The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 256 guessing the tactical intent

"What are you talking about? Yesterday, I raised the 50,000 soldiers and horses. How could this?"

After Qin Yu listened to the report, the chin didn't shocked.

"Go back to the king, the brothers can see clearly, the horses are around 50,000, and they will open the south from the Yinning House in the morning." Responsible to explore the small captain of the news, quickly reply again.

"This is a strange ..."

Qin Yu said, put the map on the table, touched the chin Bai Biqi to solve, Lu Yi rose this time to five thousand soldiers and horses, what do you want to do?

If you are worried that the strength of the Yangyang is too small, don't need to transfer the 50,000 army! What's more, give the Fuyang to increase the force, and it's also an early place, rather than picking this time.

As for the sneak attack, it is even more impossible. Although there is a mountainous land to the Nanyang government, it is not complicated. He has a 10,000 cavalry in his hand, and Lu Xiang will send troops to sneak attack.

He believes that the talents of Luox will never make this kind of stupid thing.

In addition to sneak attack and troops, he really can't think of the third possibility, this abnormal military mobilization, let Qin Yu do not understand, and do not dare to have a lot.

After all, according to his original guess, Lu Yi will never divide the troops at this time, but should hold more than 100,000 army into a group.

Bold, directly in Nanyang, followed by going to Zhangzhou and Sun Chuan Qing, the most reliable conservative, and the army is also the south to Zaoyang.

"You didn't look at the blossom eye, the 50,000 army arrogant is a border army? Instead of arrogant, the blackcomes and recruits?"

"The king, the brothers will never read the wrong, and will be willing to use people to guarantee, absolutely borderjun."

"Well, you will go down, always monitor the movement of the Yunning House and the South China army, and there is an immediate news, come immediately, and must not delay the moment."


After that the small captain walked, Qin Yu once again stared in the map for a long time, but still could not understand the abnormal movement of the other party, what is it intended?

It is anxious to scratch the and turn in the housing group.

Touching the climbing for nearly two years, the size of the command, countless, although there will be unexpected, but basically in Qin Yu's expectations.

If this kind of tactical intentions he can't see, it is still ahead.

The more you don't understand, guess, the more you don't have the bottom, the more you want to understand.

I want to find a counse for the staff to participate in the staff, but Li Yan and Niu Jinxing are all south. Others don't know the things, but they have to have their own nest in the study, stare at the map.

On the two days, Qin Dawang was getting crazy, and the brain was frank.

"What kind of wind did you take in the end? Today, I haven't eaten dinner today."

Zhang Wei came in to send rice, see Qin Dynasty's eyes full of blood, people are quite embarrassing, but also a hop.

"Hey, there is no simplicity, and the use of soldiers is so fascinating, and people can't guess his true intention, and it is really worthy of military law."

Qin Yu looked up, sighed, and some decadent fell in the chair.

Even the other party wants to do anything, it is obvious that he is worse than the other side.

"Lu Aiqing ... Luxiang is really a rare minister, now he is in the Yun Ningfu, with a hundred thousand army, and the soldiers, a north of Sun Chuanqi, you want to attack Fuyang, it is really a fire."

Zhang Wei came to the table, put down the rice, now in addition to Qin Yu, there is no matter what Qin Yu, it is, and it is not willing to manage.

"They are not afraid of their two people, I am not afraid, but now I have divided the 50,000 special soldiers. The rest of the army does not move, and one person is dragged, and the march is less than ten miles. This is completely like two. People can do out! "

Qin Yu swayed, obviously the taste of food on the table.

He originally intended that Huangjun was in the army of Zhang Chuan in Zhangzhou. He rate two towns and 10,000 cavers, fight the army of Lu Xiang, and the two army attack Fancheng and Gucheng, then attack the South, then north-south pinch Xiangyang City, but now he is not dare to act rashly.

If the 50,000 soldiers and horses, it is really reinforcing Fuyang. With the second town and the third town and the soldiers and horses in Heishi Town, it is difficult to attack the Yangyang, and you must make adjustments.

"No matter what, I have to eat, can you think about it?"

Zhang Wei also saw him in the first time, I want to help him divide the worries, but I don't know the military, but I have to admire my mouth, I have a spoonful of rice, and I handed it to him.

"Also, you are also right, since you can't think of it, you don't want to change it, you can't change it, you can't see what they can play."

After Qin Yu swallowed rice, he pulled her to his arms and said.

In a few days, Qin Dawang did not move in Nanyang, with a stationary movement, and surely put energy in all places to build a village team.

At the same time, Fancheng is fierce, there are ten red cannons and twenty Men's cannons, plus Yang Yichang is not, Qin Tie and Li Yan are only two days, and more than 3,000 people have paid more than 3,000 people. After the casualties, Fancheng was broken.

Because Googheng is far from the distance, it is necessary to build a vessel, so the army has not started to take the river.

Compared to Fancheng, Yang Yichang also touched three thousand soldiers and horses, but Gucheng only had two thousand defenders.

There is no way, due to the Huajun of Heishi Town, Yang Yichang has to disperse the five thousand army to restrict in Nanxun County, so on the rear of the protection side, so the strategic meaning is not big, and it is destined to pay more forces to hold.

If you don't take the Huacheng after the attack, Yang Yichang will not dispatch two thousand soldiers.

Under normal circumstances, the army will never take the kind of mountain path, and the solitary strikes go deep into the sneak attack, but there is a big difference.

The big army can completely abandon the weight of grain and rest assured.

Yang Yichang is not a mediocrity. Naturally, the number of Huadians who have been in Black Shizhen is less, but the role is very large, so I want to pull this nail first.

The Navy's arrival is too god, and his hands in his hands is limited, so after the Huajun is in the south, he has to dismiss the thoughts, change to transfer five thousand soldiers and horses to enter Nanxun County.

Then I went to the Yun Ningfu to go to the soldiers overnight, and I plan to pull this nail anyway, otherwise it is really sleeping.

Therefore, after the 50,000 soldiers and horses, Yang Yichang sent a fast horse to Fuyang almost, increased the three thousand soldiers and horses to Gucheng, and added two thousand to Fancheng.

Since Fancheng is too close to Nanyang, Yang Yichang's order has been broken.

Going upstream of Gucheng is rushing to the third town of Kerou River, and the aids entered the city, which made Qin Meng and Niu Jinxing struggled for three days, and she didn't get the valley.