"General, the thief army once again issued a notice, claiming that if we are still not surrendered, they will launch an attack, when ...


"The generals of the previous one have killed innocent."

The big account is always upset, and Liu Xiong and the five participants and a thousand people face are very uther.

Now there are only two roads in front of them, or as a thief, a dead battle, or surrender.

In addition, whether it is sticking to the camp, or retreat is a dead road.

Guarding in the camp, the food is exhausted, and the retreat is retreating under the eyelids, it is more taking death.

They are all people who have sold soldiers, naturally, with them, they can definitely can't do the thief army, so I don't know what to do.

It's not willing to fight, and it is not willing to withdraw, and you can't keep it, it is really awkward.

Half, Liu Xionc sighed, Shen Sheng: "The Supervisor is waiting for me, don't have to say more, now the supervisor's bones are not cold, if the brothers want to surrender, I will never stop, but I will never stop. Will surrender. "

"Liu Xiong, You said this, is it, don't you, is the kind of neighborhood? Can I wait for the dead, always give these tens of thousands of brothers to work!"

"Yes, these two days, the thief army is confused in the camp, now the military is chaotic, the brothers have no war, if it is a decisive battle, there is no difference in self-timing."

In addition, two participants are finished, others are nodded.

"So, let's six people, after leaving the disconnection, the three people took the opportunity to retreat to Luoyang, life and death, how is it in the sky?"

Liu Xiong saw that they did not want to fight, and they had no choice but to say that the thief army did not return to the north to block the road. How much is it to escape? After all, the other party seems to have no cavalry.

The five people opposed their eyes, and finally they bite their teeth. They nodded, and they were really right for this surrender. But everyone didn't want to die, and they can only have a luck, luck, fleeing to Luoyang, continue to eat emperor, luck The difference can only be from the thief.

Immediately, six people began to draw, and finally Liu Xiong and the other two participants will pumped into the soldiers and retreat. The remaining three people were drawn behind the temple.

After a farewell, six people will prepare for their respective return to camp, Liu Xiong and two participants are all 30,000 people, all carrying five-day dry food, discarding all cumbersome items, and there is a big camp, the soldiers are three ways, The north is rushing.

And the other three will be, it is in the big camp.

Qin Yu did not expect the other party to run half, half of it, the half of the run, but also sold all three way, completely sprinkled the feet, but also dumbfounded.

Because as long as you have a little bit of bone, you will not do this, and you will understand that the other party is bullying them without cavalry.

Dark road, I know that the opponent will be so unbearable. At night, he should take a risk last night, and he will go back to the north.

No way, in order to prevent the Ming army in the big camp to break again, he has to let Hongjie bring the first town to win the big battles, then lead the 5,000 soldiers of 5,000 soldiers and the first town in the 5th town. Choose one of them chasing it.

This chasing will completely put the sheep, so there is a five hundred female soldiers to chase the block, finally in the dark, this way will be chased, and the foot is prison for more than 8,000 people, and the other two roads are successful. .

The 30,000 Mingjun in the big camp, after the push of the hundred cannons, and finally no longer resist, and selected surrendering.

There is a broad land in northern, although everyone is scattered, it is estimated that there will be half of people to run, but whether they are willing, they will never allow this to happen, because even if they escape, there is no soldier in his hand. It is better to stand down directly.

Although I took 20,000, Qin Yu was still very satisfied. After all, this is not to be sueed in the mountain valley city, but the two sides confrontation, the number of each other is three times more.

He knows that although this is a big relationship with the next six thousand troops, it is a big relationship, but it is still a group of dragons. If Sun Chuan Qing is here, the ending is definitely different.

In the state hall.

Qin Dawang is sitting in the master position, looking at the following three participation and a thousand, a majestic road:

"My Huajun has always been distinguished. You are also the first batch of the first batch of the Ming army general who take the initiative to put on my Huajun. This king will not treat you, the soldiers and horses, I will not be scattered, still have you The leadership, the preparation is the first independent camp of the Huajun to the third independent camp. You have temporarily awarded the leadroom, and the king of this king attacking the Fuyang, officially opened the government, and then rewarded. "

"Thank you!"

"The end will be swearing in the future."

Three people are rushing to hold fist, kneel down, the heart is finally put down, they are afraid that the soldiers have been scattered, or this little king is inserting people, and they overhead.

"Well, you will prepare first, and you will follow this day."

Qin Yu nodded and then waved.

Everyone told him.

"Xiaoyu, I look like them, I don't really fight, don't you break their soldiers? At least some of our own people?"

After two people left in the hall, Hung Yi did not wait to say, when the two were alone, she would prefer to call Xiao Yu, not the husband.

"There is no need, I don't have so many people who will lead the handsome. I have to send time to work, and I can't make it short time. I can't master the 30,000 soldiers. It is better to let them take it first, so it can be embodied in China. Wang's big degree, can let them immediately participate, why not? "

Qin Yu is in hand, laughs, and now it is not more than the days when he is in Baokang and Niu two, these 30,000 soldiers are not obedient, he can suppress it, so as long as you give each battalion, it is said that Yes, slowly simplify it in the future.


Qin Yu did not delay in Zhangzhou. From the eight thousand prisoners to add six thousand people to add the fifth town, let the fifth town stationed in Zhangzhou, the next day, with the first town and three newly collected independence Camp, mighty south.

For these soldiers, Qin Yu is still quite satisfactory.

Almost all of the farmers of honest passengers, from 18 to 20 years old, obviously not only one of him likes a young man, Sun Chicang also likes to recruit a young man.

More than 30,000 people have been trained in Luoyang for a month, and the bones are also quite strong, and discipline is not bad, that is, the garrison of the county of Huajun is also not inferior.

The key is the whistle, and it is always promoted from the underlying soldier. When the generals, the generals are the hearts of the old age. If the old grandson is dead, they will force them into the desperate, and they are really not necessarily they.

Even if this is, Qin Yu is also dead, and it is dead.

The three independent battals are eating a meal, collecting one's grain, three meals every day, never send a grain.

This will make three participants in the middle of the way, it is completely dead, no way, Zhangzhou is not better than other regions, it is absolutely unreasonable.

After arriving in Nanyang, Qin Yu took two thousand cavers back. The three participants were even more embarrassed, and the old man followed the fooles.

Yes, the three people are not stupid, naturally understand, after the Yangyang, must be brought to be used as a can.