Time is returned yesterday, Qin Yu is in the Wars of Nanzhao and Sun Chuanchao, and the Cao Zijun, who is far from Tongbai County, has also been a war.

In the face of the 100,000 troops of Sun Chuanting, finally Cao Shiqi chose to rescue Tongbai County, and the topography around the county is not afraid of being ambushed, and I want to try the imaginary situation of the Siege.

Because as long as it is determined that the virtual truth of the siege troops is determined, the virtual practice of the two Mingjun is very different.

Once you can figure out the virtuality of the Three-way Ming army, you can break it.

In fact, he wanted to pursue the road of the Sir hit the New Ye, after all, the threat of the Ming army was the greatest, but it took directly to the complex mountainous area of ​​the terrain, detour the north, and too delayed, and each other The big camp defense is also very strict, so I have to get started from the way to the siege.

According to the common sense, the sneak attack is definitely a soldier, followed by the siege troops, and the public stayed in the big camp.

This time, he did not pay according to the regular ban, and sent 30,000 blacks to the new field. The purpose is not only to confuse Cao's meritorious, and I want Qin Yu to take off the cavalry south and reduce the pressure for Sun Chuancha.

20,000 new soldiers stationed in the camp, to attack Tongbai County is the 30,000 real border army else, plus 20,000 knocks.

For the true truth of Lu Yi, the 100,000 troops, Cao Shiqi has already explored clearly, 50,000 knockout, 30,000 marks elite, 20,000 new recruits.

Therefore, I came to Tongbai City, I suddenly discovered that it was a group of Wu Zhou, mistakenly believed that this 50,000 army was just the 50,000 knockout, and the 30,000 border army came to attack.

As a result, it is naturally a rushing, I want to kill these five thousand Wulfang people, and then intercept the 30,000 army.

Just starting the five thousand cavers to kill the blood sea in the city, and the foot slaughtered Millennium.

Whoever Begolds All the two thousand mullars, 30,000 elite army is taking the opportunity from the other two sides, because the 50,000 army is also the same as the three missions.

When Cao Yan was discovered, the 30,000 army has returned to the periphery and also lifted a lot of relief.

When Cao Zhanzhen suddenly went on a dark, immediately wanted to stand out before the other person had not completely heelled, but the five thousand cavalry had chased the defenders all killed, and it could not gather at all times.

Finally, I have only rushed together more than two thousand cavalry rushed out from the gap, but the rest of the cavalry was preserved in the envelop, and I didn't dare to slaughter Ming army and hid into the city.

At this moment, I looked at the slaughtered 10,000 sleeves, and the Lu is no face, watching the thief army cavalry actually ran out half, the brow is also slightly wrinkling, obviously did not reach his expectations.

"I didn't expect the thief army's cavalry, and the response speed was so fast, did you listen to what the Lord will be?"

"Huiguan, no, only to hear the thief army to lead the surname Cao, the body is burly, very brave, holding a horse!"

Xu Jianghua smiled hard. He knew who he had guessed the cavalry commander of the other party, and the supervisor had already guess it.

Lu Xiangsheng has indeed guessed, and almost nine0% affirmation, the union of the other party is Cao Zhaoba.

At the beginning, the Hong Kong Savement has already said that Cao has become a country, so even if there is 90%, as long as there is no conclusive evidence, he is not good.

After all, there is more people in the world, and there are many things, and the names of Macari are less, but they are not Cao.

Not afraid, I am afraid of 10,000. After all, he is on the book. Cao Jiamen has to be copied. Once it makes it wrong, only the building is loyal, he is still not a thousand years, so it is still not gambling, Not necessarily.

Immediately, the army once again arouse the county group group, and the 20,000 new army stationed in the big camp was also transferred to Tongbai County!

On the second day, I launched the county town, and Lu Xiang liters were also a person. In order to break the city, more than two thousand cavers inside, the remaining 10,000 knockouts and 20,000 new soldiers were turned on, and they did not stop at a moment. Who retreats Kill who.

The 30,000 army is a warning of more than two thousand cavers who have escaped.

Cao Shizhao rides more than two thousand rides, it is also anxious.

"The leader, this Tongbai County city wall is low, see this situation, I am afraid that I can't support it today, what should I do?"

"If you don't just rush, tear open a mouthful of mouth, let the brothers rush out!"

"It's late, is your eyes? I have never seen that there is a gap in the gate of the city."

"Mother, Lao Zi feels the same now, and when we were in Dongchang House, when the Dongchang House was in the same way?"

As a juvenile team, the captain suddenly squatted, others stopped quarrels and reacted.

It is indeed very similar to the original situation, and it is also divided into two parts, part of being homoked in the city, part of being blocked outside the city.

Thinking of the last end of the scorpion, everyone's looks becomes low, and Cao Ziyi has long thought of the situation in Dongchang.

So I understand that two thousand brothers in the city are afraid of death, and they forgive rescue, nothing more than meditation, this, Du Da is already a good prove.

Although the fighting power of the Ming army, the number of people will be too big to be too large compared with their Huajun.

Only five hundred soldiers in the city, plus more than two thousand brothers hiding in, but there are still more than 3,000 people, but the other party has a 60,000 army, almost twenty times.

"The leadership, make a decision, is we looked at the brothers in the city to die?"

"Do you want to spell with you in the nearby town?"

"This is nothing more than letting them go to death, we have folded half of the brothers, can't fold it again, this is my fault, I will ask the king to ask the king!"

Cao Shizhen shook his head and did not impulsive. Obviously I have a lot of money, and I have grown a lot. I know this situation, I can only try to keep the cavalry in my hand, not a discount.

Tongbai County City did not prepare for it, the weapon of the Junji Lands, the weapon of the Tongbiansi, and see all the heads of the Chinese army to defend. At this time, it is not anti-water, but when?

So each family is dispatched, and the capture of the capture in the United City not only caught the head of the county, the county, the bank, but also responsible for the foreign embassy, ​​and the Huajun on the wall was not a problem. Just at noon, Tongbai County was broken.

Lu Xiang was in the city of the city, directly came to the county, and looked at the male and female female brow on the hall.

"The supervisor, this person is surnamed Li, but is the pseudo-known county. This ** is the pseudo-county, the county is already dead in the city ..."

Where is the Landlord of the Landa Land, there is a small number of three days, and a person who is squatting in the introduction of the people in the introduction, talking about these two months.