It is related to the future of Huajun.

Qin Yu didn't have a head of the mind, and the board was placed on the spot, but it is planned to go back and carefully.

So nodded, encouraged four people, waving, announced the break, and no urgent time.

The military commander has been addicted, and there is no resolution in the heart, and the heart is very uncomfortable.

The four literati people were calm, and the opposite of Qin Yu's cautious, secretly nodded.

When I returned to the back home, the red lady chased the fire.

"How did you choose? But don't forget to promise me, or you will be in the north, I will go to Xiangyang in the south? When you can't fight the capital, you can never return to Hun Guang?"

"Don't give me a chaos? I remember to revenge all day. Can you still run away?"

Qin Yushen has some chaos, seeing her quarrel to be divided into Xiangyang, and suddenly slap in her hips.

What is not in the north is not decided, then Li Yanti is not to die for Daming, after all, people are tied by the red lady, and it has never been returned.

"Don't you want your Mrs. Li? Both have been half a year, maybe people run early, and I will find someone to marry again." Red is sad.

"Hu said, the lady is not that kind of person, she said that I will wait for me to go back."

Qin Yu is like being stepped on the tail. I originally thought of her and Li Yan, and I had some cockroaches. Now I now see her and arranged Mrs. Li and suddenly furious.

I put her on the table, and I spurted some of them, until soft, a beach is smashed.

However, Qin Yu's heart is a little missing Mrs. Li, and some regrets have not raised her to fight together.

After wearing a neat, the red raft relied on his chest, and he asked again: "The Niu Second and the surname Song, I don't know what to conspirate, with mine, simply kill them directly Relieve it. "

"People have not rebelled, you will kill them, let the brothers think? Don't worry, they can't jump out my hand, I plan to let you stay here, I bring them in the north, I will take them together. Is. "

On the side of Qin Yu, he said, while the long legs and waist of the girl, it was really a hundred play, but unfortunately, the two sizes were slightly smaller, and Zhang Wei did not compare with Zhang Yan.

"You still plan to adopt Mr. Li's plan?" Hungo started, and his heart was not very practical.

"It's not all, I only plan to adopt half." Qin Yu shook his head.

"What is half the adoption? I really don't understand the people who have read the books, what is thinking about every day in my mind." Hunting is confused.

"Oh, half is that I only take the soldiers to fight, but I will not push a big Mingzong to come to Beijing ..."

Qin Yu smiled and looked patiently.

After some thinking and analyzing, he found Li Yan's strategy to fit ambitions in the dynasty and hand holding the power of the power, but not suitable for him.

Because he is too young, it is only fifteen years old, and the Huajun truly people who are dead, not a young man, is a woman's mud.

Such a group of people entered the capital, went to play with those old things to fight together, conspiracy tricks, and finally afraid that they were not dead, they did not know how to die.

Because he is too young, there is no distinctive born, it is estimated that the Wenwu Baiguan and the sealing of the land will not serve him, and it is very likely that it will make everyone loyal to the emperor of him.

This kind of thing to kill him, killing him, will not do it, he would rather be a chaos of the world, so he is intended to take the troops in north to fight, and earn a good reply to the south.

One is the end of life, it is better to try to test the water now, then check it, so as not to be played by the future.

Two, if he didn't remember the wrong, this scorpion soldiers divided into two ways, almost swept the entire north straight and Shandong, robbed hundreds of thousands of people, and the money is more countless.

And these things are also what he needs, people who are grabbing are all women and various craftsmen.

Of course, let Qin Yu's eyes are still in the horse, this time does not grab, once in the south, it is difficult to have a lot of horse in the future.

There is no large number of cavalry, future and scorpion, it is a big short board.

The key is that the opening is not far from Shandong, how much time does not spend, and Ming army attracts the attention of the scorpion in front of him. He has quietly sneaked behind him, and it is absolutely able to fight a slap.

This can earn a reputation, a beautiful name, and save a large number of female family's female and craftsmen, can also grab a lot of war horses, try to have a lot of fighting power, can be described as a lot of benefits, so he really doesn't want to miss this opportunity .

Compared with the female who he worked to grab the family, Qin Dawei would like to save them, let them save them, so that they have to follow themselves.

Because he always has some people who don't worry about this era, they have taken time, but the internal affairs, there is no reading person, so it is undoubtedly the best choice to use large women.

Don't need much experience, just need to obey, do things seriously, and let yourself be loyal to yourself.

From the last time, the performance of the ladies who have been rescued by Baokang, it seems to be really feasible.

"I also need to go."

After listening to Hui, the eyes suddenly looked up, immediately said that in the tone, I also took a spoiled pleading.

"No, you have gone, who left a chairing overall situation? Niu two?" Qin Yu did not hesitate to refuse the way, but also rewarded a slap.

"okay then!"

Red think about it, and only nodded, and after all, more than 3 million people can't take it.

At this moment, the lady's report was introduced outside the door.


"Go back to the king, no matter how the slaves persuade, the lady is not bathed, and things don't eat."

"Don't she have to commit suicide?"

Qin Dawang's brow is also a wrinkle, but Hungju is a expression of a full-scale pleasure, and the woman can't starve.

In addition to Qin Yu one, others don't know the identity of Zhang Wei, including Hui.

"That is not, but look at her look." The maid is careful outside.

"I gonna go see."

Qin Yu said with a room that got up and banned Zhang Yan.

Although Huangji is a little taste, but nothing is, it is the advantage of this era woman, there is no reading book, knowing the general.

"Small thief ..."

The door is pushed away, and Zhang Wei met that Qin Yu immediately went forward, but I didn't know what to ask, and finally I had to test the way: "Sun Aiqing really tied to Kaifeng?"

"Military countries, what is the play?"

"Then how do you plan to fight, there is still the other road officials?" Zhang Yanylow is tense, although I know that I know it is useless, but I still want to know.

"This is no happiness, the maiden first bathes clothes, I am a good fortune to have a mother, and how is it in the past?"

Qin Yu was swaying, and the gentleman's gentleman, I am afraid that even the Yue is not a group, it will be better.

This is not, Zhang Wei wants to think, although he has been late, but finally nodded.