The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 271 is designed to die and then live

More than 60 miles north of Nanyang, there are three or forty miles from the north, and only more than ten miles away from Nanzhao County. He looked at the five thousand cavers from the distance. .

I don't dare to deal with two thousand women's cavalry, and thousands of people, but also rarely pulled some scattered, but quickly set up three large characteristic squares, even the hundred cannons were pushed to the front. It is exactly a look of great enemies.

"Guardian, the cavalry of the anti-thief is not all the army of the governor of the south, why suddenly recover? The army of the Governor ..."

"Live your mouth, take a mistake!"

Lu Xiang rushed to the generals, and the face was also a gloomy scary, looking at the mountains and west of the mountains. He knew that they didn't turn over the watershed into the Cangzhou area, and they were afraid that they had no chance.

At noon, he really didn't know how to use it in front of the five thousand cavalry and two thousand female cavalry.

The army was warned in the same place. Seeing the other party's cavalry did not launch the signs of attack. Lu Xiang also had to order the army, slowly swallowed toward the north.

One through the drum, walks ten steps, no more steps, there are many steps, which is more than a few times higher than the morning speed.

This is the advantage of cavalry in the plains, even if nothing is, just staring on the side, can also keep you inch, always keep a highly warning.

Because you don't know when the other party will suddenly rush, it will rush from.

The dusk is coming, the army can also go to the vicinity of Nanzhao County, and Cychang Zhaizai.

The coach is in the big account.

All generals are the dignity of a face, and the atmosphere is almost indifferent.

Although the other's infantry is still in the future, even if the general will know, this infantry will come sooner or later.

The cavalry is entangled, nothing more than the speed is slow, but it is a full-footed army, and is also entangled by the infantry and cavalry. It is definitely the next one.

Moreover, the other party will not use it, and the drag can be dragged to their grain and grass, and it will collapse, so all the generals at this moment are looking forward to Sun Chi Ting on the master. Waiting for him to make a decision.

"The Chamber decided, the army was here to fight with the thief!"

Sun Hui Hui's eyes were slightly, and he suddenly opened his eyes, and he broke out.

"Guard, not as good as the night!"

"Yeah, the teacher, staying on the green hill, not afraid of firewood."

The generals are surprising, they have persuaded.

In the seats, all the generals of the troops for many years, they all understand that the supervisor is to die, but also to kill anti-thieves.

"How, Waita is a general general, is it unwilling to be loyal to the court?"

Sun Chuanqi is cold and cold.

He doesn't understand, staying in a green hill, not afraid of the truth of firewood.

It can be said that it is good, it is divided into retreat, and the fact is that the other infantry has not killed, and even the night escape.

With the number of cavalry, the number of local civil sponsors, I will finally return to the military and horses of Zhangzhou, absolutely ten no one, so with it is not as good as the soldier who is chasing it in the road, it is better to win a dead battle with the other party. .

"The supervisor, I am not afraid of greed, but the thief army will not fight, choose to be siege, and finally our army is also the end of grain!"

"Yes, the teacher, with it, the grain and herb is exhausted, being dragged by the other party, not as if it is divided, and the at least can save some strength, I will wait for the life, but also protect the supervisor safety withdrawal to Zhangzhou "

"Don't have to say more, the heart of the whole person has decided, and there will be a removal of the army."

Sun Chuanqi brushed up, holding the martial arts.

Seeing that the public will be low to hold the boxing, this is slowly tone: "Everyone doesn't have to be discouraged, with today's situation, even if the thief army will take the soldier, but most more than 10,000 people, the so-called death The people will not be able to win, and they may not be able to win, so you don't have to worry, this man can tell you clearly, the thief army will definitely speed up, never dare to delay. "

Everyone saw Sun Chuan Ting, and the morale finally returned. After all, they were deeply confident.

If the thief's step ride is added, it is almost the same, with a hundred cannons, and it is really a war, even if it is not lost, it is better to flee it.

But the premise is that the other party wants to play with them, rather than the infantry move back, to intercept the front, cavalry to disturb, live and live.

At the same time, after two days of emergency, Qin Yu took the army, and finally arrived in Nanyang before the black.

"How is Xiao Cui, Sun Chuan Ting's army? Is there a sign of night flight?"

"Go back to the handsome, they did not escape overnight, but broke a town, seeing is going to die." Xiao Cui explained.

"You are wrong, how many foods do you have? More than a thousand army can take a few days? Once our army digs the gag wall in the town, I am afraid you only need four or five thousand soldiers, one or two cavalry, you can live them. Sleepy, in the knowledge of Sun Chuncheng, will you do this stupid thing? So he is waiting for me to fight! "

Qin Yu shook his head and said with a smile.

Although I know that Sun Chuanqi will not flee over again, but now it is, it is still completely relieved.

"The king, then is we be siege, or a decisive battle?" Xiao Ju thought about it, I feel that the king said, and the opposite is completely dead in the town, and then asked again.

"I want to be siege, don't win, Nai Shi Lu Xiang and Yang Yichang are not the oil-free lamp, so I still have to speed up the speed, I solved them as soon as possible, then transfer the soldiers and south."

Qin Yu smiled.

He has to look at it. In the end, he has just integrated a town soldier and horses, or Sun Chuankai is powerful in accordance with the new army of Qi Jiguang.

Although 60 miles, it can be killed in a night, but the other party did not run, Qin Yu was too lazy to march, after all, the army continued to emerge for two days, and some were tired.

So the army of the army has a rest of the night, and even Qin Dawang secretly sneaked into the city, find Zhang Wei to relax.

As for the ordinary soldiers and the generals, they don't have to relax. If the leg feet are soft, they have lost their lives.

After all, as the king, it doesn't need a charge, even if the legs are soft, as long as you can sword, you will yell.

The next day, Wan Yujun killed the north, and finally killed the city of Nanzhao County, there were seven thousand cavalry to be three, and one into the county city. Then enter the nearby town overnight.

The general of the Qin Jun, the soldiers and horses, the soldiers and horses are really more than 10,000, and they have admired their grandchildren, and the confidence is suddenly increased.