After the right-wing army of the scorpion, after the Dongchang House, Yue Tao did not take the army to catch up. Suddenly decided to loot near Dongchangfu, and then went to Jinan and Dolu.

After all, I grabbed this money and gang material and women's livestock. Plus not only eliminating Lu Xiangsheng, but also a lot of eight flag warriors, I will go to meet, will definitely be laughing.

So, in just three days, I broke the three county towns in the west of Dongchangfu, and I will kill all people, and I put a fire in the city. Gucheng.

At this time, Dolt is a left-wing army that is siege from Jinan City.

The entire Jinan Government is still insisting on Jinan City, including the Yuzhou County, including Dongchangfu Northern County, basically being broken by the scorpion, and must be burned by the massacre, everywhere is burned village town urban pool.

In the past, more than 2 million people, quite bustling Jinanfu, but it is like hell of hell.

In a small village under Lushan, the Huajun has been resting for two days. From these days, the news of the whistle, Qin Yu has finally learned some of the situation in Dongchang and Jinan.

In this moment, everyone includes everyone in Qin Yu, burning the anger of the bears.

"Hua Wang, the right-wing army of the scorpion will grab the population livestock, food supplies, all hoarded the county town of Dongchangfu City, the main force is besieging Dongchangfu City, the most late I am afraid not to break the city today. "

"Siszi cavalry came to the wind, there is a horse in the Dongchangfu nearby, I want to fight the sneak attack, so the king decided to send a cavalry in the evening to raise the county, the main army struck Dongchang City."

Qin Yu said that he also sighed, on the plain, the infantry wants to kill the cavalry, it is very difficult.

So I can only wait for the sizzling to attack Dongchang City, I will struck in the night, and put some scorpion in the city. Only in this way can you let the scorpion in order to rescue the scorpion in the city, and the Huajun is dead.

Otherwise, although he has a grasp of the population and money materials that have been robbed by the scorpion, but can't kill, people can go at any time.

"Small ... Xiaohua Wang, why didn't you go to rescue Dongchangfu, but wait until the city is broken?"

Li Yan and the literati although some couldn't bear to watch Dong Changfu was broken, it was ravaged by the scorpion, but also known this is the only way to hide the scorpion, so I think I still don't stand it back to refute, but I just came to the door. Not long after Zhang Wei is anger to rush.

"How did you come?"

Qin Yu looked at her diligence, her brow wrinkled, others were arched as a saying.

Original Li Yan and Niu Jinxing, I thought Zhang Wei was also a literati who went over, see Qin Yu and her day, in the carriage, he had a long tale in the carriage, and there is Liuhuang Shu just got Zhu Ge Kong, and suddenly taste it.

I also think about her talent, I am embarrassed to give her, until I recognize that Zhang Wei is a woman, this is not dead.

Zhang Wei is also waiting for the carriage throughout the day, occasionally coming out, idle boring, and curious Qin Yu, what is done, this is to see.

The guards also thought she was a counselor, so I didn't stop.

For everyone's greetings, Zhang Wei is not reasonable. She has no half-silk, and she has come to Qin Yu, and I have been in danger, and you will be immediately inretary. To rescue, now in the morning, maybe you have come ... "

"If I go now, the army just happiness will not expose, although it is possible to save Dongchang City, but save the woman who is robbed by the scorpion, can't kill the cavalry."

Qin Yu Shen Sheng.

"This is why, don't you dare to fight the battle?" Zhang Wei took a silk maniferous method.

Although she doesn't know the things, but also it can be seen, Qin Yu's two thousand troops are not simple.

"Because the scorracter discovered our existence, it will definitely send a team of cavalry to test. After that we don't get it, it will go directly to Jinan. I will take the army to catch up, I will expose my Huajun. Really fighting, then the scorpion will drop all the things that you can't take, do you think that the scorpion will throw a living woman? "

"This ... don't you kill all those who grabbed? According to you, the scorpion is not a bullying and afraid?" Zhang Weiwang said.

"If you are right, the scorpion is bullying, it is hard to fight, and you will fight to death. If you dare to fight with them, they feel that they will escape."

"Once the scorpose is broken to Dongchang House, is it harmful to the people?"

"You may not know, this suddenly entered the country, the Light left wing killed hundreds of thousands of people in Jinan, so even if he added tens of thousands, this king must kill him thousands of real scorpions Let them be accused. "

Qin Yu said finally, the faces were distorted.

"What? It is tens of thousands? This ... this, how is this?"

Zhang Wei was a few steps, and Zhang Wang did not dare to confuse his face.

"Hey! This sage, from the news that he came back these days, Jinan, a house, is indeed ten rooms, and the murderer is emandy, it is simply reficed!"

An old-aged old show, the old eye is faint, and he has not recognized Zhang Wei is a woman who is a woman's men's clothing, and sighs a way.

Others have also condemned them.

Zhang Wei is the whole person is there.

"Okay, let's go, the army is ready to go, and it will enter the army after dark."

Qin Yu saw Zhang Yan directly to be scared, so she put his hand.


Li Yan and Niu Jinxing hurriedly he left, and also pulled a few old show that was still standing.

Several old show is only reluctant to follow, and they don't blame them, but Zhang Wei is deeply separated. Everyone is almost old, I have seen her a few faces, this is the first time close contact, no response come.

"Nothing, are you okay?"

After everyone left, Qin Yu took her to sit down.

"Little thief, scorlessly killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people?"

After Zhang Wei came back, he gasped his gas and stared at him.

"Well, only a lot, and now Jinan City is also in jeopardy, once the city is broken, the number of people is afraid of it will be over million."

Qin Yu nodded, if he didn't remember the wrong, Jinan City seems to be broken in the first month, and today has arrived at the twelfth lunar month.

"Then you will save Jinan City!"

Zhang Wei breathed a tight, and the consciousness grabbed his hand.

"You don't worry, you have to save the right-hand soldiers and horses and then save, otherwise it will not be saved, but it will not be saved in the end, but it may be taken in."

"Is that still come? Do you say that Jinan City is in jeopardo?" Zhang Yan bite his lips, a concern, she didn't expect this to enter the customs, actually caused such a big loss, even Jinan The big town is going to be lost.

"Should you come!"

Qin Yu is uncertain, but also grasping his head, like what is like a try to remember.

Because he only remembers that Jinan City is broken, it is a few, which is a little destiny.