The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 233 Zhang Wei also plays

This night.

Qin Yu is completely crazy.

The bright moon in the sky, it seems that I can't bear it again, and the shame has tied into the dark cloud.

Not much time, Leigong also issued an angry roar, protesting someone's beast.

The storm is overnight, until the dawn is divided, and the rain is stopped, and the two in the house is finally fainting.

Soloned in theater.

Qin Yu was hungry, smashed, recalling the madness of last night, but also sighed, and it's a red disaster!

Whether it is Mrs. Li, but also a few women, in the end, he can stand with a powerful will.

But last night, he had been a proud of the willpower, and he became a joke before Zhang Wei.

The first round, I have been in practice for more than a year, it is broken, and finally it is a flower that can not be cleaned.

I think that it is also a bitter laugh.

Immediately found that the jade people in the arms were somewhat uns, and immediately apologized.

"Niang Niang, is it hungry?"

"just kill me!"

Zhang Wei didn't wake up, I didn't cry, and I didn't cry, and I didn't have a big animal and beast, but my eyes didn't look at it. The hoarse voice.

"What? I have promised me last night. I will give me a lady in the future. How can I die now? You are the Queen, how can you do things that don't plead?"

"You ... you ... ..."

Zhang Yan is sitting up and stimulating, smashing red face, staring at him, recalling his ugly last night, spraying a blood, then rushing down the bed to the table.

Qin Yu was shocked, hurriedly chased her: "Well, last night does not mention it, it is me, it is shameless, my beast is not as good, my beast is not as good ..."

"This palace is not blame, only blame yourself not to live, now you have been got by you, just ask for a death, don't you be full?"

Zhang Jiwu looked at him.

"Niang Niang Mon said stupid, you also saw it, the poor woman in our Huajun is, is it still still living now?

You can rest assured that Queen Zhang Wei is dead, you are just my love, except for me, this world, no one will know your identity, I immediately put the Death, and I won the world in the future, not What is the murder of Zhu Jia? "

"This palace does not want to take it again, you can stop this palace, but it can't stop this palace."

Ren Dao Qin Yu is whipped, Zhang Wei is insecure, only to die, and finally closed his eyes.

Qin Yu saw his good words, she never in the words, remembered that she was tired in bed last night, but now she turned down.

Suddenly, I am angry, I pose her, throw it in bed, cold and cold: "If the mother dares to play her own, the king will not follow the promise, there is no virtue, and Zhou Wang, Fu Wang Daming also not allowed you to be a queen, to be in the future, the king, must kill all the princes, their women, Laozi must taste it, including Chongzhen children. "

Zhang Wei heard his body, and he didn't dare to confuse him, as if I first met him for the first time.

Qin Yu didn't care about her, and the clothes on the ground casually set two pieces.

After you can jointly go to the door, he quickly smashed a hole in the window, observing the movement inside, seeing her not in their own, this is relieved, and the woman will go in to wait.

"The king, the courtier gave you a bowl of ginseng soup, hurry, drink it!"

At this time, De Wang Hao is on the palm of the tray, and the face is attentive.

Although the appearance is the best, the age is more than two years old, but it is better than the last after all, and the temperament is more impossible.

"Oh, or you are the most, let this king," Qin Yu's stomach is hungry, does not help with a saying, finishing the soup.

"Congratulations, finally, if you are willing!"

De Wang Hao hurriedly squatted, rubbed it on his mouth, smiled and said, but he was angry.

Last night, I lost her halfway, ran to the next door, almost didn't live alive.

"Hey! It is difficult, don't mention it." Qin Yu walked in and walked to the lobby.

After three days, Li Sheng has brought the news from Luoyang, and Qin Yu can't sit.

At this time, the snow has all been melted, and the Mad military will start in the south.

Thousands of carriages, more than 20,000 people, more than 20,000 horses, along the miles of miles away, and be spectacular.

Since most of the female families of large households are sitting on the carriage, craftsmen and other women are also battled as batches, so the speed is much faster than the South China.

At the same time, I arrived in Sun Chuan Ting in the north bank of the Yellow River before ten days ago, but it is hard to get difficult.

I don't know if I first rescue Luoyang, or I opened a seal, because after the opening of the year, I started to attack Kaifeng, and the momentum is not smaller than the king.

After adding the bull two to the Yunning House and the Huedian Waiter, the Songzhi's squatting, almost attacking all state counties in Yinning Government, causing the Central Plains to do fire.

In the end, a patriarchal, Sun Chuanqi decided to rescue Luoyang first, after all, Huajun's fighting power, he knows.

More than half of it can't solve the opening of Kaifeng, and the mourning thief will be better.

After the thief is finished, Lu Xiang, the army, the army, is coming, and then the Huajun will die until it will.

Kaifeng City.

The large moats have already been filled, and hundreds of torch machines launched stone bomb from three sides, countless people push the ladder, and rushing toward the wall with the ladder.

The fierce shouting, it has been enough to launch a month, although Huaji is preparing in accordance with Qin Yu's instructions, Kaifeng City is too strong, plus Zhou Wang in the city, and take the lead in donation I also brought the head of the head to the city, leading to still being clamped.

It became a trusted hard bone.

Although people in the city know that the rules of the Huajun, the people in the city and the big houses and big households also understand that with their anti-thieves, they will take the money and beautiful women. It is better to take a part to encourage military profits, and strive to hold the city.

On a high platform outside Nancheng, the red face is also a little ugly. It has been injured in a month, but it is always attacked in the city. Although the people who are siege are not lacking, how much is it, but she can't bear it? Looking at the young and white.

"The big leadership, this strong attack is that it will not be able to win the opening in January, there is a certain policy, we can break this Kaifeng City." Qian Bin's face changed, a bit bite.

"Oh! If you have a way, why don't you say it early?" Hongjun is a little angry while happy.

"It's not going to say it early, but this policy is not enough, still don't use it, but if you have a long time, the soldiers are suffering, but they only have to fight."

"Then you have said it is."

There is no a whip to be smashed.