"Dog officers and men, taste your grandfather to give you a good thing ..."

Wang Xiaoyu excitedly pulled out the fire, ignited the lead, then cut the rope, and saw a gunpowder package tied to the front of the basket quickly fell down.

And the officers and soldiers on this city, almost all of them, looked at the big black spots.


After a while, the gunpowder package was smashed on the city, issued an excarked explosion, countless soldiers were blown up, and the black smoke rolled up.

Then, there are ten giant sounds.

On the wall of the few municipal walls, at least a small half is killed and shocked, others are also shocked on the ground, stunned.

Wang Xiaomei, who is watching it in the basket, in a moment of explosion, fell in a basket, and kicked it directly.

And the other nineteen people are almost.

Even the hot air ball is shake, there are two more collapsed, and go far away.

Qin Dawang saw the entire hot air ball was wrapped in black smoke, but also scared a hop, and the dark sloppy, should be a little higher, or a gunpowder is less.

"Phase ... I'm too public, this ... this is too scary!"

On the side of the red hiking effect on the city, it is surprised that there are several counsers such as Li Yan and Niu Jinxing.

Obviously hot air balloons, there is an example of Kong Ming lights, but also can't shock them, but this vertical air blows, but it covers their thinking.


Qin Yu did not have the death of the hot air balloon, pulling out the waist knife, down the command of the attack.

When the drum drums suddenly sounded, this made 10,000 Huajun immersed in the explosion, all wake up, and pushed the cloud ladder and shouted, and a morale is high.

Although each hot air ball is just throwing a gunpowder, it is almost accurately smashed on the city.

After smashing thousands of people, after the explosion stopped, all soldiers rushed to the city, which was clearly scared by the scene.

After Yang Yichang climbed up from the ground, the city has been chaos, and there is a slap in the middle, stupid standing there, Chen Hong fan called several times to react.

"The temple, the temple ..."

"Yang Hutang ..."

"Ah, what?"

"What should I do if I have a thief army?"

"What? Fast, hurry to maintain order, dare to escape the runner, you must block this wave of attacks."

After Yang Yichang returned to God, he saw the scene in front of him, suddenly scared, hurriedly called.

At this moment, I was calm down. Although the thief army's means of ghosts, but as long as they blocked the first wave of attack, the soldiers won't be excessive.

However, even many low-level military officers were scared by the scenes, I was still a paste in my head, and the ordinary soldiers didn't have to say it.

For a time, I couldn't stop the fleet of fleeing, even if I stayed on the head of the city, I looked at the top of the head, I looked at the soldiers horses under the city, nor a face card white, leg trembling.


The Huajun has quickly pushed the ladder to the wall root, and a Huajun's battle troops jumped on the city and began to fight.

There was a large pot of original city, and there was a lot of more than half of it, causing the fire oil and big dung of the cloud ladder to lose their role. In addition, there were more than a half, so that the Huajun almost drums and killed the city.

Yang Yichang is also anxious, but he has to continuously adjust the soldiers and horses, and want to rush to the Huajun, and Qin Yu is also constantly tune the soldier and horse reinforcement.

As for 20 hot balloons, they have been collected back, and five of them were smoked, and all hot air balls were smoke.

The two sides have a strong battle to the afternoon, they are heavy and injuries, but the Ming army has never been able to catch the Huajun.

At dusk, Huajun gradually occupied the upper wind, and began to kill in the wall. More and more Huajun also followed the head of the city.

"Don't retreat, give me ..."

"The temple, the general trend has been going, can't stop, or have a quick share!"

"Hu said, we have three or four thousand soldiers, how can you stop? Give me a kill ..."

Looking at the more and more Mingjun killed, he fled the city, Yang Yichang red eyes, waving the sword, constantly tearing.

This is also anxious to let the generals around you.

"The part is, or first retreat to the Wangfu to keep waiting, otherwise everything is going!"

"For the right, Lu Xiang also has a hundred thousand soldiers, Nanxun, and Guokang also have more than 10,000 soldiers, as long as she keeps Wangfu, this kind of Xiangyang is still not falling."

Yang Yichang also woke up from the crazy, and quickly nodded, and then took the military and horses to Wangfu.

At this time, the entire Fuyang City has been chaotic, although many big families are not treated, I have already escaped from the city, but there are too many people in the city, leading to still countless people to flock to Nancheng, think To escape from the city.

The streets were blocked, and the people who died were not counting. They were screaming everywhere, and the land rogue and defecing soldiers were robbed, and they went to the city. They fled to the city.

When Yang Yichang retired from the Wangfu with the soldiers and horses, the king had already completed all the houses and was preparing to escape.

"Yang Yichang, you are coming, hurry to protect this king out city."

"His Royal Highness, Wan Million, Wangfu Palace is high, there are thousands of soldiers and horses in the hands of the official, plus Wangfu guard, absolutely stick to a period of time, waiting for the reinforcement, re-retrans back Fuyang City."

Yang Yuchang quickly tried.

"A sent a non-righteous, do you think that the king did not see the explosion on the city? If the thief army throws medicine, how do you respond?"

"Wang Ye is relieved, in the afternoon, only by the thief army, it is not prepared, and now the official is ready, and it will never let the thief army organically multiply."

"What is the father of the father?

Hurry and go, it will not be too late, the red lady can be the original red, once he is caught, it will never let us get us. "

The king of the king is anxious to jump, it is obviously anxious than anyone, as for the king of the side, the world is scared to have colorful.

Obviously, the name of the Huajun, and a king of a king, now it is all known to be all known, I am afraid that I will grab the living blood to dry blood, or eat it.

Although the king is also reluctant to be a lot of things, there are many things, but they don't dare to gamble, so they don't want to gamble, so they don't care about Yang Yichang's blocking. The Ten Mono has made a Wangfu.

This will Yang Yichang's gas is a straight feet, because in his opinion, Wang Wang stayed in Wangfu, which is definitely more secure than escaped from the city.

But I have only sent a thousand soldiers and horses to protect them out, and then keep gathering the soldiers to hide in Wangfu, and they are ready to stand.

Finally, I gathered the Ten Warma.

I don't quench Yang Yuchang, I am in the heart of Wangfu, because of the big Xiangyang City, the Wangfu has occupied half of the area, and the palace wall is simply different from the city wall.

Don't say that the general county and the hustpt city are compared to the walls of Xiangyang City, and it is worse, and there is a inner city that lives off.