The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 207, I can't do it.

There is only more than 50 in Dongchang City, the northeast, and there are only more than 40 miles away from the county town in the northeast. It is not to describe it.

Perhaps the strength of the scorpion is placed in the West area of ​​Dongchang, alerting the army of Lu.

Or the Huajun discipline is strict, sleep all during the day, at night, plus the place is quite remote, so it has not been subject to the spree whistle.

The genius just turned down, Cao Zhaoba led a thousand guards and a thousand female soldiers, five hundred battles, one thousand transvestment, and rushed to the county to kill.

Niu Jinxing and a few literats accompany them, even Zhang Wei also followed them.

Qin Yu is to kill Dongchangfu City with the main army, and each person carries five-day dry food, and there is no one soldier in the small village.

Cao Zhaoba did not wait for those warfareters and eras. They only killed near Tang County, and a thousand female soldiers were followed.

Responsible for the guardian guys, and immediately greeted.

"Is there any change in the city?"

"Story collar, like the original, there are only more than 500 real scorpions in the city, all playing with the county, defending the city and watching the prisoner is a thousand Chinese soldiers."

"Good! How many wars have been in the city? Do you see it clearly?" Cao Shi was big.

"There should be a few thousand." "Several Duty Bags responsible for the tailed guys also squatted.

"The straight brother thief, the five hundred sons of the district also dare to be mad, really, my brother, prepare to steal the city, after entering the city, whether it is scorpion, or the traitor is not left."

Cao Shizhen looked at the county lights in the distance, and there was a woman's scream and crying, and suddenly bite his way.

"Wait, we are not good at stealing the city, or wait for those war soldiers to play again!"

Xiao Cui has rushed to say, after the promotion of Hongyi is the big collar, she promoted to the female soldiers, this time, with a thousand veteran, with the north of the army.

When Cao Shizhen suddenly wrinkled, to tell the truth, for these people, he was really very disgusted, especially if they lived in the cavalry every day, the title of the other party was not lower than him, and the deputy command made, so I have to have no airway.

"Waiting for the guy, I am afraid that I have to have a lot of hours. This big cold day, you are willing to squat here, I am not willing to, the district two feet high walls, the rooted wood, Laozi climbed up, what is it? Don't be good at? Waiting for me to take people to climb the wall, you are waiting in the city. "

"This can not, you are the main, you should also have some sisters to go ..."

"Fay, Laozi Tang eight-foot man, let a group of children to steal the city, they are hiding in the city, never possible."

Xiao Tuiri has not finished, Cao Shizhen will burst into the road, and a pair of beef eyes roll round, just like to eat people, it is emitted with a suffocation.

"Black big, what is your fierce? After you hurt, don't think we will govern you."

This will smaller and two women's captains are scared, and finally.

"Don't treat you, just have it, I will take someone to steal the city." Cao Zhaofei waved.

Xiao Yucheng opened his mouth. After all, he still did not negotiate, and then Cao Zhanzhen picked more than a dozen good hands and made a arrangement, which touched the city wall.

There are only two city gates in the county, and Cao Zhaobai chooses to sneak attack Dongmen. West Gate is just three hundred female soldiers and two hundred guards.

Although the county has a moat, but it has already gained a thick layer of ice, and the river in the northern is almost frozen, which is the reason why the Siszi cavalry dares.

Such a cold day, although the Chinese soldiers did not sleep, but they were baked after the wall, but more is hiding in the city.

I don't want to blame them, since I followed their master, I met the Ming army that I met, I didn't see their shadow, and the rest also hiding in the city.

Even the governor of the world, the governor of the world, the governor of the world, almost bored by their master, so this day, the cold is frozen again. It will not come to sneak attack, and dare to attack.

This made Cao Shijia who touched the wall, chose a unmanned city wall, and took a simple ladder to climb up.

Cao Zhaoba's cavalry will be, it is destined to have a sneak attack. This is almost turned over the city, plus a nail, and immediately caught not far from the fire. .


"Your ancestors!"

Cao Shi Wei did not wait for the people behind, the, taking the knife, and greeted a big step to rush to rush.

The narrow city head, Cao Shizhen is a martial art and armor. For a while, take more than a dozen Chinese soldiers to the ground, almost all a knife is fatal.

This fierce fight naturally caused the attention of the Handan in the city and other city walls, and suddenly the alarm sounds.

"Hey, this is stupid, where is stealing the city, the siege is still almost, the sisters are on!"

Xiao Cui squatted on the ground, looked at the four-party Cao Cao Zijun, and the gas is straight, and then he greeted him, rushed up, and he only had to follow up.

I just turned over more than a dozen people in the city, but also stupid, see this situation, I have to hold this city wall. After all, they can make this pair of ladders.

Cao Zhaoba is almost a person, and the other party has not reacted, he cut the gate of the city, but there is no time to open the door, but the hand killed in the city gate.

Fortunately, Xiaogui is fast, although there is only a pair of ladder, but there are more than a dozen dear defense, and I will climb up hundreds of people, and I have killed the gate along the wall.

More people, also got the ladder to climb the city, and the people of the people were chaos, and the scorpions in the county were climbed out from the woman's pile, and they worked hard. Pleasure.

When Xiao Cui killed the female soldier, it has already piled up twenty bodies. Cao Shi is like a bloody, not only there is no signs of exhaustion, but the more you can't kill.

" ..."

"Sisters kill!"

A fire sounded, the Han soldiers in the city were poured into a film, and Xiao Cui was so sword.

Obviously this thousand women soldiers and one thousand people equipped with short fire, with a rope, finished the gun, just squeezing the sword behind, very convenient.

The female soldier is only half a meter long, but it is very profound, these female soldiers are the veteran of the Warring War, what is the bloody thing to have seen, and those who killed more than those devices, At this time, a fierce is not harmonious than the male.

I don't fight at all, and I don't care about the cutting sword, I will rush it to people. This scene makes Cao's merits.

He didn't expect that this female soldier seems to be weak and weak, but it is more than a man who is more than a man. It is completely played.

Then the reaction will react. After rushing to the door, I will neck the door and open the city gate.



The anxious female soldier and dismisions have been waiting outside the door, and suddenly, the flood of the decissete is generally poured into the city.

"Silly, don't think that you can't afford to kill so many people, I have died more than 30 sisters, hurt more than twenty, this account must be on your head, go back, I will tell the king. of."

Xiao Cuai took the sword to come to Cao Shizhen's side, and Cao Zhanzhao was twitching. I didn't do it, followed by rushing up.

At this time, the five hundred sings of the cavalry also rushed over the streets, and the guards and female soldiers did not ride, but the narrow streets, a few rounds of fire, and the cavalry was hung, and they were hurt.

There is not a good time, a cattle record of the scorpion immediately greet the warrior to transfer the horse head and go to the West City.

It can be welcomed by the five hundred riding and female soldiers. When the two sides suddenly gathered together, Cao Zhanyi also took the horse to kill it, and the four hundred scorpions were blocked in the city gate, one did not run Drop.