The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 255 forcibly division

"Yang Hutang, what is this?"

"Lu Xiangsheng, is there any book in this military department in your eyes?"

Compared to Lu Xiangti is just a sinking face, Yang Yichang is the face of the face, directly torn the face.

It is not weird, Yang Yichang will hang, in this month, he has made Lu Xiang and Sun Chuan Qi to enclose the Qin thief in Nanyang, but two are three reasons.

This is not the most exciting, the most exciting people are the Ru Xiang sitting more than 100,000 army, and in the Yinning House.

He is in Xiangyang, but only 20,000 soldiers, Nanyang and Fuyang are close, so many times let Lu Xiang raise 30,000 soldiers and Malay Yang station, but Lu Xiangli still finds a lot of reasons, it is not willing to divide he.

Three days ago, I learned that Huajun was in the south to attack the Fan, Valley Second City, and added it in the world, Yang Yichang didn't sit again, and Yang Yichang didn't sit again. Hundreds of times will be in a hurry. Ningfu.

"Yang Hutang, I have already explained again, the Qin thief is not better than the other roads, and the hundreds of thieves will not only have excellent equipment, but they are well trained, and they dare to fight, the thief's first Qin Yu's military Strategy, it is not in me, etc.

After Xiangyang City, there is also Hanshui as a barrier. Since ancient times, it is a solid stone in the south of the South Army. The two thousand troops are enough to hold the Fuyang in March, waiting for the thief to attack the city, when the morale fell, I am two The road army is again in the decline, it must pay half of the skill, why do you want me to divide? "

Lu Xiang also blackd down.

At this time, Yang Yichang is not in Fuyang to reinforce the city defense, the whole army prepare for the war, but to find him theory, the heart is equally anger.

If Fuyang is really dangerous, it is, but the truth is to be stable, but it is not easily broken.

Xiangyang City was surrounded by Hanshui, plus Fancheng in the north shore, and even the millions of army, as long as the city's grain is sufficient, the defenders and the enemy, and I will think about it.

So he is now looking for a selfishness.

It is also true that Lu is like a rhable, and it is easy to run the king and Yin Ningfu, and Yang Yichang has been in the past year, but there is no act, but it is unhearen, but the eight kings and Cao Cao I have to focus, what makes him feel?

Of course, Yang Yichang will not think that his ability is not as good as Sun, Lu's two people, but the soldiers in his hands are too small, and the battle soldiers are less.

So knowing that Luxi is reasonable, but the heart is still unwilling to defend in Fuyang, and finally let the two will stand up to this world.

At the very least, I have to divide some of the soldiers and horses, let him arrive at the river.

After all, he can be a sin of the sin, and his Majesty is not very dissatisfied with him.

Therefore, he actually wants to let Lu Xiang will replace him to guard him, and he will lead the more than 100,000 army and Sun Chi Ting Ting.

But this kind of words are really difficult to teeth, and this requires that Lu Yi is raised to him.

Now, I will see him so, so I am sorghum: "You are light, when the Qin thief left Fuyang, there was a huge horse in Nanzhang, and now it has developed to nearly 10,000 people, and Xiangyang defenders 20,000 are insufficient, when the thief army should be embody, how can I hold? "

"Yang Shu Tang is relieved, my army will come to the east tomorrow, and the Qin thief will not dare to pull the soldier and horses, and there are 20,000 thiefs in the district. Even if they should add it, they will be able to attack Fuyang."

Nanzan, the thief army, Lu Xiang has already detected clearly, so he knows that he is looking at it, so he puts his hand.

Yang Yichang heard that he would enter tomorrow, it is anxious.

After Yang Yichang, after Wang Yichang, he did not appoint a new military department, but there was no Chongzhen's holy purpose, and it was also suppressed Luoxheng, the world of the world, the soldiers, the soldiers, the governor of the soldiers.

Plus the two have some mustard to the other side, so it is noisy to face the red ear.

Yang Yichang asked Lu Xiangsheng to give him 50,000 to him, or lend 30,000 people to help defend.

It is only willing to give him a military horse, who is willing to give him a military and horses who have been 30,000 captives, and Yang Yichang wants the two towns and horses of the Datong, and the results are not happy.

The reason why the two will make this, but also from Lu Xiang, I have to go home to go home.

Lu Xiangsheng is a big filial son. After the mother passed the world, he went several times, and I asked Ding to go home to keep your filial piety.

However, when the situation in Xuanfang was just stable, he did not leave Lu Xiang at all, so he was dismissed by Chongzhen.

Yang Yichang, who is still a book, but believes that Lu Xiang is in a statement, and I don't know what the psychology. I actually in front of Chongzhen, I said that Lu Yi is not as good as the whole situation, and I have lost the filial piety.

Lu Xiangsheng learned this in the eunuch port, mistakenly think that Yang Yichang blocked him home to keep your filial piety.

So I couldn't help but arrange two sentences, saying that Yang Yichang is not filial, but also pulls others, when it is not filial.

Of course, it is like this.

Because Yang Yichang was in Chongzhen, he did not go home and guarded. So it would be queried to Lu Xiang, it is inevitable to be a bit uncomfortable, thinking that he is ironic, after all he only got once, he didn't continue to book.

Although Yang Yichang has no way to rush to the ruins, but the relationship between the supervisor is good.

So a dark box is operated, and it has been wraps half of the generals, ready to let them bring back to .

After all, he was busy in Xiangyang, and there was a loss in Xiangyang City, and it didn't take it off.

the next day.

Looking at the nearly 50,000 troops taken away by Yang Shuchang, even though Luxi lived almost vomiting blood, it is also a half-point method.

After all, he was in the world, and after retreating away, he has been automatically canceled, and Yang Yichang is a famous military department, and the big Sima of the military administration.

The eight thousand border troops were elite, and he was taken away from 50,000. He only had 30,000, coupled with 20,000 new recruiting recruiting recruiting recruits, and more than 50,000 anti-thieves in his hand, Clear, if this is directly imported, most of them are ovary.

That day, Huajun will fuck in Nanyang City. The probes can be reported to him. If there is no 10,000 cavalry, it is still a war, but now I am afraid that it is not even more than half.

In the end, I have to choose to continue, I will don't move, drill the soldiers and horses, and send the fast horse to inform Sun Chi Ting, the situation has changed.

When the old grandson received the news, the army had just departed, although it was still half dead, but he could only continue the scalp, but the march speed slowed several times.

No way, there is no way to do it, now it is now south, if you will fight back to the government, I am afraid that he is a lot of people in his civil society.