I haven't worried about the third chapter today. I have something to do after the next two days. There is an old man in this family to help, so I can't update the three chapters after tomorrow. I can only try my best. If you can't, if you can't, Arrears, wait for the next week to make up, just right to think about it, I hope everyone will take more, I really can't help but say it is more than four, but everyone can rest assured, owe will definitely Supplement, absolutely supplement.

There is another thing, just saying, I have recently found that many other authors are in the group. I haven't understood things. Later, I will understand that I will make up regret, um, this It is the statement of the elegant, and the vulgar is to satisfy everyone's mind. Therefore, if you want to make up for the makeup, then I can only follow the trend, and I will fight for each hone to come to the previous one. If this chapter, the chapter said that it reaches a hundred, then, if you do less than one hundred, you will not be interested, there is no need to waste that time and energy.