Tianwi Mountain, the north bank of Han River, look at it, the man is crowded, the ship counts countless, tens of thousands of troops are busy with the river, which makes the other-in-one Ming army are secretly shocked.

Qin Yu took the army and did not directly south of Fancheng, but rushed to the upstream tens of miles, preparing to take a roaming, three sides claver the 20,000 army of Yang Guoshu.

Obviously, this is naked, and it will first let the other side timid three points.

Yang Guozhu on Tianwei Mountain is indeed scared, is blocked by the thief army, with the land, he is not afraid, besieged him is also not afraid.

Half a month, Yang Yichang has organized Qingzhuang to give him two batches of food from the small road, which is not a problem in one month.

It can be compared to upstream, the North Bank river beach is very wide, more than 20 miles, although he has long prepared, but can only prevent the small stock soldiers and horses, but can't prevent the other party tens of thousands of army comprehensive ferry Strong attack, if the thief army upstream, the thief army has launched an attack, three sides of the attack, he is really not half a point.

"The big handsome, the thief army on the other must not have five or six thousand. If you add two-headed thief army, the whole 100,000 troops, once it was broken by the other party, and the trail is not too late."

"Yes, the big handsome, although this day is high, the danger is abnormal, but it is dead, and the command is really unpleasant."

Obviously, the general will not be willing to be on the Tiangle Mountain. I was worried that I was blocked by the thief army in the mountains and became the .

"Well, this day, Wolf Mountain is really not suitable for the middle army of the middle army, the order, immediately moved to the mountain."

Yang Guozhu nodded, decided to put the Chinese army, or moved to the Sancha intersection.

Everyone naturally won't have opinions, but also to move the headquarters to the mountains in the south, and when they are not good, they will open them.

It is night, the river is full of summer, but the riverside is still cool.

In the middle of the middle army, the grandfather of the Xuanfang, and some of the mother of the mother.

"Shuai, the Wang Pu took people to eat in Nanzhang every day, other military and horses also hide in Xiangyang City, only we are drinking the northwest wind here, and fighting with the thief army, thinking I want to have the fire of his mother. "

"The key is that once the thief army launches an attack, it is siege, and I don't know if I can't hold it. If I can't stand, I am afraid that there is a big half brother to explain here."

"Hey, what can I do, in addition to self-deniring, I can't help us, don't we go tonight?"

"What happened overnight? Why did they eat a spicy in Xiangyang City, but I want to stand here and the thief is desperate?"

The generals are complaining while looking at the reactions of Yang Guoshu.

Seeing him still don't talk, after each other, one of them will stand up and hold a boxing: "The big handsome, the thief army is big, and it is waiting for the three sides of the three sides, and it is better to go. "

"Yeah, the thief army adds a full foot and has 100,000 people, no matter how he can't stand, it is better to retreat to Xiangyang City, no matter how it is in a white water."

Other orders have also stood up and persuaded that although there is a narrow a way, their own life is not threatened, but the small to narrow rugged, and they will definitely not take the soldiers and horses.

There is not much soldier and horses, even if you flee into Fuyang, I am afraid that there is not a good day, so everyone does not want to stay here.

Yang Guozhu also didn't want to be alone, be siegered by the thief army, see almost, no longer installed, point to nodded: "Direct order, the camp in the second half of the night, all the heavy grain turns."


The generals will be big, Qi Qi, and then they have been busy.


At the end of the evening, the risk is very risky, and it is a small road, and it is the end of the enemy's eyelids, so what will be seen.

Just started in order to be in order, but after the second town and the third town were noticeable, from the two heads, the 20,000 troops were completely chaotic into a pot of porridge, and finally only more than 8,000 succeeded in the trail escape.

But whether it is Yang Guoshu, or other collar, it is quite satisfactory to this result.

Because the elite family and the heart of the veteran have been withdrawn, the weapons armor did not lose, so the strength did not suffer from much loss, as for ordinary soldiers, it was in the recruitment.

More than 8,000 people turned over the mountains, until the next afternoon, they arrived in Blackshi Town. This will be scared when Wang Pu Ton, who is happy and happy.

And Mrs. Li Qin Qin, who is Mrs. Black, Qin Double is almost scared, but also thought that the court added soldiers and horses.

Fortunately, I saw the doorway in Qin Double. I thought about it, and I wanted to be comfortable: "The lady didn't have to worry, the following Mingjun ambitious wolf, not seems to reinforce, anti-to the night from the sky Escaped in the mountain. "

Li Yuner carefully, suddenly excited to point to the body: "Really, the mother, the mother, see, their clothes have been caught, and we have escaped when we escape I understand that they are definitely defeated by the army of Xiaoyuo brother, escaped. "

"Well, say so, the son can quickly hit it."

Although I was very excited, I won't be like a daughter, and I jumped again, but I secretly sneaked my little fist.

The king of the sides didn't know that the mother and daughter are looking forward to the star, the moon is looking forward, looking forward to Qin Dawang is coming back.

Shake the head: "Although these Mingjun is likely to be hit by the big army of the king, now we are trapped in the mountains, the town is occupied by Ming army, the king can only attack Yangcheng from the front, it is impossible to send soldiers Take the trail to be involved. "

"Mr. Wang, is you really? Xiaoyuo brother really will not send a small road to save us?"

"Miss is relieved, even if there is no reinforcement, but with our strength, it is no problem, then there is no problem, then Xiangyang City is afraid that I have already broken."

Wang Can, I didn't know what she cared, I thought she was worried that she couldn't stand the cottage, so I laughed with comfort.

When the mother and daughter's face became lost, they thought that today Huajun will chase along the trail. Qin Yu is likely to come back. Whoever wants to be happy again.

"Mr. Wang, you still have to go down, how long it can eat food."

Qin Shuanghe Qin Feng saw mother and daughter and became low, and they all glared in Wang Can.

Dark road, this guy is reading the cow, can't see it.

Wang Can was inexplicably, and he was got to have a husband and did not touch his mind. He just said his own analysis, how can these two teenager angry?

In this case, Huajun did impossible to send a soldier and horses, and came over to attack Blackshi Town.

As soon as I walk, I will be prone to ambush, two food and replenishment must be transported from the mountain road, completely not compensated, it is better to fight for more cost-effective.

In addition to the town, I heard that Yang Guoshu came over with a soldier and horses, Wang Pu's happiness killed it.

"Yang brother, which is this?"

"Hey, don't mention it, yesterday afternoon thief tens of thousands of troops suddenly soldiers to Jiangbei, launching a strong attack, although the brother and hard persistence come back."

Yang Guoshu hooks his hand, and sighed, just like a real battle, it was faulty.