If there is only a scorpion in the city, Qin Yu will absolutely slowly kill each other. There are other people and a lot of horse horses in the city. Once the scorpion is desperate, it is mad, it will do it, it will go out.

So I have to prevent, and then I have consumed some of the other's forces. He didn't dare to drag again. I didn't even dare to give the opponent's opportunity. The second wave was returned. The third wave will then, the remaining three All thousands of battles were all sent.

There is no shield, all of the long knives, the people in the ladder are crowded, and they will fall.

The followed cloud ladder is not the archer, and it is the same infantry in the handheld steel knife and the two-sided eight parties.

Yes, after the scorch is coming, although it will be a mess, the old weak is killed, the house is also burned, but there are still many young people who escape, hide.

Now, I will now be suened by the Ming army in the city, and I have ran over one by one, saying that I will kill them together and give relatives.

It can be seen that these people are not courageous against the scorpion, but no one organizes, there is no guy in his hand.

The large man in the city will only hide in the city, and it will not be the death of the four wild people.

And the scorpion often sent a cavalry to the city gate, quickly blocking the city gate of the city, prevent the people from going to the city, and then looting, and finally siege, sometimes even grabbed the people to be cannon gray.

For those who have some family members in the hands of the scorpion, Qin Dawn naturally welcomes, each person has sent a blade, and she didn't forget to have two two sentences, and the imperial court could no matter what they live.

This time, the cloud ladder has been forced to stop the wall, and a piece of block slastled toward the wall. The big man above is like a tiger, first throwing the bamboo, and then step on the pedal.

Scorpion also gave your bows, a big knife, like a bloodthirsty beast, gently staring at the ladder.


At first glance, the two sides were caught in a bloody and fierce fight, and the scorpion was urgently jumped, and the defeats also stated the blood in the bones.

This kind of chaotic warfare is true, and it is true that the war is a good play. Some strength should take the weapons such as the wolf tooth stick, and Qin Yu also doesn't work.

When the narrow town is not too much, the body is piled up, and the hot blood has just been solidified, causing a blood of the city.

With the continuous infantry of the source, rush to the ladder, kill the city, will force the scorpion and constantly retreat, and finally thoroughly thoroughly, in the city to launch a melee.

Until half an hour, this battle without any suspense was completely ended. In addition to more than 300 injured Mongolia and more than 200 post-golden grains, the rest were killed.

Including riding rolling out of the city and over the wall.

Although there is no fire in the city, although there is no fire, there is only three thousand men in the district. In addition to some trains, the other all is planning to bring back to do the slave.

The craftsman is naturally a soothe, and those who look at the wife and women are insulted, but Qin Yu is too lazy to manage their death. Everyone has sent some food and glow, and even the corpse can't see them.

The woman is much more than the man, there is 10,000, because the scorpion did not take care of these two days, all in the house, tied to the finite, but did not have their own.

The worst that I have to be a female family of major households. If you have been tortured, you will be a long meat, which makes Qin Yu to teeth.

But I have to let the female soldiers come in and comfortable, otherwise they don't dare to loosen, and some of them are unable to dispense their own ideas, but the women 's women are still without reacting.

"That, the big sister, all the past, everyone can rest assured, there are many women like you, after changing the name, it is still very good now ..."

Qin Dawn found that he didn't really did his wife, the mouth of the water did not say, hundreds of ladies, the expression did not change.

"The king, don't call the lady, the last time, she is comfortable to live the women's women."

Xiao Cui saw that Qin Yu is helpless, suddenly said.

"Oh, what?"

"Well, you immediately sent someone to pick her."

After Qin Yushen, I quickly told.

Then, lady who look at the lady of the corner, I thought about the soldiers who wanted to rush around: "I caught a few scorpions."


In a short while, several wolf scorpions were dragged in, and they left a small bare on the head. It should be more difficult to see, it is obviously true scorpion.

Qin Dawei didn't have a long, took out the waist knife, a scream, and the three scorpions were challenged, then threw it in front of a woman.

"Ien, I brought you, or I want to revenge yourself!"

It is said that it will pick up the rope on them.

Sure enough, those women have finally happened.

"Ah! Animals also come to my life ..."

I don't know who is a head. The hoarse voice rushed up, and I can't help it. Those more than 30 women in the house have rushed up, and one is crazy and bite.

Several scorpions have dizzy, and they are hurt, and the screams and miserables, let the Huajun next to them secretly.

Until the moment, the three scorpions did not move, and those women were crying on the ground, crying called a heartfelt lung.

"Drag and feed the dog!"

I am afraid that the people of Qin Dawang will have someone else, and it is uncomfortable, and it puts a hand.

After the three have long been in the body, the body was dragged down, waiting for them to cry, Qin Yu was so comfortable, then sent several female soldiers to see it, this is going toward another house.

Similarly, it is alive.

After seeing these women, they finally recovered a vibrant machine, and Qin Yu was relieved, and I had a heart to pay attention to my own trophy.

The whole 10,000 horses, plus the county is seized, and it is full of 20,000.

They are all Mongolian horses that should be a meter, including the BMW of one meter, which makes it excited whether it is to guard or female soldiers.

Until the sky, the statistics were clear, coupled with the sneak attack, the squad, the faded, the golden scorpion is more than five thousand, Mongolia is nearly five thousand, the trailing and soldiers are too lazy.

The rescued woman is up to 40,000. There are nearly 1,000 people in the big family, and many thousands of ladies, and there are more than 7,000, and there are more than 30,000 villages.

But Qin Yu knows that the right wing is robbed, and there is no more than this woman.

However, their own injuries is also a heavy heavy, and each soldier adds more than 5,000, and there are two thousand light injuries, one thousand heavy injuries, almost being disabled.

This is also the enemy of Qin Yu, knowing the right wing and the left wing, in advance, in advance, the night attack, the night attack, the scorpion is not awkward, and the other soldiers and horses are divided into two, tactical It is to play the ultimate, and still beaten to kill the enemy, self-loss, you can think that if you are right to fight, it is estimated that 20,000 people fill in, and it is not necessarily able to kill the other five thousand cavers.