"Lady, not good, Qin Tong leads them can't resist, and send people to notify us to retreat to cottage."

"What? Why can't I resist it?"

In the study room, Wang Can, who is anxiously, and Zhu Xin Run suddenly stunned.

Mingjun suddenly launched an offense in the morning, indeed playing them, but this is only one time!

Li Yuner and Liu Rulan, the same, the same scared brush, looked at Wang Can.

"Mrs., Ming army dismantles the wooden board of the nearby houses, paved in the field, the soldiers will go to the field, then step on the on the wooden board, and the Qin Tong leads their firearms can't shoot, and the bamboo is also invalid. It is very dangerous to keep the defense, the situation is very critical, and it is afraid that it will not take long for it. So the lady, still inform the people, retreat to the cottage! "

Wang Can wiped the water on his face and quickly explained.

"Well, you immediately sent people to inform the people of the village to withdraw the cottage, I will clean up ..."

Although the Qinru, he is anxious, but also knows that they will be withdrawn to the cottage early, and Qin Double is a little one, so they have no delay, and immediately said.


The whole Wujia house is busy, and the chicken is flying in a time.

Twenty ladies, hundreds of , just hurried up, raining, out of the town, to the black mountain village.

The road muddy, in order to catch the time, the lady and the little mad are sitting on the head.

Due to rushing, an oil paper umbrella could not cover it, causing a one by one, and the summer dress is single and thin, and the big man of the horse is too eye addiction.

Even Xiao Xinru, only greeted a white cloak, wrapped his body, and wearing a vine-shaped hood in the head, and it was also wet.

The people of each village are also carrying the bags in the first time, and the old woman fled from the cottage. The number of people fell in the way, one by one with the mud, the aquatic people.

And five six miles away.

The fierce, the fierce, and countless officers are like a tide, directly ignore the heavy rain of the head, one wave of waves rushing to the earth wall.

I saw only three miles wide soil walls, which were collapsed, and all the short swords of all teenagers were in the muzzle. Everyone did not fear, and the gap and the Ming army were killed in the gap.

There are countless people in the time, and blood and rain are mixed together.

And there are still many Mingjun holding a sharpened wood, more than ten people are desperately impacting the earth walls, but more but climb down the ladder.

Although the ladder is slippery, the number of Ming army fell, but because it is too short, even if it falls, it is not big, and it is climbed up and continue to rush.

And the teenagers don't have much resort, the biggest base card has fallen.

Such a big rain, the big manifests can't be burned, the city is so wider, and you can't put how much rolling wood, but also to push the ladder with a long gun.

Even the bamboo, it is difficult to ignite, unless you explode in the air, you will be wet on the ground, you are wet, and you are harmaled, dumb.

The Ming army has organized the archer in the back and arrow cover, plus the soil wall is collapsed, Wang Pu and promised, so although it is a rain, the morale is very high.

Obviously, Mingjun is not afraid of suffering, but to see the value is not worth making them hardships, let them die.

I learned that Blackshi Town not only hoarded a lot of money, and there were thousands of beautiful women, especially those who rumped that ladies.

Wang Pu is also awkward.

On the side of a promise to kill the enemy, I will give a silver one or two, and I will take a woman who enjoys the woman in the first thing.

No way, Yang Yichang held a monk sword, just stared at the back, the same side of Wang Pu, if you destroy this neck thief, he seal him as a thief.

And threatening, if it is still negative and negative, he will blame him for the crime of leather in the book, as for the crime.

At this moment, Qin Feng and Qin Wen are a hand-made long knife, personally at the gap, take the lead to kill, to motivate morale.

Qin Double in Newcastle, seeing two earthworms in stunned, the first time sent six hundred soldiers and Maqi support, only more than two hundred people were left.

"The big leadership, the Ming army is too much, so it is too much to lose, I am afraid how long it can't stop."

"I can't stop it, I have to give Laozi. They just have to withdraw. I have to block a quarter, tell the brothers, my lady is usually waiting for us, I don't have to say it again. I am afraid that all the explanation is here. Safe to retreat to cottage! Without my order, no one will retreat! "

Qin Duo will symbolize the generals of the general controversy, throw it on the side, and pull out the long knife between the waist.


The big men beside them are Qi Qi, and the same face is at home, and there is no fear.

As for the two thousand teenagers, they don't have to be reminded. No one will retreat, thinking that the lady has not retired to the cottage, one is a crazy.

This scene, I am shocked by Wang Pu and Yang Yichang in the distance, I didn't expect to hit this level, and the other party did not collapse.

Yang Yichang is still better, Wang Pu is a tongue. In Shandong, he and Huajun have also touched, compared to the Huajun of Shandong, these anti-thieves seem to be more desperate and more training.

I am also secretly offered, I have lost the words of Yang Yichang, and the rain attack, otherwise it will be sunny, see this scene, he is really not necessarily attacked.

The largest gap of the left earth wall, the body has been paved, there is a young soldier, but more is a Ming army.

When the horn of the withdrawal is finally blowing, all boy and the big man are all shocking. Qin Wen is a rumor, and he can't hold it, falling on the ground.

"Wen Ge ..."

Several teenagers next to him, scared a jump, hurry to drag him to the back, look up.

I saw two shots behind him, and the shoulders took a knife, and blood has been in the flow, and the cotton has been dyed into a blood red.

"Mrs. Mad, is they safe?"

At this moment, there is no blood color on the face of Qin Wen, pale as a paper, and asked if you swim.

"Well, the lady should have been safe, otherwise the double brothers will not order retreat."

"Wen Ge, you must stick to you!"

Several teenagers are swallowed.

These few teenagers came from Googheng, and the fifty guards left at the beginning, almost a big battle, almost killed, and they were the captain and leaders of the hand.

Now, Qin Wen is seriously injured, and the remaining people here are grief.


Qin Wen heard the words, the pale face showed a relaxed, just spit out a word, and the head is awkward.

Compared to Qin Feng and Qin Double, Qin Wen should be thin, and like to follow the , causing the force value to be different than other young people, can kill now, it is completely insisting on the willil.