The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 282 has a technological means

Under Xiangyang City, the fierce siege war finally opened the curtain, under the bombardment of more than 100 cannons, and nearly 40,000 cannon gray troops took turns.

It can be broken in the day, and there is still no signs of death, which makes Qin Yu and the martial arts will sink.

"All the people, the city wall of Xiangyang City is very strong. Today's cannon has bounce a day, there is no signs of collapse, I don't know if you have any bad advice?"

In the face of Qin Dawang's question, a man is a silent, but the general is scratching.

Seeing everyone, Qin Yu is also helpless, after today's test mode, he knows, if you want to attack Xiangyang City, you will definitely pay huge casualties. Although it is prepared in your heart, but the level of Fuyang is difficult. Still beyond his imagination.

"The king, want to break the city, must first take the morale of the squadron in the city, the students suggest that the soldiers can first attack the Zaoyang or Baokang, then detour two-sided festival, it will be chaotic in the city, you will be more than half!"

After half, Li Yan stood up and hold a box.

The voice fell, and the red junction was standing again and stood: "Gonggong, I am willing to attack Zaoyang."

"The king, the next is willing to take the soldiers to attack the guarantee."

" ..."

A few big collections were standing up in a time, and they were invited, and even the three participants who have just joined them are in trouble.

"Bao Kang is difficult to attack, so Yang Yichang must have a preparation, and the Zaoyang is wide, and the Lu Xiangsheng must also be hoarded, and the soldiers will attack and attack."

Qin Yu is in a hand, he is not willing to divide the soldiers around the country, because it is too dangerous.

The ruins and Yang Yichang did not save oil, the soldiers and horses were rich, and they would be surrounded by ambush, and once the Han River, the role of cavalry will decline straight.

The south is not better than the north, and most of them are waterfields, plus rivers and horizontal, absolutely the nightmare of cavalry, Northern Malaysia is not talking.

Whether it is the original Mongolian, or the Qing army, weigh the south, not relying on their own iron ride, but relying on a lot of trailing and soldiers.

"Mr. Niu, I will let you send people to explore Hanjiang waterways, what?"

"Back to the king, Ming army chisel into a large number of vessels, which have already blocked this waterway, only ten small boats can be passed."

"How many days want to clean up?"

Despite it as early as, Qin Yu is still a frown, some annoying.

"Not a few months of work!" Niu Jinxing replied.

Everyone heard it, and the road to go around the south is unrealistic. The ten boat is even more, and it is also a dish.

"Gonggong, do you want to dig the truncation, I don't believe that this city wall of Xiangyang can be more robust than Kaifeng City!

Other orders are bright.

Li Yan shook his head: "The red collar does not know, the south is not more than the north, not to mention on the side of Han River, don't say that digging the two three defenses, the road to the protective city, that is, dig all the feet, the underground will go out Therefore, it is not good to dig the authentic buried medicine. "

"Since this is not good, it will not work, it is strong to attack, and I will take the first town tomorrow, I don't believe this."

The red hiking is obviously more than anyone, it is urgent to attack Xiangyang City.

"It seems that I don't have to take out killers. In this case, the king will let the people open their eyes, let them see what is the means of the people."

Qin Yu stood up, carrying hands, leather, decided to use some unconventional means.

"What can I kill? Why don't you take it out?" Hungjun asked when it was upon.

Others looked at Qin Dawang, and I wanted to know his killer.

"Oh, you will not be scared when you are."

Qin Yu is swaying, mysterious smile, leaving the hall, this will make a man itchy, but I don't dare to continue to ask, but only Hongjun chase.

"Don't do it, what is your killer?"

"Girl, do you believe people can fly on the sky?" Qin Yu did not answer, and he looked at her.

"Ah! Gonggong, you ... how do you talk nonsense ...

Red and half, only to open his mouth, and some worried that he was very stupid.

Qin Yu didn't care about her, but a large number of craftsmen, ready to make hot air balloons.

After a careful explanation of Qin Daw, a craftsman began to work together and busy.

The hot air balloon is actually very simple, nothing more than the oil cloth sews a huge balloon, then use bamboo to compose a lifting frame.

The only difficulty is the rule of balloons to do, this is very difficult in ancient times, but it is very simple for Qin Yu's modern people.

The most stupid method is to first make an elliptical model, then divide a few tens of pieces, and then zoom in, and finally sewn together.

As for the sealing interface and the required fuel, this era can be easily.

There are many powerful people, just three days, a large diameter of the big air ball, making it out.

"The king, this thing really can fly?"

"Mr. Li, the Kong Ming light can fly, why can't this balloon can't fly?"

"Although this is the case, you can ..."

"But it's too big, and it's still going to be right?"

Qin Yu is staring at Li Yan and other literati, and it is also sigh.

In the Three Kingdoms period, China invented the Kongming Lantern. It took more than a thousand years. No one thought, but also made a big bit, let people sit on, this is really incredible.


Li Yan Zhang said, saying that it is right, but,,,, this is really flying above the day, and you can sit.

After all, Kong Ming Lan lived there, Niu Jinxing and other literati have also caught pensive, and no longer look at the joke.

Because they are not stupid, they don't have the Kong Ming lights to fly on the sky. So big must be able to do, small can install a small stone, bigger can install a person, so I look forward to it for a while.

And the generals such as Huang Yi wait for a long time to wait, although it is a bit shocking, but the brainwashing, let them pay for the Qin Dynasty.

"Don't be nervous, there will be no things, you are destined to have ancient name, you must slow down, don't you need to know?"

"Know ... I know the king."

Although I have already reported the determination, it is still tense to die, which is still nervous to die.

"let's go!"

"Yes!" The craftsman bite his teeth, and turned over into the basket, then lit the oil in the top of the big iron in the top of the head, and suddenly the flame was slammed.

Gradually, the cloth balloon on the side is slowly blotting, and after half a time, it is only the top of the basket.

Everyone is a look, Qin Yu saw that the balloon did not at least not have irregularities, and some nodded. In fact, he knew that even some will have, the impact is not big.

"Unlock the rope!"

With the order of Qin Daw, several craftsmen will solve the rope of the fixed bamboo basket, and I will float the bamboo basket slowly float.

Several craftsmen were scared to hurry and pulled down, others were sent a piece of exclamation, and the eyes were rolled.

"Don't be nervous, slowly put!"

The craftsman wrote that this is slowly relaxing, and the hot air balloon is more flying in the eyes of everyone, and begins with the wind to go to the south, the ear is thin and shouted.

"Haha, became it."

"It's too wonderful, it turns out that Kong Ming lights are bigger, I can really take a day, why don't I try it for thousands of years."

Although the literati is shocking, it is amazed, but it has not been scared. I think this is a means of shocking ghosts.