The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 200, will finally finally

The cattle did not think of it. After the 10,000 talents were lit, one was half a day.

Even many old brothers didn't see, and there were almost all of my mother.

This will be half-dead.

Ok, after the dawn, he didn't have a cavalry chasing. Qin Yu also sent his six women. This is a relief of everyone.

"I didn't expect Hua Wang's heart to be so broad, it seems that I am in the belly of the heart of the villain."

Song Dianzheng felt a sentence.

I really regret it in the heart of this rotten ship.

And Qin Dawn looked at the five thousand people who escaped back, and the heart was excited.

He knew that Niu Er did not take everyone, but he did not expect to run back halfway.

When the war ran back, it means that the infantry, at which it is 70%, and the teenager may reach 10%.

A army, the soldier's belonging is averaged 70%, which is extremely horrible, and it has been close to the legend that is not smashing.

For these five thousand-lived warfare, Qin Yu is naturally a goodssition, and then re-edited them into two war battles, and intends to bring together to the North.

I have gone five thousand people, and the morale of Huajun did not cause much impact. Each camp still trained the training, the reading of the reading.

In addition to the contribution of the hundred brocade, there have been a thousand eight hundred people in the country.

At this moment, more than a thousand rides in the wilderness, constantly waving the horse knife, sometimes gathered, and everyone can see this is a true cavalry.

"What is the two thousand demonstrations of this king?"

"Good soldiers are all good soldiers." Cao returned the monks.

"Where is it?" Qin Yu smiled and asked.

"Dare to fight, there is a struggle, you can suffer, and listen to, although they are still very tender, but fake time, than Guanning iron ride is only strong!"

"What is compared with the scorpion?" Qin Yu nodded and then looked at him.

Cao Zhao was a long time, he said: "If the front is rushing, the battle power will never be under the scorpion, but it is generally around, so ..."

"The front rushing can resist the scorpion, it is enough, and the scorpose is based on the cavalry, so the tactics are mainly swaying, but the king is based on the infantry. They want to drag my cavalry with the shot. It is an idiotic dream, and I will let them open their eyes. I see what is the real Wan Arrow, Wan Yi Qimiang! "

Qin Yu said finally, played his hands.

He naturally will not let the civilian camp practice ride, because they are dying, it is estimated that it is not the opponent of people, and there is a fart in practice?

"If so, Hua Wang is enough to fight the scorpion in the field, but it is unfortunately too few."

"It is too little."

"Change, I want you to know, I want to fight the scorpion in the north, but I have almost no Chinese people understand the scorpion, let alone the guard camp is also missing, if you are willing to join me north, Yang Hanjia military Wei, rescue the Han family woman who is suffering from scorpion, this king is officially sealing you for the guards, the army pioneer, if you don't want, the king is never reluctant, March, although Not arrived, but I don't want to stay you again. "

After Qin Yu said, the eyes were staring at him.

"Dare to ask Hua Dang Zhen to fight the scorpion? Rather than attacking Jingshi in the north?"

Cao Qingyi stared at him with the same look.

Obviously, I was touched by Qin Yu.

I didn't kill him, but Yang Han's military warranty and solving the Han family.

Ordinary soldiers may not eat this set, but Cao Yao is here, but the blood is rolling, and the heart seems to be pressed against a big stone, and it does not move unnecessary.

"My Hua Wang is coming to a word, this time I will not take the initiative to attack a Ming army defensive county, only to fight scorpion, if there is a good point, you can go at any time."

"Well! I actually said that Hu Wang has this decision, and the old Cao also returned, and it was temporarily asked for the prisoner, and she was finished. When I went to Beijing, I would sin."

"Haha, good! Change the truth, true hero!"

Qin Yuha laughed.

Cao Shizhen talented the Han family's nature of the Han Dynasty, now in a lot of see, and this is what Huajun is now missing.

I took Cao Zijun, and Qin Yu is very good. Although it is temporary, but as long as I entered the set, I want to take it again, I am afraid that it is not so easy.

Can be returned to the county, and the good mood is coming.

"The king, you can come back, the sister has not eaten a few days."

"What? Why don't you send people in early?"

"Red sister said that she starved to death ..."

"Laozi has not yet left, this girl will start to be the Lord without authorization, see how I will pick up her."

Qin Yutu was anger, and said that he went to the room that was hung, Li and Liu rushed to keep up.

The red waning hiding in the side, all hit a chill, quickly escaped from the county, preparing to go to the military camp a few days.

Even she didn't know, she didn't be afraid from Xiaoyu, even her father dared to violate it, but also a little fear of Qin Yu's heart.

Even before, when he was angry, every time he was angry, he was also a burst of hair, and he didn't have a half-point resistance.

Qin Yu came to the room, he saw Zhang Wei to lying on the bed. It is always easy to move. Face is pale as paper. If it is also a hot gas, I am afraid that I don't have much difference with the dead, and I am more angry.

"Okay, I walked for a few days, you will make her into this picture, come over, squat!"

Both people have hit, but they have only trembled, and they are on the table, and one is rushing to bite a bunch of hair.

Qin Yu also did not pity the jade, and each person rewarded a few slaps, and the two women played a lot of breath.

"This kind of thing will happen next time, that is, it is not hit by hand, but take off with whip, hurry to take a bowl of bird's nest porridge."

"Yes ... Yes, the king."

The two women have heard that they have to be stripped, and they have to play with whip, and they are ashamed again, and they should have a sentence, and they ran out.

Qin Yu is sitting in the bed.

"Niang Niang, you don't play hun with me, not afraid to tell you, dealing with hunger strike, it is my good play ..."

Qin Yu is intimidating, seeing her still closed, it is a bit annoyed, a bit bite said: "The Niang Niang doesn't blink, I have to do it ... The cave is."

I thought for a long time, I thought of a word still elegant.

The brown is opened, slapted, the coat in the chest is allocated to both sides, revealing the big red belly inside the tall tall, and there is also a Phoenix with gold silk.

Qin Yu saw this, she still didn't respond, my heart was also a surprise, this is a sorrow, I have a heart, I shouldn't drink so much wine last time, I am too anxious, and I haven't worry again. Enjoy the phoenix.

"My life and death, my mother can not care, is there a lot of survival?"

"It's also, since the Niang Niang is going to die, I don't worry. After a few Japanese kings, I have to bring the soldiers. If there is any such thing, I can tell me now, I will give Chong Zhen."

Qin Yu saw her eyelashes clearly trembled, and there was a door, and she left her body, she wanted to go outside.

"Do you really act in accordance with Li Yan's strategy?"

Zhang Wei opened his eyes and sat up, but the body was too weak, and suddenly fell down.

"The Niang Niang is careful!"

Qin Yu rushed to hold her shoulders and sat in the bed and let her rely on her chest.