The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 219 hits the thief, or chase it?

Qin Dawang almost fills the power of Jinan City, ordinary people and soldiers don't even know that the anti-thief is closed.

When you know, it is late, but I see that there is no chaos of the thief, everyone is very peaceful.

The defenders in the city are almost all the home and Qingzhuang, plus the guards of Wangfu, and only four or five thousand people are left. In the face of anti-thieves who are running with the scorpion, they don't have a half-level refrigeration. .

And scorless desime, for the family, but now there is no thief to kill one person, and will not grab ordinary people, so I have sailed the blade and returned to each home.

Qin Yu was only collected in the city's weapons, and three thousand people were transferred to the city to maintain public security. The other army still stationed outside the West.

And I naturally pressed the Death, lived in the Wangfu, and the guards of Wangfu were rushed out of the city, and the Qingzhuang in the city will go to the city.

As for the officials at all levels, there is no difficulty of it, let them live back to the door to play the people.

In addition to the weakness of the virtue, the officials in the city are very tragic, so Qin Yu is not intended to have a big kill, after all, the dead people are already enough.

In the hall of Wangfu.

The German king of the Death is watching the neighboring king of the neighborhood, and it is awkward.

In particular, Wang Hao and more than a dozen sides of the squid, the mother-in-law, etc., all of them shake, and the heart is rumored.

Obviously, I have also heard of the big name and Huajun's style of Qin Dynasty.

I can't think of it, when I am just walking, Tiger Leopard is coming again.

"De Wang, look at your Wangfu, and see how much the wife in this Wangfu, how much is the girl? This big understanding, it is not awkward."

Qin Yu glanced at it and found that there were nearly 100 beautiful women who dressed in the palace in the hall. They also bite the teeth.

This is only the princes and the two sons and the two sons, and there are more than one hundred. If it is, if it is, there is another group of women in the other county in the city, I am afraid that there is no tens of thousands of women.

The king is still not the most extravagant, and the same as the princes like this are dozens of princes, as for the county king, countless.

These people are definitely the biggest squeezetic insects in Daming, accounting for the most feverfulness of Daming, the most beautiful woman, the days of drunken dreams in Wangfu, not only do not returns a silk, but often the local people are pressed.

In the face of Qin Yu's accusation, Death did not dare to answer.

Qin Yu was too lazy to see his ghosts of his belly, waving his hand, letting him put him with his son.

This only got up, came to the hall, started a careful weight of your own trophy, and he had calculated it for these women.

"If this is not the king, it will come to save Jinan, and the scorpion has already attacked it. In accordance with the murderer of the scorpion and the situation of all the places, what will you come down, don't have to say more!

So, this king is your savior, this is not for it, how do you plan to repay? "


"Who is ? Stand up."

When Qin Dawang said, there was a unhappy voice in the crowd, and suddenly he blinded, his face was in an instant.

This look, scared of the prince's county, all shots, quickly bowed, did not dare to make a sound, and no one stood up and admitted.

"Hey! It seems that you don't want to know what to report! That line, this king will let you have these high princes today, the county mains, and long-term knowledge."

Qin Yu snorted, let the female soldiers come in and take the head of the city to see the blood sea.

The bodies under the city have to poured it once with hot water to be separated, and then the collective digging pit is buried.

This scene, let the hundreds of expensive women who are in the city are scared to death, the other half also spit, and the soft is on the ground.

At this time, the officials of the governor Song Xue Zhu and other officials are in the governor, but the ants on the hot pot, one is simply crying, but it is no longer.

Two days later.

The first thing to come is the 20,000 Qin army of Sun Chuan Qing. The old grandchildren have been withdrawn, and suddenly loose.

It can be found that Huajun entered the city, almost did not die, but he only had far away, and did not dare to chase the scorpion, and did not dare to take the Chinese army.

In the next three days, there were more than 20,000 people in Jinan, until the fourth day, Lu Xiangsheng arrived with more than 20,000 army, and the high-powered and horses stationed in Texas.

I gathered 100,000 Mingjun for a moment.

At this time, Dali took the army to Yucheng, only one hundred and fifty miles only six days.

Doy is more and more, and it is also a bit anxious. However, in the most tabk of the Ming army, it has not moved in Jinan City.

So I have to constantly urge the speed, but so many people's livestock, the big car is full, plus ice and snow, it will not be able to get rid of countless bodies all the way.

Qin Yuta occupied Jinan City, Sun Chuan Qingqi had to take the city in the north, and after the arrival of the arrival, the city is full, and the grain is so unreasonable.

After the situation is clear, Lu Xiangsheng is also difficult.

I don't know if I first play Qin Yu's collection of Jinan City or pursue the scorpion.

"What is the hacking thief, what are you doing in the city?"

The coach is in the big account.

Lu Yi he looked at Sun Chuan, who came to the first.

"Song governor came out once, according to him, there is no robbery of the arms in the city, even the gates have not been controlled, just controlling the wall and the De Wangfu." Sun Chuancha is bitter smile.

"Oh? Song governor? Why didn't you see it?" Lu is rumored to the military commander in an eye.

"Go back again."

"Ah! Isn't he from the thief?"

"It is not the case, but there is no civil and military officials in the city after the anti-thief into the city." Sun Chuanqi quickly explained.

Although Lu Xiangsheng is a little surprised, it also understands the meaning of the gang anti-thief. That is, they will not occupy Jinan City, but it is only too much self-insurance in the city.

He is still a bit of a good feeling for this guy with the thief and the Xiaohua king.

In the end, after a balance of pros and cons, Lu Xiangsheng and Sun Chuan Qing have decided to pack the scorpion first.

One of the Chinese Arma is not harmful, once they hit it, maybe the scorpion will kill a horse, after all, Daming is in the Jinanfu.

Second, the big army of the high-rise is in Texas. If they don't press it, don't say that you have left these scorpions, I am afraid that the 30,000 troops even have a high-rise 30,000 troops will be defeated.

Once they press it, they will form the trend of front and back, and the 100,000 army is enough to hue, even around Texas.

As for the Huajun will be robbed, although the two worry, but from the performance of the Huajun north, they are rather than to believe Huajun.

So, the next day, the two took the army to Texas, while taking high in the vicinity of the Yellow River, along with the army.

Lu Xiangli leads to Xuanfu, Datong, Shanxi, plus two governor campaigns and their own two thousand residual soldiers, and a total of 20,000 people, from the south.

Sun Chuan Qi led by his 20,000 new army, and the soldiers raised by counties in the east of Shandong, a total of more than 30,000 people, from the north.