Although the land continued to die in the north, there were hundreds of people seriously injured, but the number of Huadians at this moment did not increase.

If the woman's craftsman is all calculated, there are countless times.

Tent5 million women, in addition to more than 4,000 people have been selected to join the female military camp, the rest were composed of 15 posts by Qin Yu, 10,000 people per camp, managed by those who were most people.

Eight hundred thousand craftsmen, according to the mud horses, blacksmiths, carpenters, etc., also compiled eight trade camps, more than 10,000 people, and one thousand veterans of the trade camp.

Such a complete, sure, although the number is much, but it has become well in order, and the work efficiency is also greatly improved.

Other battles, Qin Yu, did not crazy to expand military, three infantry camps, each camp is only recruiting a thousand people, removing the war, and only three thousand, there is no decline in fighting power.

Three fire arms camps, the number of people per camp also reached three thousand, as for the war, the guards and female soldiers did not have so much counted.

Two battle trenches, each battalion is full of five thousand, and the country will also recruit more than 4,000 young guys. Like the female troops, each of them reached 5,000.

This makes the fighting force to reach 40,000, including the infantry nine thousand, the fire army soldiers nine thousand, the battle soldiers are 10,000, the cavalry is five thousand, the female soldier is 5,000.

However, the transvestae is completely lost, and the female soldier is almost, that is, riding is right away.

Nowadays, there are more than 20,000 horses, and the female soldiers are temporarily trained in Mongolia. However, after returning, they must have to change the shortcomers, but in order to prevent their enthusiasm, now Qin Yu is too lazy to say.

This is not, Xiao Cui took five thousand female soldiers and Cao Shijun in the wild!

Cao Zhanqi also does not seem to exclude these female soldiers, and will always poinate their equestrian from time to time.

Obviously, it is clear that these female soldiers don't need to be on the battlefield, and the role of a military is also very large.

The soldiers on the battlefield were hurt, and they would never make a knife like the past, and the slightly wounded no one, but it could not save.

Moreover, Qin Yu also broke, allowing the cavalry to make a cloak, not to pull the wind, but the cavalry did not have a cloak in the winter.

This makes a steps and firearms to look at the guards of the daily prestige, and Yingzi's female soldiers are envious.

Five thousand women, undoubtedly become a beautiful scenery outside Dongchangfu, which makes other women, and it is also very good.

However, few people will envy, whether it is the village women's village, or a lady, dreams are all married a good langer, a husband, rather than a horse riding.

More than 12 million women live together, no one can joke, there is no moral Confucius to accuse it, let these to have a destroyed woman, the face is finally a silk smile, and there is a new hope for the future.


"Little thief, you arouse Death, what is it?"

In the study, Zhang Wei is tense, the look is quite complicated. Since Qin Yu is coming back, this is already her countless question.

"Isn't this a clear thing?" Qin Yu stared at her. It was originally planned to come back to the king. Who once thought that this mother was separated from five different five-way, and suddenly she got a thought.

"Don't you really want to think about the emperor of the King of Demo, take the Beijing King?" Zhang Ji bites the Dao Tao, see him never refer to the statement, after all, still smoked the window paper.

"Don't you do it? At this time, Sun Chuan Ting has already south, the last place of the plain, the army of Lu Xiang also loses heavy losses, looks at the entire North Xinjiang, who is the opponent of my Huajun? I just need to make a troops to fly in the next two months. As a palm! "

Qin Yu is a big hand, domineering.

Zhang Wei is back to take a step, sitting on the chair, pale.

If she used, she thought that Qin Yu was in a bluff, but she got it in the eyes of Qin Yubei. She looked at the eyes, and she took the entire Daming Wenchen Wu. There was no one more than one, so I saw him this, it is Really scared.

"Is there any room for discussing? As long as you don't make it, will I ask for the court, how do I ask you?"

Half, Zhang Wei looked up at him, obviously lost the square, even this kind of childish words said.

"I am now the Huawang, the king of Chongzhen, the young master is not rare, but not there is no room for discussing, this is going to see the man's performance."

Qin Dawn said that after she came to her, her hands were on her shoulders, and the little man had no doubt, and the window paper was broken.

"You ... You didn't say only love Jiangshan, no ... don't love the beauty, how will I give up? Dictionary is to ignore this palace, I will not believe in your ghost."

Zhang Wei stared at him with death, but a face was shameless to the neck roots.

"The Dawang does not give up Jiangshan, but the beauty is also the same, especially like the bride's unique, unique person, so if the mother is willing to give some sweets, the king does not mind, the King of King, the king."

Said, both hands are on her waist, and a smile is staring at her.

Zhang Wei has never been praised by a man, and has never met the people like Qin Yu, this moment, I have already been chaotic.

At the same time, at the same time, I have a different taste in my heart, and I don't dare to look directly at the hot eyes of Qin Yu. After half of it, I bite the lips, trembled: " ... then what do you want? "

"It's very simple, as long as the Niangniang will accompany me to take the wine, I will put the King of De Wang tomorrow, and I don't attack the capital in three years.

"No, it's absolutely not!"

When Zhang Wei suddenly swayed him, he pushed him, clearly understood what he said was saying.

"That is not like this, last time I was biting a bite, I still hurt it so far, how is it to treat his people with his people?"

Qin Yu saw her reaction so much, but only had to retreat, but people were in front, and she was in his arms and said.

"You ... you ... do you really talk? Just like this ... just like Death?"

After that, the chest is fiercely up, and it is full of fragrant sweats on the forehead. It can be seen how to be nervous.

"a man of his words."

"Hey! As you have a shameless debut, you still dare to mention the words of the gentleman. When it is a shame, this palace will not believe in your ghost."

Zhang Wei said, it took the head to the side, but a pair of eyes slowly closed, breathing became rushing, and the whole blush was dripped.