The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 232 does not move manual foot

Winter is coming, the temperature is warmed, all things are recovered, and the snow around the snow is melt.

Since the Huajun returned to Dongchang House, it has been in the past January, more than 20,000 new soldiers have been renewed, more than 100,000 women are completely coming out of grief.

Every day, I can see the woman's laundry together, or dry the bedding in the wilderness, and will come to the laughter of Yan Yan Yan.

In January, the wounded was already as good as seven or eight eight. The big car car also created thousands, Qin Yu also started to prepare south, and after the snow was completely melted, they immediately started immediately.

After all, Dolong has led the soldiers, and the Lu Xiang rose with the army again. It is obviously he is coming. He is not afraid, but he doesn't want to die with Ming army.

In the back garden of Fuji.

These days, Zhang Wei finally came out, began to walk in the garden, to stop in the pavilion, looking at the fish in the pond for a long time, and finally he suddenly gave a sentence.

"What is your king you have recently been?"

"Go back to Mrs. King recently urged all the training." The appearance is still a pretty female soldier to reply, and the tone is very respectful. Obviously, Zhang Yan has become a woman in Qin Daw.

"Oh? That night?"

Zhang Wei Xiu Yumei is slightly.

I thought that Qin Yu is in the army, preparing for the north, the heart, and the heart is not exempted.

At the same time, I hated him to let go, and I am telling yourself at the beginning, I lost my ghosts, I believe in his ghost.

"Go back, the king of the king ... Every night is in Wang Hao Niang." The female soldier replied.


Zhang Wei is not in the way, the mouth is also revealing.

Know that the little thief is desirable, but I don't know why it is still a little, and I have gone for a while, but I haven't thought about walking.

Go back to the room, sitting in front of the bronze mirror, looking at the mirror, Zhang Wei, the more I don't want to taste, actually a little irritating.

Qin Yu didn't come to work, the calm of the behooved was, who once thought that this day is never calm, this is the past never happened.

"It's strange that the little thief is playing, and the Nab is worried about the death of the king. It is not good.

Speaking here, I can't help but start red ear, I have hesitated, and I finally bite my teeth and called the female soldier.

Said: "I said with your king, saying that I have to meet him today."

"Yes! Lady, it will be reported to report."

After the female soldier left, Zhang Wei would read more nervous, and some regretted, worried that Qin Yu is coming again.

I can think of Qin Yu's age, if I gave him a small cheap, I will follow the good lure, I can really advise him on the way, and I will again firmly.

After all, the place of the country was also pro, I also touched it, and then I was stalemate, and the life of the loss is still myself.


Who once thought, left and other right, etc., waiting for a female soldier.

"Go back, the king said that he didn't have time today, if the lady had something, I can go to him to find him in the evening."

"You go down!" Zhang Yan said calmly.

The female soldier has just gone, just tap the tea cup on the table, the chest is exhausted.

However, the shamelessness of Qin Dawei far beyond Zhang Wei's imagination, see Zhang Wei did not come to find himself in the evening, and took Wang Hao to the next door.

Sure enough, although this trick is shameless, let Zhang Wei's more than ten years of beautiful women, there is a matter of being able to eat.

I used Zhang Wei in the palace, I have been clear, eat the Buddha, and I have been unrestrained, but now I have already gotten in the heart of Qin Yu.

At this moment, listening to the sound of the shy people next door, I can't help but think about it, I can't sleep, I can't sleep.

However, it is too annoyed to Qin Yu, which is obviously he used to his shameless.

Just as Zhang Wei intends to turn over the bed, when you go to the garden, the next door finally stopped, this is loose, but not much, there is also a knock on the door, suddenly asked: "Who!"

"Niang Niang, I am, are you not looking for me?"

"You can't come during the day, today you have already sleeping, you still have to make it? Quick! That Palace doesn't want to see you!" Zhang Wei is also a half-dead, delicate.

"The mother, there is no time during the day, this is not a time, the mother is still open, I may not have time tomorrow!"


Under the threat of Qin Yu's kid, Zhang Wei has made the god wearing neat, igniting the oil lamp, and opened the door.

"Let's talk about it ..."

Zhang Yan has opened, Qin Yu took a flashing, and then found her very beautiful and moving tonight, while holding her, walking on her bed.

"Ah! You ... you have a little bastard, just place it in this palace ..."

Zhang Wei was anxious by his monkey, and suddenly scared screams, and hurriedly licked his mouth and then constantly hammer him.

Qin Yu didn't care about her. He went to the bed in a few steps. He threw her on the bed and rushed.

Zhang Wei quickly arrived in his chest, holding his mouth in one hand, saying: "Wait, this palace can make you like last time, but you must swear, tomorrow will put it tomorrow. Death, and during the period, you can't do it again. If you can't do it, this palace is afraid that you will be your own, and you will never let you succeed. "

"it is good!"

Just now, Qin Yu is just doing it, deliberately teases Zhang Wei, at this moment, the animal is a big hair, where is it, what she said, no hesitation, then make up again.

This time, Zhang Wei also released his hand, from the beginning, slowly became cooperating, and finally the hands were not hugged with his head.

Who once thought that Qin Yu didn't have to transfer the goal this time, I started to transfer my goals, and I was scared when I was scared, I was shocked and angry. I said: "The little thief, you are now a famous earth. The characters, actually violated the vows, let go, and spread it ... "

"Niang Niang, don't ruin my reputation, this king is against the vow? Just now, you just say that you can't move your hands, you can't say it!"

Qin Yu looked up, rushed to her smile.


Zhang Yu suddenly was .

I don't know how to refute it.

Qin Yu was once again buried his mouth.

Have to say, Qin Dawang is still very creditable, and it has not been handed on hand.

But even so, only one mouth, after half an hour, still put Zhang Wei is not a smell.

At this time, Zhang Wei did not have strength and rebellion, and the whole person did not seem to have no bones.

The last silk is also used to grasp the mouth and die, close the eyes and dead, but in the second half of the night, the king of the next door is still unsperbeading.