The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 247 Queen is at home

"Little thief, I will call me my mother again, just call my sister!"

After the crazy, Zhang Yan placed on his chest, breathed, and then struggled on his face.

"Oh, I don't know who is a good brother, the good husband is called a non-stop. Now I still dare to make me call my sister, I want to call the lady or Baozhu, um, Baozhu is not good to listen to Bao."

Qin Yu is a slap in her hips, and smiled.

Obviously, Zhang Wei said that he said.

"You ... can't you be skew? Do you have to make a good job?"

Zhang Wei turbidally hid in the bed, and only drilled it out for a long time.

Qin Yu was appeared by her, making it a lot of appetite, turned over again.

"Don't make trouble, you are still small, the house can't be so frequent, just like this to talk,?"

Zhang Wei quickly stopped, the sound was thin and soft, with a touch of faint, finished holding his head gently stroking.

When Qin Yu suddenly became softened, no longer continued, but sighed: "Hey, if the bride is usually gentle, it is willing to give me a lady, the king is really ghosts!"

Zhang Wei Zhang said, half a day, I also sighed: "I am the queen of Daming, you are anti-thief, how can you make a lady? This is what you Hui, it is ...

It was said that I was a tear.

She has no mother from a little, and I have entered the palace 14 years old. Although there is a look of the country, my husband is a carpenter who doesn't convory.

Every day, I know that the dried carns live, I also like my own milk girl, so the couple have no feelings, and the time to be flexible.

And the father and brother, in the outer palace, playing her flag Hu Zhe as, completely regardless of her situation, so that she is cold, and there is no one who really says that it is true for more than ten years.

Although the day of the brocade jade food, the deep palace high wall is cold, and for the Queen's majesty, the weekdays are also good, do not dare to have more than the more.

Who can know, her heart is longer and sad, she is actually eager to accompany, can be like the usual woman.

After being seized by Qin Yu, I just started the temptation of Qin Yu, but I was aimed at all, but I found that I didn't conflict, but faintly expected, and finally, I was so happy, which made her scared while I can't believe it.

She is really unacceptable. She is a royal thief, which has been shameless.

However, the facts made her have to accept it, because this is almost what he thinks in the mind is that he can look at himself.

"Okay, don't forced you."

Qin Yu was also shocked.

Even if he played in the past, this mother went never cryed, even if there was no tears in the evening, see how strong in the heart, now I see her, and some are not to bear, so I hug her in.

"You are a small family, the hometown is really owed by you in our lives." Zhang Wei said that he was tight.

After half of the half, he said: "I heard that you have gave the land of the big households to the people? It is not to get, do it, actually send those women to divide, but do you do this is not a self-destruction Great Wall? Will you want to think about this with your talent, can't think of this! "

"Do I not fail? Is it a meritorious thing?"

"If you really want to take me, listen to my persuasion, return to the court, no matter what you think, I don't think you."

Zhang Wei said that he was also straight to him, nervous, shame, and hope.

Qin Yu is like a stimulus. It's a big angry. I will open her open, turn over, rushing on her cold channel: "Loss of Laozi is exhausted every day, you are happy, you still have Time to Daming and Chongzhen, OK, then you will make a play on the old man. "

It is necessary to get out of bed.

"You misunderstood, I just thought about you, no matter what, we have had a husband and wife, I will bear you? If you don't want, I will not be in the future, if you have a day you really failed , I will ask for your own life. If he doesn't listen, I will never live! "

Zhang Wei didn't expect that he reactive would be so big, suddenly anxious, he didn't care about the Queen, hugged him from behind, explained.

"That's good, I also promise you, if I have a day, I have to seal you for the queen, and Rao Chongzhen lives, let him have a wife and children over the next half?"

Qin Yu stared at her. Seeing that she didn't have a half-fake. I was in my heart. I once again stood her in my arms and I lied.

He has just said that he just didn't have a bitterness, and finally let the best lady die, think of it, it is more proud.

"You still laugh, the palace is really harmed by you, and the is very happy, this is satisfied?"

Zhang Yan saw him smirking, could not help but fell, he said, he was still ignored him, and there was a little bit of the emperor on the next day, live off a little lady.

"Oh, then I have to watch the man's performance after the bed, I don't believe it now."

Qin Yu is huh, and then it is then told the founding of the bank.

"This palace has never done business, how to operate the money? Are you not a misal?"

Zhang Wei was also surprised after hearing.

"In fact, it is very simple, that is, every county set up a branch, temporarily only need to borrow money to the people, redeem the silver, take the bride's intelligence and means, don't help it?"

Qin Yu put his hand, finished the laughter of her chin.

"I will know that people, but if it is true, it is simple, you have this kind of kindness, everywhere for the people, this palace looks at the people's share, just help you manage it."

Zhang Wei, at this time, the whole body and mind are all in Qin Yu. This is the first time to be praised, and the heart is also a sweet, and there is no thinking about the mind.

Then I thought about what asked: "What is your meaning of the redemption of silver?"

"Yes, I will not only cast officials and silver, but also sell treasure bills." Qin Yu nodded.

"What? You don't have to print the treasure billion?" Zhang Wei was sitting.

Obviously Bao banknotes have been notorious in Daming, and even the queen of Zhang Wei, he can't hear two words.

"Niang Niang, you must don't worry, Daming's treasure banknotes are unable to redeem silver, I want to sell treasure, but can be redeemed to the full official silver, and how many silver spends how much Therefore, there will never be a case. "

Qin Yu smiled and explained.

He also trade in again, and finally decided to sell banknotes and recovered all copper money to cast the cannon.

Originally, it is intended to cast silver coins, think about the conditions of this era, with complex silver coins with casting, not as good as casting ingots, not only fast.

One of the five two silver, the people will definitely be redeemed, this can be sold for a few times, and the merchant can redeem the ingots with treasure bills, so it can prevent Bao banknotes, no one wants.

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