The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 264, Peace, Strong Army

"Xiaoyu, do you have to go personally?"

"Yes, the king, you are in danger of the whole army, the sword is not awkward, why do you want to take insurance?"

The city is looking at Qin Yu, Zhang Wei, and the three little people who are about to be south. It is a bit uncomfortable.

Just I don't know four women, I really worry about Qin Yu's safety, still worried that he hangs, I haven't rely on it in the future, I will fall a miserable end.

"Four love, please rest assured, my Qin Yu Nai Tian selection people are destined to have the character of the emperor, there is a true dragon body, the knife, sword, I will walk around."

Qin Yu said with his hand, saying loudly, anyway, no matter what others believe, he is a letter.

Don't say that Qin Dawn hangs these words all day, still has a lot of effect, after all, have not had him so skinless.

This is not, the sonway behind him, opposes each other, and there is no despise on his face, but the letter will be suspected, obviously at least 50%.

Death and Li, Liu, the same loose tone, they can all look forward to the future of Qin Yu can really be an emperor, then seal them a noble, which can also change the name.

Perhaps only the Zhang Wei in the two real dragons will be nose to the words of Qin Dawang.

But in the royal years, she is clear that Qin Yu always said this, but it is only white, I think of his injury, can't help but say: "Then you have to be careful, don't Take the stupid thing that personally on the battlefield. "

"Oh, rest assured, this king will not be angry, this day, the lady is temporarily tolerated. After I started the Yangyang, I immediately pick you up and enjoy the blessings, and let the Niangnou tasted my new pattern."

Qin Yu smiled and got into her ear. He did not expect this famous Duanzhuang Xian, and there was a tendency to be abused.

Zhang Wei's earnnant, got him, but the heart could not help but have a lot of expectations.

Today, Zhang Wei is like a girl in the first love, and the heart is only to be with Qin Yu, and the other things have been thrown out of the brain.

Compared with the more beautiful and beautiful, the body is also more and more, the whole person seems to be young.

I have to say that there is a possibility of being conquered. I will see if you have a way to find a method, this ancients are equally clear, otherwise, there will be that the singer is afraid of the way, so it will be home all day. The woman is in the back house.

Only Chongzhen is, I will have a widow for more than ten years, let a good cabbage, and the Qin Dawang has a mess.

It was again, and Qin Yu was turned over to the horse, and taking a few rides towards the south.

And everyone returns to the city, and all the division.

Qin Yu and the fifth town are only one day, Sun Chuan Qing and Lu Xiang have received the news, apparently staring at Nanyang.

"You haven't mistakenly mistaken, the fifth town of Huajun is all south?"

"Yes, supervisor, a whole 10,000 big troops, the banner of hit is the fifth town of Huajun."


Lu Yi lit out of the head, but he was ecstatic. He didn't expect that the thief was so bold, and he immediately thought that there was 10,000 cavers, so he hurriedly asked: "Is there any followed by South?"

"The remedies, the cavalry still stationed outside the city, did not south, no one ride."

"You go first, continue to pay attention to the thief army, every day, no mistake."

When Lu is rushing, after the person retired, I frowned, and I came back to the room.

This kind of unbained opportunity, if you don't catch, I am afraid that it will be no more, and the threat to the thief soldiers is too big.

If he lets seven thousand new soldiers have killed the cavalry, they have been attacked by themselves, and the seven thousand recruits are likely to fall in a full army.

And to west, there are hundreds of miles in Nanyang. Even if you come to the night, 30,000 troops are also very likely that the other person's whistle is observed. Once, I am finally afraid that I will be broken by the other's cavalry.

After the balance of pros and cons, Lu Yi suddenly understood that the 100,000 army must not be scattered to sneak attack, but to take the other party's cavalry, create a chance to attack Sun Chuancha.

So immediately sent a fast horse, and rushed to the north, the next day, the army went to the village, went to the southwest, and made a deputy to attack Biyang, Tang County, Xinye, cut off the South China Huajunhou The situation.

At this time, Sun Chuanqi has come to the junction of Zhangzhou and Henan Province with the army.

The eight thousand army is very shameful, quite a little moment, especially the 20,000 Qin Jun, I have made it back in the north. At this time, I have become a fine veteran, compared to the Tianxiong Army, the original Qin army in Hong Chengchi, only Strong is not bad.

Because Sun Chuanku is almost in the back of the soldiers, although it is not fully practiced in accordance with the soldiers who travel in Wei Shaotao, it is close to 50%.

Two thousand people are the basic units of the fifteen people, but also have a lot of fire, but also build a train, which is made in accordance with the field mode.

If not other six thousand new soldiers are still tender, but lack of cavalry, Sun Chuan Qing is really wanting to fight with Huajun, and hurt hard.

I have to say that the Ming Dynasty as the last dynasty of the Han Chinese, the advantage is too big, even if you don't know the literati who will never know, there are a lot of military book warfare can learn from.

In particular, there is still a thousand people who have a Qi Jigong.

Compared to the previous passage of the military and books, the military books of the people and the famous soldiers, and more practical, and more practical, it is very suitable for those who are talking about the paper.

Small to the selection of soldiers, big to the tactical strategy, from the infrastructure of more than a dozen people, the advanced units of tens of thousands, various array, the cooperation of the weapons, the battlefield command coordination, detailed to the point.

This is the advantage of China, and the famous celebrities in the past is a book. They will pass their own experience, all from the future, and will be a thousand people.

And Ji Jigua later spent almost all the work books and perfect the top of the Jiajun.

Don't say that than the European army of the same time, even if you are in the late Qing Dynasty, Yan Jiajun is still a very advanced army.

In addition to the Qin Jun and the award of the Qin Jun and the later generation, there is no army to compare with the Jiajun.

This is not only hanging on the same troops, but at the same time, it is almost ignored, which is very terrible.

I often kill 10,000, take a few hundred, or dozens, this is what I can't do in the army, but the Jiajun did, even changed the record of zero casualties.

The reason is that Qi Jigui combines the perfect fire and the cold weapon, and then with the harsh military law, strict reward and punishment, strict training, and truly do tens of thousands of people, the highest military realm, the only lack is faith, or The belief in saying the family is Qi Jiguang.