Inside the hall.

Huajun's civil and military officials gathered together, and civil and military officials were almost flat, and the left side of Wu will be the five general officials, Cao Zhaoba and Xiao Cui, and four still books, a total of eleven.

On the right side, it is Qian Bin, followed by the seven monk, and then Death and Li, if you count Zhang Wei standing on the Qin Yu side, just eleven people.

Zhang Wei originally a life and reluctance to attend, and finally, he really had to wear a men's clothing, but it is not willing to stand behind.

I didn't care about this Qin Yu, let her stand around him, after all, it is the queen before.

Others have nothing, after all, Zhang Wei's appearance temperament is too outstanding. Who will give birth to her, she is the idea of ​​lady, so I am so unfamiliar with Qin Yu, everyone has no accident.

For them, there is a lady with this very product, it will not take it out at all, but it is treasured in the back house.

Alone standing on the left side of Hung Yi, there is a little taste, watching Zhang Wei's eyes with a hostility.

"Ai Qing, self-China army seized Nanyang Zhangzhou has been in the past months, at this time, each county has been stabilized, and our army is also adequate, and the morale is high, so the king decides to attack in the south!"

Qin Yu swept more than 20 Wen Shiwu, slowly said.

See the eyes of these civil sergems, obviously becoming more awesome, secretly, this parade is still significant.

The reason why this parade is to let these literators follow the Huajun, and the second is the gentry of each county.

Three came to the hearts of the people of the people, let them support the Chinese army, the key moments must have the courage to pick up the knife to defend the fruit and family.

Four, it is an increase in the cohesiveness and self-confidence of the Huajun, and the result of being robbed in this month.

Everyone naturally won't be opposed, the military will be warned, and the literary judge is shot, congratulations to the big army.


"At the end of!"

See Qin Yu first called yourself, Huiji quickly excitedly, but the words of Qin Yu came down, but she was slightly disappointed.

"You have the first town to stay in Zhangzhou, no matter what case, no my order, I will never play, give me the death of the city, know?"

Qin Yu stared at her. It is really not trust to this girl. After all, she has to face the army of Sun Chuan.

"Yes! You can rest assured, I will die in Cangzhou City, people are in the city, and they die."

Although I don't want Hongji, I can only hold a box, and finally I have a firm.


"Qin Tie, Li Yan!"

Qin Yu nodded and then started again.

"At the end of!"


The two quickly came out, Li Yan is self-proclaimed, obviously reluctant to be incorporated into Wuhui.

"Qin Tie, you will lead the second town and the artillery camp.


Qin Wu, Niu Jinxing! "

"At the end of!"

This two people have a little surprised.

"Qin Madi, hit you, the third town, first attack Gucheng in the south, then take the small road and the sixth town to attack Nanxun, Niu Jinxing as a deputy, after the union of the army, the two army meetings, Qin Double is a coach, you are a deputy Handsome, after all, he is more familiar with the situation in Nanxun than you? "


Qin Fema is a little sick, and there is still a little in the heart, he can listen to Qin Yu, saying it, it is not intended.

"The rest of the towns, the whole army prepare for the war, ready to live! All departments have a matter of their positions, they are unstead!

To this day, there is a martial law today, and each county must strictly put the official road avenue, and find the suspicious person. First, the Ming army attacked the Ming army to immediately report, and the villages should set up a hunter team, and the towns should set up the main team, all adult men, To organize it, there is no weapon to take the bamboo gun. "


Everyone saw this as the enemy, but also slightly surprised, the civil officials did not vomit, the official army has not yet came, no need to fight the feet!

Qin Yu will not manage how they think, he has long wanted to set up a village and town self-defense team, but everyone just went to the house, it needs to be taken.

After all, many houses of houses are definitely removed from seven zero, need to be repaired, let alone some furniture also take time to settle.

After the snrapse, Qin Yu called Hu Yan and others called the study, and he took himself, which allowed them to prepare.

In fact, he really wants Li Yan to assist in helping the red squatting, but I think of the story of the red lady and Li Yan in history, I feel that the green oil is on the head, I really don't agree with the two people.

The next day, the two armies were officially opened, and the mighty south. Because it was a siege battle, all the way to cross the river, so Qin Yu did not give two military and horses to the cavalry.

At the same time, all local martial laws form an order to build a nunwalled town, and also issued to various counties and towns, whistle riding is also rushing to the east, and taking the Trend of the Tricks.

After two days after the Huajun dispatched, Lu Xiang, who was resting in Yunning House received the news. Yang Yuchang received news in Fuyang. After three days, Luoyang's Sun Chuan also learned the situation of Huajun.

After nearly two months of training, Sun Chuanqi's 20,000 Qin army is already like a model, and it is recruited that six thousand new soldiers have built a lot of Franca.

Obviously defeated the king, the old grandson also sent a pen, not only stabilized the situation in Henan Province, but also Yu Yun Yuqing came to recruit troops.

Almost one received the news, Sun Chuan Qing took the big army to press it like Zhangzhou.

Because he and Lu Xiang have already discussed it, Huajun does not move, they don't move, after all, two people need time to practice the soldiers, rush to fight the battle, and the competition is extremely low.

However, if Huajun has attacked Fuyang in the south, the two will enter from the north and eastern side.

Sun Chuanqi first attacked Zhangzhou, and Lu Xiangsheng took the soldiers in the east. After the Sun Chuncheng attacked Zhangzhou, the two armies were in Nanyang City, and Huajun was a dead battle.

Lu Xiang rose the eight thousand army south of the Yunning House, the bull two and the shooting day is not its opponent.

Even if there is a Song Dian policy, the two games are still lost, and the soldiers and horses still lose the seven or eight88, don't say to play Nanjing, even the self-insurance is a problem, and I have to hide into the big hill, and go to the Roman Talent.

If the enemy is not in them, it is estimated that it is still two to say it.

Similarly, Lu Xiang also got a large number of money, only many of the Sun Chuan Qi, so he re-established 20,000 children from the hometown to re-establish the Tianxiong army, plus the anti-thief soldiers of the captive, there is a 150,000 army.

However, just as the rhaxity is preparing to bring the soldiers and Dongjin, Yang Yichang has killed the Yinning House in his day and night, and the two almost didn't play.