"Guard, the brothers of the left and right wings can't live, no longer distribute the army, it will collapse."

"The guards quickly increase the troops!"

Several generals around Sun Chuan Ting, looked at the brothers on the left and right sides have become fast back, they are anxious.

Sun Bifu is equally anxious, but it has been waiting for the other party's cavalry.

Because the six thousand soldiers who have not played, almost all special soldiers, plus the hundred cannons, even if the whole army is covered, he will also hit the opponent's cavalry.

Compared to the Huajun's infantry, Sun Chuanqi wanted to pull the other party's riding pad, so he not only left the soldier in the end, but the hundred cannons were also not used.

While don't play now, the other's cavalry still has no signs of dispatched, and Sun Chuanqi has only to send two thousand soldiers and horses again, and each additional two wings.

Because I can't do it, the left and right wings are to be collapsed, and the collapse will be impacted in the middle of the six thousand people, and the other infantry and cavalry will kill together, will only be more wronged.

The opposite Qin Yu saw that Sun Chuanqi finally increased its troops again, and laughed, and I was a long time to stick to the old Sun.

Immediately, the command of the cavalry attacked, ending this unusual war.


After the five thousand cavalry, he suddenly scored two, and there was no direct impact to the four thousand soldiers horses who were in place, but to kill the two thousand Qin Jun, which is being reinforced.

"Boom ..."

The Bailen Motor cannon on the cart, finally roaring, and the cavalry rushed to rushing is a slap, first launched a solid bomb, and then quickly change the bomb.

Suddenly played a man and horses, and there was a three or four hundred rides, which made Qin Dynasty simultaneously, and the heart was also a blood.

Ok, even if there is a son of the Frankil gun, I only have to play two hair, the cavalry is rumbling.

The two thousand Qin Jun was killed in the wild, and Sun Chuanqi also violently, and the horse's speed was slowed down. It took the last four thousand people to rush to the left and right wings, but only biting the tail of the cavalry.

With the five thousand cavers, the two thousand reinforcements rushed through the corpse of the Qin Jun, the Qin army of the left and right wings finally collapsed.

The cavalry that finished the two teams, and killed the positive battlefield and collapsed the Qin Jun on the front battlefield and fled.

At this time, Sun Chuanqi has completely lost control over the entire battlefield, nor does it want to manage again, just a two thousand soldiers and horses around, and desperately slashing, they are biting thousands of rides, obviously want to pull some cavaliers. be made a scapegoat.

When the two infantry camps, the Qin army killed the left and right wings, the entire battlefield was caught in a big battle.

Countless Qin Jun was killed as headless flies.

The front is the arms of the Huajun, the fire army, the left and right wings are the infantry, but also mixed a lot of cavalry, just in just one minute, it fell thousands of people.

From the back, it is just hit two thousand women who rushed up, and the result did not run away.


The battle is just two days from the head to the end, and it is completely quiet on the battlefield. Only occasionally there is one or two.

Looking around, within five miles, the dense linear is the body and the straw arm, and the banner of various arms, this area is red.

Nearly 15,000 Qin Jun, in addition to hundreds of people shaking on the side, the rest became the bodies and residual arms, almost did not take one.

Although Qin Yuling did not get a command to capture the captive command, he could kill his eyes at the time. No one carefully, and the six hundred prisoners were arrested.

Looking at the battlefield of the full Wolf, Qin Yu is speechless, not only there is not a big victory, but there is a touch of sadness.

The Huajun also has a low mood, although Qin Yu let them rest, but one by one is in the battlefield with the people, looking for the bodies of the companion.

"Qin Wu, have all the casualties statistics from?"

"Go back to the king, the battle tie camp and the firearm battles die more than two thousand, and the lightweight injuries also have nearly a thousand, the two infantry battles added more than a thousand people, hurt more than 500, the country's downside, the female military camp It is only a few tens of rides, and the whole army adds a total of nearly four thousand people to die. "

Qin Wuli is low.

His fifth town was completely disabled, and 10,000 people now fight for less than five thousand.

Qin Yu is also a deep breath, and it is silent for a while, "" Sun Chuan Qi's body is looking for? "

"Back to the king, the brothers have repeatedly found a few times in the area, no found, the area is in the face of the horse, and many of the bodies are gone, they are not able to distinguish me."

With his words, Qin Yu looked at the area, where the body of the corpse, the people of the people were mixed together, and the eye-catching.

The whole battle is also from there, Sun Chuanqi's handsome flag is falling there, how fierce in the battle at the time.

"I didn't find it, I didn't look for it. I seem to have myself in my own, and I will go, this war, my army killed, all buried on the left, the enemy will funerate on the right, let the nearby people give us The brothers prepare a straw at each person, and the enemy will prepare one! "

In the end, Qin Yu peng, pointed to the largest place in front of the corpse of the front, said, I want to give each person to a simple coffee, but think about it or count, once this is open, I am afraid that it is not It is so much.


Qin Wu held a punch and told it.

Until the evening, the battlefield was cleared, which would also benefit from the people in the towns near each village to help, and finally found the roster of Qin Jun.

Qin Yu did not delay in Nanzhao County, leaving the good time to the county and lady, the wounded also stayed in the county, the next day, with more than six thousand cavalry and the remaining five thousand The soldiers and horses kill them to Zhangzhou, ready to solve there, completely, no worries and south.

But the army has not yet entered the mountains, and a few rides have chased it up from behind and look at the wolf.

Qin Yu suddenly shocked, because one of the teenagers, he was thinking, at this time, it should be in Tongbai County at this time.

I learned that, yesterday morning, Cao became the city of Tongbai County. It was caused by ambush, lost nearly half of the cavalry, and Lu Xiang lit took the 30,000 soldiers to attack the new wild.

Qin Yu was shocked and angry. He roared for a quarter of an hour. He was ambiguous, but his heart was secretly surprised. Fortunately, he decided yesterday to solve Sun Chuanqi, no delay, otherwise it is really bad.

"Little Cui, you immediately took all the cavalry south to Xinye, you must kill it at noon tomorrow, remember that the army of Luoxheng has not yet arrived, I will give it to them. If they have killed it, I will put it down. Let them unable to attack, just like to deal with Sun Chuan Qi? "


Xiao Cui believes that it is clear that this tactic has been understood and has a considerable experience.

"Well, let's go! If you encounter Cao Zi Mu, let him listen to you." Qin Yu swayed, and then bite his teeth and added a sentence.

"Is the king."

Xiao Cui holds a punch, hurry to turn, but the heart is gudged, knowing the big collar of Cao's championship, I am afraid to do the head, and her this is good, and it is estimated to be promoted.