The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 223 No one dares first

Ming army, scorpion, anti-thief, three-party nearly 200,000 soldiers, in the plain, a small county area near 50 miles.

It can be surprised that it determines this battle, but it is the most powerful anti-thief.

Even the rhythm of the entire battlefield, in the hands of labor in Qin Yu.

This makes no matter how Dol, or Lu Xiang is depressed, but there is no way.

At this time, Lu Xiangsheng also finally saw Qin Yu's enchanting, and it was clear that the flooding is not a little.

Qin Yu has borrowed 20,000 soldiers in the district, not only hitting the right wings of the scorpion, but also controlled the rhythm and leading rights of the entire North Battlefield, which was always in the invincible place, this means, even the ancient name, but in this way.

The most depressed, I am afraid that Sun Chun Hual is, because he is also to lead the 20,000 army at the same time and Qin Yubei, you can see what people do, what you have done, when you are really sweat.

This is true, when Qin Yu has killed the 10,000 troops to the south of Plain County, and the heart of Dolu and Luoxheng is a straight jump.

I sent people to the door in almost the first time, I want Qin Yu to work.

Because Qin Yu does not do, no one can guess his true intention.

"Go back to tell Dan, then Lu Xiangsheng and Sun Chuan Qi are not simple generation. I am eager. At this time, who will move, whoever eats, you don't lack the grain, this king does not lack the grain, you can be more than 12 million people, no In January, I have to lack the grain. At that time, the military must be chaotic, and it is not too late. "

Qin Yu was swaying.

The messenger had no choice but to say.

Immediately, Qin Yu called Xu Jiang Hua, said: "Go back to tell Lu Xiangsheng, wanting that the king will start, then there is no possibility, he does not move, then who dragged."

"My governor said, if Hua Wang is willing to take the lead, and then launched an attack, it will definitely play the court ..."

"Come, chaotic stick!"

Xu Jiang Hua's words have not finished, Qin Dawang burst into one sentence, and several big men rushed in.

Xu Jianghua saw it, but also had to escape from the wolf.



Don't know what I'm thinking.

Haoger couldn't help but stand up: "The little mobility is dying is playing us, or burned the county town, from the north, I don't believe in the glimpse of the glory."

"Yes, that little hybrid is not well inherent, I shouldn't wait, nor is it surrounded now."

"What is it? The little is nothing wrong with what we want to make and the Ming army first, then sitting on the benefits of fishermen, but he is also right, let's eat drinking, wait a month?"

Dual , although the Ming army wrapped them around the county, but did not dare to advance. The more than 30,000 cavaliers can still come back and forth, plus 10,000 Chinese soldiers, you can break around, this is also his bottom gas.

It is not a big man, but the fact is true, and the Ming army has advanced to the county's twenty miles away, they are not willing to advance.

After all, further, the scorpose wants a dog to hurry.

At this time, the ruler flooded the will, and the face is angry.

More than 100,000 army, there is no way to take the initiative.

"If anyone dares to fight, this man must go to the top, and he will be the general of Ping."

Everyone is eyes closed, and the nose is cared for.

They are not a fool, now they have become a sleepy beast, whoever fights, the scorpion is bound to break around, when the soldier and horses will never save one.

"Lu Governor, the group of anti-thieves, you have to be hit? Today, it will give a message!"


Gao Si'an also looked at Lu Xiang, and others also looked over.

"After the matter, I will strictly guard against the death, I can't negligently, the violation of the military law is!"

Lu Yi rose his hand.

Everyone saw him and didn't point, and didn't put the roots of the roots, and I went out.


After the big account is left, there is only Luxi and Sun Chuan Qibei, both of them are sighing, and the heart is very helpless.

The two are people who know soldiers, naturally understand a knife, must have the truth of the knife, the army will also have an elite to take the head of the charge to not be unfavorable.

At this time, although they had more than 12 million troops, they did not have such a soldier and homes to take the lead in rushing.

Such a soldier, no one can be competent, once the soldiers are less, or the combat power is not enough, not only does not get the lead effect, but will lead to the whole army.

This is also the reason why Lu Xiang did not dare to mess.

"If the Tianshang army of the whole person is heavy, will it be so passive now?"

Luxiang rose a boxing hammer, a few cases, hate.

"Hey! If the new army training of this man is still short, lack of actual combat, will it make the little ?" Sun Chuan Qing is not a sentence.

"It seems that I have to convince the little Hua Wang! Otherwise, I can only enter the army, let go."

"It's only like this, but all the roads will enter the army. After all, if you can't make it, you will be able to move! Especially the other party is still a cavalry."

Sun Chuanqi sighed.

If there is tens of thousands of elite, take the head of the charge, the remaining roads will be based on the defense, to be rushing for the army and the scorpion, and then together, it will try to pay half of it.

On the other hand, if it is at the same time, it will lose the shelter of the camp. When they arrive, they can arbitrarily break from all the way, according to the treasures, I am afraid that it is difficult to stop.

So the next two days, Lu Xiangsheng almost worked hard, it did not personally, I want to let Qin Yutao rushed.

Whoever wants to fight, this key period, Qin Dawang has begun to recruit troops again, which will almost spray a bite of old blood.

The generals of each town also speechless, but they did not dare to learn the leisurely recruiting training.

People have that strength, knowing that the scorch is never dare to break from the south, so it is only true,

And they didn't have the bottom, and maybe when they were screaming, they suddenly kill their defensive areas, ready to break through, so they had to be busy with the reinforcement village, and they did not dare to laverse.

Qin Dawang is really busy recruiting.

Now, he is not lacking. He is here, naturally recruits those who have survived the young juvenile, anyway, he is not in a hurry, Lu Xiangsheng and Dolong do not fight, then who is dragging who is.

He didn't believe that Lu Xiang and Dolong will jointly unite, first let him lose, as long as he does not happen, he is not worried.

This is the advantage of holding a strong army, which is afraid that Dore is can't hate him, and he will never go through him when breakout.