of those victims?"

Obviously, at this moment, Zhang Wei still cares about those victims because she knows that the victims are not properly placed, and the big god is not really finished.

"This mother does not have to worry, this king has its own intention, anyway, will not starve to death, come, come, the Niangniang first drinks cup of tea."

Qin Yu was swaying, and he also gave her a cup of tea, and also understood that the mother of this mother is not better than other major households, but they are not forced to die, and they have not been played in the future.

At this time, there was an knocking on the door outside the door, and then Hui Hua came in, and looked at Zhang Wei and glanced.

"what's up?"

Qin Yu's brow wrinkled, seeing her to say, suddenly laughed: "Don't you have to hide, don't you think she still leaks now?"

"The probes have been returned. In the three days, Sun Chi Ting took the army from Luoyang to kill, and the horse is about 20,000. According to the distance, it should go to Gong County, and will arrive at Kaifeng up to ten days."

If you think about it, this woman fell in this guy. I am afraid that I am afraid that I can't turn my body.


"You Hu said, Sun Aiqing acts as a steady, just arrived last month, how can I now rate the army now?"

Qin Yu has not spoke, but Zhang Wei stands first, obviously she knows that Hong Chengchi has just defeated, Sun Chuan Ting is now sending death.

"Eighthles is also Chongzhen, the sacred desire to urge him to enter the thief, maybe and the Niang Niang also has some relationships in Kaifeng, when it is not afraid of God, I am afraid of the same teammates, haha!"

Qin Yu is first, and then I want to understand, and I laughed in the sky, I went out, and Hungji naturally followed it, and I knew it again.

Zhang Wei is an anxiety, after the reaction, I also want to follow it, but four came in to stop her, and holding clothes, two old labs also lifted behind the wooden barrel.

But Zhang Wei is in a hurry at this time, then there is a thought to shower, in an urgent group to turn.

Although Qin Yu did not put Sun Chuan's soldiers horses in the eyes, he didn't want to develop a habit of generous and enemy. In addition, there were several stinkkers under the hand, and suddenly, he went to Wenwu General to come to the county's hall.

Not much time.

A large ticket rushed over, after two times, everyone arrived.

The Qin Dawang who smashed the buttocks, the Qin Dynasty, was very speechless, and it was a communication condition of the increasingly dissatisfied.