The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 235 Zhi is very high

When the Huajun is lightly installed, only six or seven days, but it is half a month to get close to the north bank of the Yellow River.

Along the way, Qin Dawang can be asked to enjoy the world of Yan Fu, Zuo Queen, right princess, more than the emperor.

This is not a luxurious incense car.

Qin Yu is still roasting mutton, Death is relieved, and the charming is feeding the wine, and the legs are ignored.

From time to time, I will look at it. Sitting in the corner of the corner, I am strict and realistic, I am despised.

Zhang Wei is always closed his eyes, directly ignoring the intimate, the heart is also caught in the heart, and there is no honest king, live rod.

At this time, although Zhang Wei crashed with his own thoughts, he never sent a saying. This made the Qin Dawang who just escaped Zhi taste is also very difficult. She only arranged her to be partned next door every night, and the three people in the day. Sitting with a carriage.

A few cups of hot wine, Qin Yu's hand began to don't honest, secretly stretched into the bedding, and holds a white cheeper with a cheerful jade.

When Zhang Wei was trembled, the inclination of the consciousness, but where to break away, secretly awkward, see that the fox fell to discover this, but did not dare to move again, only to put the head to one side Fed to sleep.

Qin Yu smiled. Seeing her take care of her face, she did not resist it, not only did not converge, but they got the ruler, the left hand is like a snake, until the end.

The mouth is still talking to the king of the king.

Less than a moment, Zhang Yan face was scared, and his breathing was slightly breathed.

The king of the side has finally perceived the same, more despised, laughing: "Where is the sister?"

At this moment, Zhang Wei is ashameful, and finally can't help but open his eyes, rushing at her: "You are a woman, giving me out."


Wang Hao was also scattered by her, scared a jump, swelling her face, pointing to her, I want to go back, I hope that she is a strong look, but I can't export.

"Okay, love, you go out!"

" ..."

Wang Hao is this result, and suddenly a face, holding the arm of Qin Yu, but was grouped by Qin Yu's eyes, she had to wear shoes and socks, wrapped in a fur tail, climbed the carriage, gas The teeth are bitten.

However, the woman is also curious, what is the woman? Although she admitted that her appearance is slightly poor than the woman, she is the king, the identity is honored, and that the little thief should be more careful, but the facts On the contrary, I really can't think.

The car is another scene. Qin Dawang directly threw the car basis from the window.

Although Zhang Yinxin is unwilling, Yin Yu is like her gratitaine, half-pushed, everything is done, what is said.

At the end of the war, the two were wrapped in a brocade together, Zhang Wei gave it asland, and he looked at him. He still didn't hold back, and he took out Embroidered Passing on his forehead. He said: "You this Xiaoyan, when it is really harmful, how do you let go of the Palace? "

"The Niangniang is relieved, and this surrounded by the king is the secret female soldier, will not mess."

Qin Yu met her face finally revealed a gentleness and smile.

Zhang Wei heard, this is relieved, but still angry: "Even so, you can't help this, do you use this palace? Do you play?"

"Hu said, I like the Niang Niang to the extreme, this is not self-friendly, let me not think that there is a taste in the car?" Qin Yu's face is smirk, could not help but more tight.

"Hey! You are shameless, the little bastard, you will know how to think about the flowers, but also say what you like, I will not believe in your ghost, if you really care about me, I would like to return to the court ? Just you promised me, consider it. "

Zhang Wei, a sentence, the face is also more and more red, and finally looked at him, with a shint of hope.

"Isn't it simple? I intend to consider the lifetime, my girl can nate? Hehe!" Obviously, I just got to be obedient to Zhang Wei, Qin Dawang also stunned.

"The palace has never seen this small thief of shameless down, there is a face saying that I am a woman, but you are a man, the army coach, and it is not afraid of a joke."

In the face of Qin Yu's shameless and constant, Zhang Wei is just a delicate sentence. He is not only half-filled, but it is more strange, but it is really strange.

"Niang Niang, I don't lie to you, I want me to return to the court, it is impossible, I am not likely that I have to give me a woman in my future, I have to be a kindness, I have to be kind to Chongzhen, not messy Kill Zhu's family and grandchildren, and book a bride, what is the mother's world? "

Qin Yusi may be stimulated by her man, and finally converges the feelings, and she said seriously.

"A sentisy, every emperor, every emperor in the past, can only stand a queen, where is the right queen, is it difficult to settle you still plan to stand?"

After a long time in the royal family, Zhang Wei is the most likely that this kind of returned, and he heard the discharge and reprimanded.

"Yes, there is a girlfriend, and the rule is naturally determined by me. When I want to stand a few queen, I have a few, which is like your own uncle's admire, and if the emperor They are all like him, it is not as good as the anti-thief, let alone, if I have not remembered, I seem to have a five queen of the emperor? "

Qin Yu was scared by her, and then he was a little angry and said.

"That is the period of the north and south, the general chaos, the people are all right, hehe! As your virtue, you have to have the world, mostly a few emperors of the North Qi, there is no way, become a thousand ancient ancient times."

Zhang Wei said that in the end, Zhang Wei was also sighed, his face with a strong concern, with Qin Yu contacted for so long, she had already touched Qin Yu's nature.

Extended, as you want, completely like a ritual method, such a person got a world, think about scary, so in this kid, there is still a kindness.

"There is no way to have no way, but it is impossible for a long time. This king's ambition is to do the Emperor of Qinhuang Hanwu."

Qin Yu is a big hand.


Zhang Yan looked at him, and the expression changed, and finally leaned against his chest, stroking his scars, his heart is mixed, but his face is more gentle.


The army only stayed in the bank of the Yellow River, and he began to cross the river, and the foot is three days.

Hongjie took a leadership, and he had gone on the terminal. Qin Yu has a hundred literati, and it is also really shocked.