The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 283 vertical strike

When the hot air balloon is safe, everyone rushed up.

Huangji is a horse and then rushed to the forehead. Seeing the people inside, there is no death, suddenly, I will catch him out, and the surprise is said: "Gonggong, people are not dead, still alive ..."

"I'm really dead!"

"Say, what did you see in heaven?"

Everyone came up, seeing craftsman to fill, with indispensable people, are curious, and then ask, face nervousness and expectations.

Qin Yu is secretly embarrassed. This is a hundred meters high, if people die, then I still make a fart.

"How? What is it?"

"Back ... Back to the king, there is no abnormality after the little day, but it feels a little big, the people below becomes smaller, yes, the little sees also saw the southern coast of Fuyang City."

The craftsman is called Wang Xiaowei. This year is 20 years old, while talking, the excited face rises.

"Do you want to sit up and try it, can you?"

" ..."

With the first to open, others are also jumped to Qin Yu, even Li Yan and a literati are no exception, and even want to personally experience a flying feeling.

"It's still not working for the time being, but also in the test, wait!"

Qin Yu is swaying, although there is a rope, it is not dangerous, but in case the rope is broken, it is absolutely dead.

After all, they have no experience, how to do decrease, and hot air balloons can take a few people to verify, so I don't want to take risks.

Everyone suddenly disappointed.

Qin Yu and craftsmen are busy, put the balloon on the day for a while, and fall again, and it is good.

However, in the afternoon, although Huiqi and the general will still see the taste of Jinjin, Li Yan and the literati are somewhat in peace, obviously curious.

For this, Qin Yu can only lament, finally know why ancient science has been evolved.

The hot air balloon test flight succeeded, and after the maximum can be loaded, Qin Yu will order large-scale manufacturing.

Even in the future, it is intended to set up a sector to develop hot air balloons. It is used to improve, after all, the hot air balloon produced is too rough.

In addition to rising and falling can be controlled, the direction and speed is completely striking, and there is too little load capacity, only three hundred pounds of the zone, in addition to people and oil, the up to one hundred pounds, the time is too short Therefore, there is not much practicality.

Of course, you can also do something more, it can be too powerful, and the greater the difficulty.

In the city of Fuyang, I saw the thief army and didn't launch an offense for a long time. This made Yang Yichang eyebrows every day.

Not only don't relax, but more vigilant.

"Jiang Hua, what is the abnormality?"

"Going to Hall, there is no abnormality, there is no sign of the soldiers, and it is not like siege."

"This is odd, and the thief army should not be delayed!"

Yang Yichang came back to the steps, but still think about the intention of the thief army, but also had to strengthen the alert, but also sent people to Nanxun, Guokang ordered, and he had to go off.

In the second day, Yang Yichang also imagined the same sleep like it, but he heard the alarm and hurriedly climbed it, rushed to the city.

"what happened?"

"Huntang, the thief army should have to attack the city today."

Yang Yichang heard the words, quickly put the official service, climbed into the city, and his hand was looking down.

Sure enough, I have seen the thief army to launch a big camp in a ladder, and soldiers are also rapidly assembled, and they are also somewhat nervous.

Because this assembled soldier, all soldiers in the Huadian military uniform, obviously the thief army is really.

After a time, hundreds of ladders were pushed into the wall of the city wall, and there was also a doorless cannon and Frannel.

"Is it ready for flight camp?"

Qin King stood at the top of a cloud ladder, and the high-spirited Wall, the tall.

"Back to the king, still inflatable."

"Well, then wait, wait for it, I have to look at the people in the city will not scare the urine."

Qin Yu is looking forward to it, and it is expected.

In this half of a month, he has built twenty hot air balls, choosing 20 short-lived craftsmanship and named them as a sky camp.

Each personnel carry three fifty pounds of gunpowder bags, hanging outside the basket, only need to ignite lead, cut the rope, and the lead has passed repeated test, ensuring 100 meters height, can accurately in the city Exploding, less than three seconds.

When the city outside the city, a bulky ball was floating, the defenders on the city were stupid.

"This ... this ... this is Kong Ming Lan?"

"The thief army did so many such a big Kong Ming light!"

Yang Yichang also shocked his mouth, but it was only a moment of mind and started to guess each other's intentions.

"Those Kong Ming lights floated."

"Fast, it seems to have someone ..."


As 20 hot air balls slowly drifted toward the city, the city wall suddenly fell into a riot, both soldiers, or officers, they were fighting for the first time, and there were two people who were squeezed and lived. Fall.

"Ministry of ..., the hole is actually really someone, how can this, how can people fly on the sky?"

Chen Hong Fan pointed to a nearest, trembling.

With the balloon, the people in the city also saw it. At a time, the whole of Xiangyang City was exclaimed, and it was a group.

Countless people rushed out of the house, looked up, or climbed on the roof.

"Love, what is this panic?"

"Wang ... Wang Ye, Heaven ... The sky floats a few big objects, I heard that there are still people above, the people are fighting for the crowd, and they have documented in the house."


When Wang Wang Wen Yan was surprised, he did not care about the appearance of the frightenedness of Wang Hao, and hurried out quickly.

When the hot air balloon is only a hundred steps from the city, Yang Yichang has finally reacted it. "Fast, put the arrow, shoot those Kongming lights all."

A soldier came to bent the bow and put the arrow toward the sky, and it was not enough to find it at all.

"Haha, the following dog officers and men, there is a kind of shot the old man!" Wang Xiaoyu went to the next head, the officials of the city, was laughing.

People on other baskets are also excited.

Then I took out the rope and threw it. The rope was tied to a stone, just a hundred meters long until it was determined to fall on the city, the length of the rope was just right, and one of them took out a red flag waving a few times.

The 300 meters away from the craftsmen immediately fixed the rope and no longer put, because the scraping is the north wind, after the rope is fixed, a hot air balloon floats around the city.

And the kite is exactly the same.

"Fast, pull the rope, pull them down."

Although Yang Yichang didn't know what the other party had to do anything, he saw the Kong Ming light floating on the top of the head, and he predicated that they were not good. Seeing they put down the rope, and suddenly he shouted.

The officers and soldiers heard the words, and suddenly rushed to pull in the rope.

The rope that can be put down is not fixed to the hot air ball, and it will drop it.