The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 227 situation reversal

The north wind whistling, the night is coming, there are countless bodies lying in the cold snow, and a piece of painting that is white as a paper is a mess.

In the evening, no one will leave the corpse.

No one thought of this long-lasting war, it will end in such a short period of time.

What else did not think of, the 150,000 Ming army surrounded the scorpion group, and finally the scorpion did not even have three thousand, and the post-gold scorpion is only a thousand, but it is more than 40,000.

Such a result, it is really uncomfortable, Sun Lu's two people are all angry, and it is ill.

Because the two thousand storms of the two thousand days of the Turki and Sun Chuanqi are almost lost, the remaining will be heavy.

The key is that this kind of unbained opportunity, I am afraid that I will not have any more.

It should be the sentence, the more you dare to fight, the faster, and I'm too afraid of the people who are afraid, almost have not lost.

Qin Yu did not stay in the county. The next morning, he took more than 20,000 captives, and thousands of large cars retired to the south.

That is a grain and various materials, but he is just useful to yourself, such as sulfur, salt, cloth, copper iron and some fine grains.

So almost all of the car is a woman, twenty people are squeezed on a big car, which is warm.

Qin Dawang is not a grateful grain, but once the consequences of eating eating is very serious.

This is not, the Huajun is just walking, and the 100,000 Ming army flocked up and started the war.

At all, no one executes the command of Lu Xiang, to circumvent the Chinese army, and it is necessary to block the trophy to say.

For a time, the Mingjun's generals received in the plain county, and the face was rough, and the ordinary soldiers were plus the sword to grab the silver.

The white knife is entered, the red knife is smashed, and it is more than killing the scorpion.

This will lying on the bed, Sun Chi and Lu Xiang, almost have livestream, see the scene, more out of control, only to drag the sick to the county, hosted fair, allocate money, otherwise, if you don't use it.

Back to the Qin Yu in the big camp, I saw the Ming army ugly, and I didn't laugh in the inner, and I laughed. If the NAC's cavalry is still peep, he has already taken the opportunity to bring people to Dong Changfu. .

Nice, Dolg is with more than 30,000 rides, after the envelop, there is no horses in the north of the horses, but staying in Ling County.


Looking at the traitor, the Qin Dawang, the Qin Dawang, is a bit surprised.

"That Dol rolls, don't glow eggs, what do you do? Do you still want to join hands with this king?"

"Yes, the Mingjun is a heavy loss, but there is still 100,000 troops. Huang Wang seems to have a cheap, but now the situation is very unfavorable, if you don't join my family, don't say these The population livestock is taken away, that is, the Huajun wants yourself, afraid that it will not be easy! "

Compared with the past war, this time, the Wu's mutual is full of chin, and the bottom is full.

The fact is true, now Dolong jumped out of the circle with a horse, no burden, I want to play, I want to go, I take the initiative.

It also facilitates the big burden of the scorpion, but also faces the difficulties surrounded by the 100,000 army of Ming army.

"Oh, Narley is a person who is a person, can be refused, get it, talk about what conditions he mentioned?"

Qin Yu smiled and looked at Dorge.

"Still, like before, after destroying the military, my family's prince took only food and herbal materials, live money, and others.

Hua Wang, my family is truly to cooperate with you, and the two parties cooperate without harm! Hua Wang Nai Xiong is also, so thick, I want to have more expensive tongues! "

"Haha, I have been very regrettable. Now I am fine, you still dare to take the initiative to send the door, when you don't die!"

Qin Yu haha ​​smiled, he had already wanted to kill this traitor, but he had to endure it in order to delay Doy, but now there is no counted.

"Come, forget this, etc., the prince is asking for the generation, and it will be cooked."

"You ... Hua Wang, you can't kill me ..."

Wu surnamed's martial arts suddenly scared, but the guards that can be rushed yet, no matter what he gang shouted, and pulled it out.

"Hua Wang, although this person hates, but it is not completely unreasonable. At this time, the situation is really unfavorable to us!"

Niu Jinxing hurriedly stood up and persuaded that he was in favor and scorpion.

"Mr. Niu, with the scorpion, now it seems to be a hundred points, but there is no harm, but there will be endless suffering, the future will affect my Huajun's belief, it will not be lost."

No matter what he heard, he didn't hear it.

Have a long time, he has infused a big man in invisible, so it will never cooperate with small disappointment and scorpion.

What's more, this warming army dares to fight, and there will be some people who will give the hurricane, the number of people, and he is not placed in your eyes.

The only trick is to return to Dongchangfu, and the scorpion will take the opportunity to kill the people's population. This is decisive to kill the messenger of Dorge, showing his own mind, let Dollee glow.

Surgents surnamed Wu are not a person. After being lived in alive, she cuts her head to protect his cavalry, let them bring the head to Dore.

Sure enough, the messengers who met Dual were killed, and they also knew that Qin Yu couldn't cooperate with him, and the heart was very despised. The Qin Yu is also a human man, it is difficult to become a big event.

It is no longer delay, and immediately kills the cavalry to the river, although this fart has not yet, it has also broken more than two thousand rides, but it is much better than the right wing, plus it again. Ten thousand Mingjun, go back to the emperor to reprimand.

After the scorpion, no matter whether it is Lu Xiang, Qin Yu is relieved.

Escape to Texas, but the secret sent people to find Qin Yu business, want to buy some scorpion, especially the Yue Tour.

The silver is naturally the people will lead, in which Liu Zeqing has taken the teeth and took out 100,000 silver sons, filial piety, and will grasp the things that retreat.

This troops in the two towns of Yan, almost all have been disabled. If it is not even more than a war, it will be big.

"Hua Wang, if you are willing to return, my guild said that the conditions are just open, as long as he is not too much, he will play the saints, do our utmost to fight for you, the Governor of Sun is also this, but if you are still mood, That can only be surrounded by the big army. "

"Haha, Mr. Xu, go back to tell Lu Xiangsheng and Sun Chuan Qing, this Dawang has never been scared. If it is not enough to grasp, it is time to join hands to kill the Ming army, so they want to fight, only put the horse. See who is the army, who is a thief! "