The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 203 Who is killed by Luxi

This time, Qin Yu not only held a grand swearing conference, but also released a piece of text, probably meaningful, naturally derogatory to Chongzhen and Wenwu officials and raised themselves.

The military will never do not work, this Qin Yu still knows. He used to be a rogue, naturally you can't think about it, but you can't neglect the world.

Don't say that like the veteran, engage in three-point politics, seven military, or a party's seven-point political, three-point military, but two points political, eight military still have to engage.

Zhang Wei was inert into the sorrow, if the eyes can kill people, and the Qin Dawang, the Qin Dawei, who is so popular, and killed hundreds of times.

It turns out that the power of this is still very big, because the right day has a number of show talent to join Huajun.

It can be seen that with the spread of , I am afraid that there will be a constant knowledge of people.

Qin Yu is naturally happy, and the heart is also emotion, come to Henan, although he relieved the victims, but there is no madman, but there is no fame in the literati to go, even a Li Yan is still a red lady hard tie.

Now he played a spiritual overall situation, hitting the scorpion north, and immediately there was a literati to teen, and it was visible that China never lacks the heritage.

The next day, that is, Daming Chongzhen December 18, Qin Yu led the army, and the vast talents were overwhelmed by the Yellow River and went to the northeast.

1000 Duty Camp head array, then 7500 steppers and 6,000 fire soldiers, and finally the 5,000 defeatings, and 1000 female soldiers and 1000 transfers, totaling more than 20,000,000 people.

This big army is a lightweight, only a half-month grain, with more than 3,000 phenomena, and the evening is also a big village town.

Qin Yu, the army of this army just finished the river, Sun Chuan Qing received a message, and more than half a hundred miles will only take half a time.

"You didn't see the wrong, all of the river is the main force of the thief army?"

"The Master of Master, the belongs to use life guarantees, will never be wrong, more than 20,000 people have a nail knife, the military array is strict, and the river is in order, the unstoppad soldier is comparable."

"Well, the thief army is escaping, passing the supervisor, the army is the river, and the thief!"

"The end will be observed!"

Sun Chuan Qi is big, and suddenly, a lot of orders are Qi Qi, no one dares to stand up and question.

Similarly, more than 20,000 people have passed the Yellow River from Zhengzhou before the dark.

Obviously, the old grandson has long been prepared, only waiting for Qin Yu.

It can also be more than 20,000 people, and Sun Chuan Qing is a new army for more than a month, and it is a bit messy, than two thousand soldiers of Qin Dawei, it will not only one grade.

The next day, the two coach were like a discussion, very tacit understanding, Sun Chuanqi took the leaders and two thousand troops directly north to kill the big name.

Originally, if Sun Chuanqi did not go, continue to wait for the Huajun, and Qin Yu also intended to send someone to hint him. Now he will take the lead, not from the dark, the monketea is really not blowing out.

So not delayed, with 20,000 people to go northeast.

Sun Chuan Ting was already in a hurry, such as the ants on the hot pot, Qin Yutuo river gave him an excuse, naturally won't be more than anyone, because the calculation time, Lu Xiang rose has been covered for seven days.

Zhengzhou to the giant deer, said that it is not far away, it is not close to, more than 500 miles, Sun Chuan Ting took the army almost every day.

Although due to the trouble of Qin Yu, let the soldiers Shangshu Yang Yichang, in advance, to the Beijing to Zhu Guangcai and pack up the eight kings.

However, Lu Xiangsheng and his Tianxionjun, still in history in history, so the death and Yang Yichang, the death and Yang Yichang.

There is no longer there is a main battle, Yang Yichang is the main battle, see death, not saving the ruins of death in Jiazhuang.

Because the Qing army has already entered the customs, it is in the south to attack the city, and is it not a joke?

What's more, Yang Yichang is in Beijing, and it is a battle and simply not saying that he said, but also can't say it.

Instead, it is calculated by the Luxi of the leader of the army.

In fact, I really killed Lu Xiang, or I just received Chen Xinjia, who was first across the governor, and I didn't know what kind of mentality, he was killed by Chongzhen, Yang Yichang, and high-powered, but he could see the clue.

After all, Lu Xiangsheng's battle, against the blow of Daming, the midst of Daming, is definitely unbearable.

Lu Xiangsheng is the Governor's Tianxian Wang Yuanjun. The cause is the foundation of the scorpion. As a result, the governor of the world, all of which were killed by people, which is simply playing his face.

According to the character of Chongzhen, who killed the ruins, and did not kill him.

As in history, I learned that the Si Zi was in the south, and the Luxiang immediately recommended the same division of two-way pursuit.

Because the enemy is divided into the soldiers, the best choice of Mingjun is also divided into troops, otherwise it will be broken by each one, and it will be broken, pursue all the way, and the other will cause huge damage.

At this time, there are more than 7,000 towns who are assembled near the capital. The real scorpion is only 20,000, and the strength is absolutely dominant.

Chongzhen also admitted to the suggestion of Lu Xiang, and chased the troops, led the three thousand army from the south of the military, and chased the Zi Zhi Hui Ma.

Lu Xiangsheng led more than 40,000 army, along the Baoding, Zhenfangfu, pursued the right-wing soldier.

Gao Si'an also knows the ability to be self-employed, understand in the field, is absolutely not winning, so the leader drags the puller, feading the enemy, I didn't want to fight in the field.

As a ruler who has extraordinary military ability, naturally understand this, this is a high-rise, just holding the left and left wing, wait for him to pick up the right wing, and then collect the left wing.

So, it is definitely a ghost, nothing more than those literati will be buckled in the eunuch.

Because Lu Yi litchers dared to chase, they also actively look for the right-winged military and horses, as a commander, that is definitely to grasp the other party, will never take the elite to open this joke.

Otherwise, it is also necessary to rescue another army. Why do you want to divide? Is this not a pit teammate?

After all, the right-wing soldier horses and horses, but they did not join the left-wing to siege, but only the right wing soldiers will be surrounded by Lu Xiang.

The truth is that Lu Xiangsheng was surrounded by Jia Zhuang. He was still in front of Tianjin, and there were thousands of miles away. It was not to rescue, and it did not rescue high yang.

Lu Xiangsheng did have the right to grasp the right wings in the field, and at least it can fight, and hurt the scorpion.

Because the Luxi is the same, the Xuanfu, Shanxi Sanzhen soldiers, plus Shanxi governance camp, Datong Tour Camp, and the Tianxiong Army, who is trained in one hand, nearly 40,000 troops.

So I am so angry, I want to find a ruler in the south, but I can't find it.

At this time, Chen Xinjia came from the enemy, and said that the thief army has passed Longquan to enter Shanxi.

Lu Xiangsheng naturally missed Chen Xinjia, a Queau Dalong will lie to the military situation. I heard that the thief army has passed Longquanuan. Immediately let the Xuanfu General Yang Guoshu, Datong General Wang Pu, Datong Shanxi Governor Camp Recycling Shanxi, intend to With the Eastward of the Tianshang, hit the left wing of the scorpion.

After all, Shanxi is not better than the southern part of Hebei, but there is no two days, a state of Shanxi, and it has passed the main force near Shimen, and one has passed the fixed customs and entered the Taiyuan House.

This leads to the Ru Rhammark to think that the right wings are divided, so he hurriedly took the nanjun, straight to the stone door, and desire to be with the scorpion.

After arriving in Shimen, I found that the scorpion didn't have a fixed turn in Shanxi, but I have to continue the attack in the south.

As a result, in the vicinity of Juli, the right-wing army maintained the right arm, until at this time, I found that the scorpion did not divide the soldiers into Shanxi, but what is too late.

The last battle, because there is only 10,000 Tianxionjun around, but there are more than 10,000 cavers and thousands of Chinese soldiers, and the neutrality has to retreat to Jiazhuang, because Juki County has already been blocked by scorpion .

PS: For the death of Lu Xiang, I have been talking about it. Some said that it is Chongzhen. It is said that Yang Yuchang is killed. The author has checked a lot of information. Since thinking is a little military common sense, so according to his own analysis, write this Segment, if there is a wrong place, please please forgive me!