The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 210 has never fought this kind of fighting battle

Although the battle is short, it is very fierce bloody. The scorpion is almost lost, and the Huajun is also dead.

However, according to the ratio of cavalry and infantry one to three, Huajun undoubtedly accounts absolute advantage, the reason is that the other half of the soldiers and horses were crossed in the city, basically there was no use.

Du Zi took the strike in the three places, Qin Yu also sent to the troops and tightened rope in order to make more force.

The urban sales of the scorpion was removed from the seventeen eight, all the wood was made into the horses, then with ice and snow, put it outside the city gate, surround the fire soldiers in the middle.

Due to the hurry, the scorpose outside the city took two horses, forage food and heating materials almost the same, and nearby villages and towns were also weak, for a time, lingering pot Not.

Ok, their material grain is hoarded in Tang County, or more than 20 miles, the cavalry is coming.

So, Du Dao rushed to the west with the cavalry, wanted to go to the county to eat breakfast, and kill it after eating.

Yue Tour also cooked meat in the city in the city, but I didn't think about it.

Qin Yu looked at the scorpion cavalry to the west, and suddenly scared, the same, the same, there was a cooking, anything else in the scorpion camp.

Du Dao rushed to the county town of Tangli, and immediately found that it was not right. According to the people in the truth, I saw them, and I would open the door.

"Haha ..."

"What is the dog look at? Is it looking for this? Give you, come, then ..."

The city suddenly sounded a lot of laugh. The five hundred defeats screwed a small scorpion on the frozen stiff, turned a few laps, and throwded the head of the city, and smashed the squad. Front.


This scene, the cavalry of Du Du and the head is wow, but the three thousand people are killed in the camp, escaping, can not be a pair of ladders?

What's more, this kind of stupid thing, their eight flag warriors are not dry, plus how many people in the city, only have to hate a few words, and go.

The battle troops in the city suddenly broke out, after all, they were busy a launch of a few days, plus more than 10,000 men who were rescued, if they dared to attack the city, absolutely let them hit the blood flow.

And Nasovs and Zhang Wei are heavy, and it has just been scared to the two people.

Zhang Wei looked at the scorpion of the departure, and he won't worry about it: "I don't know what the war in the east is."

"The sage is relieved, and the scorracter has come to so many cavalry, which means that Huang has broken down the big camp of the scorpion, but also surrounded Dongchang Husu, which is absolutely great!"

Niu Jinxing touched the beard, clearly, it was a bit horizontal. I originally wanted to call Zhang Wei, but I was afraid of the wrong, so I didn't know.

Zhang Wei was twisted his head and did not care. Obviously, he had talents in this old road, not to serve the court, but it is a trick.

If Niu Jinxing knows her thoughts, he will definitely refer to the sky, the world is conscience, if he can take a small show, killing will not attach the ghost, and finally make it back from the thief.


Yuetao heard that Du Zi took a cavalry and returned, and the meat that had just cooked, and immediately came to the city.

"Damn, is there been sneak by the other party? Where did this Ming army come out?"

Yue Co is a straight feet, and the dark road is very good.

Du Du in the city also urgently like the ants on the hot pot, although you can kill the horse to eat, you can't eat, but the sky is black, this 10,000 people are not frozen, and there are some regrets to burn all nearby villages and towns.

Moreover, what people can eat, what is the horse?

This ice is snow, the horse is grown, and it is not necessarily planing to a grass.

Du Dao and Yuetao understand that it must be initiated immediately. Be sure before noon, the seven thousand cavalry of Du Du has to go to other places to find forage and overnight.

Huajun also had a breakfast, it was still waiting, it was obvious that Qin Dawang also knew that the other party went to the county to go, it will immediately die immediately.

He is waiting to die.

The same is Dongchengmen, the first wave, Du Da will send two thousand cavalry rushing, is a true cavalry, not anything.

It can increase the refusal of the horse, so that Qin Yu can form more force to reinsurance.

Similarly, there is a thousand rides, the soldiers mobilize the courage to be mostly, as for the female soldier, I don't have to have it, Qin Yu will not let them.

For a time, the East Town Gate is all fierce shouts, and the screams and horseshoes.

Both sides have killed red eyes, Yue Tour even set up a long ladder on the wall, so that the cavalry will go down to the horse.

Looking at a name, I immediately made a good white army, poured at the other side of the gun, this moment, Yuetao may not overthrow the damn wall.

Tooother, the mother has lost, and the eight flags have never played this kind of homes, but they have to send more cavalry to the horse to increase the knife.

This battle, from the morning, the two sides suffered heavy losses, seeing the other's fire soldiers consistently nails in Dongchengmen, after losing three thousand cavalry, Du Dao finally took the remaining four thousand cavers gone.

I don't forget to send people to the city wall to inform Yue To, don't be afraid, first keep thinking about three days, waiting for him to go to Doyan to borrow some soldiers and horse grain and grass.

Just a war, Yue To also fills in the cavalry of nearly two thousand people. It is simply a knife. Du Da is not going. He is going to let Du Du to move the soldiers. At this time, it is not important. So didn't say anything, but it turned up the horse, ready to follow.

Although I have never told the city, I have never eaten pork, haven't I have seen pigs yet? It is not to move some stone wood, and wait for the other party to attack the city.

However, in order to be cautious, there will be no big houses who have no killing, let them point to it, is there anything ??

Qin Yu could not engage in the point of assistance, because of the morning, they also lost more than 4,000 people, added more than five thousand.

If the other party will come back to 10,000 cavers, he has to take the Renovation of the Round, otherwise it is still like this, it is not delayed.

So, immediately sent someone to the county to adjust the three thousand carpenters, the warfare went to cut the tree, the cavalry warning periphery, the female soldier is near, the fire brokerage turned the door, the infantry went to sleep, I plan to attack the city tomorrow.

The scorpion cavalry field is powerful, but now he is closed in the cage, forced to fight the city battle, he will not believe it or not.

After a time, the three thousand carpenters came from the dust, and the guys did not fall. Obviously, they didn't grab their saw planers, and they will bring them all.

The carpensels heard that the scorpion was trapped in the city, and he was full of effort, and he had to pick up the night battle and strive to build some cloud ladder.

As a result, just one night, I created a hovering and simple siege ladder.

This made the next day and came to the city to see the Yue Tour's face changed, asked what?

Although the people in the city have never seen the ladder, but they can't read more books, and immediately guessed that the legendary siege ladder.

The heart is secretly embarrassed, and there is saved.

Until at this time, whether Yuetao or the people in the city, only thought that the city is Mingjun.