The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 289, the mother and daughter of headache

The next day, there were more than 20,000 cannon ash, and then under the attack of casualties, it was finally broken by Nanxun County.

It is not a joy of great hatred, but some lost.

Because the king and the world and the prince are all exhausted.

"Hey, unfortunately, this king is really awkward, you will have to pull these women's pads, just die, it is really cheap.

Qin Yu looked at dozens of palace women who were forced to be exhausted, and then bulld his teeth: "Girl, if you are not dissolving, put their bodies to feed the dog, or hang in Xiangyang City What is the day? "

"Others even if it is, I will hang this Dog Shi to the three days of the gate, then I will take the dog!"

The red hormon, I originally disdainful, but I remembered that the beginning of my sister and father, could not help but bite.

"Let's go!"

Qin Yu nodded, there was no reappearance of these bodies.

Xiang Wang and Hua Hao have a deep hatred, so he has to commit suicide, but the other officials will have a prisoner.

At this moment, I was taken to the hall, and I had a hundred people in the foot.

When Qin Yu came in, everyone couldn't help but sneak over. Nanzhang's scholar landlord almost all recognized Qin Yu, and it was a old man.

Qin Yu's eyes fell on the body of the darts, and suddenly laughed: "Is this not a darts? Don't be innocent, didn't I heard that you have moved? How come to Nanxun ? "

"After seeing Hua Wang, the little man is also a ghost fairy, and he also hopes that Hua Wang is not small, and the silver small man will immediately raise it, and will give Hua Wang as soon as possible."

Yan Wei quickly stood up and rushed, but he didn't worry about it. After all, he had already exchanged many times and knew that he was not a rumor.

I was worried that Qin Yushen was destroyed, and she was involved, so she was in the same time, and the name was changed to change the surname to Wuchang.

Who knows that after Wuchang, the days are not good, but the family under the semi-annual accumulation is lost, and they have heard Qin Yu, they are not annihilated by the official army, which is returned to Nanxun County. I want to work together.

However, compared to Qin Yu's generous, the Mrs. Li is tapping too kg, although he also helped them buy a lot of materials, but did not earn how many silver, even the last payment of the original, He repayed that the result was not clear so far.

"Hey! There are thousands of silver sons in the district, and the head of the darts is to give me a letter, it is not worth mentioning."

Qin Yu naturally did not pay more than that of the silver, and he didn't pay attention to him. When he was a car, so he didn't care, and then said: Today, the king is doing things, the darts are temporarily returned, his Japanese king is in a good story. Old. "

"Thank you, the little person will go back."

When Yan Yu suddenly went to a gift, he took a ritual, just in the anger of the official, fled the hall, obviously understand, this guy has long colluded with anti-thief.


" "

Qin Yu took a horror and righteous words.

I am scared to the ground and beg for giving.

"Hua Wang is embarrassed, I will wait until the beginning!"

"Yeah, all the county people and the command make the adult forced, I have to send people to join, please Hua Wang."

"As long as Huayou will let go of the old wife and children, the old man is willing to give all the money in the family to the king."

"Hey, think that Laozi is still a little thief? Will you see your money?"

"I actually gully my lady, that is, the lady who is bullied by his people today, and bullies your wife, and hate the heart."

Qin Yu snorted, and immediately said: "When you come, pull all these dogs all over the house!"

Looking at the Landlord of the Land, the red, the red, is also straight to the white eyes. It is obviously a little shameful Qin Yu, which is clearly going to sleep, and find a crown of excuse.

The more than a dozen civil servants were finally scared by Qin Yu's fierce, and the timid legs began to tremble, so they were all officials.

"Who is the opening of the Fuyangfu?"


A middle-aged sergeant snorted, and if it responded to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu looked at it. He saw that he and Zunru had a bit similar, and the secret road nodded.

If other civil sergems dare to put this depth, according to Qin Dawang's temper, it is absolutely to pull down the fifty big board, but the big brother is another question, so I slow down: "I heard you The official product is still good, this king is talent, can you want to abandon the dark? "


................. . .

Qin Yu did not follow him, and he learned about the virtue of the Chinese era, he knew that he would have a heart, and it didn't look at the face.

So waving, the deceived first, and other officials were turned together.

"Do you have any use of these dog officials? Why not kill, save food?"

"Everything can't do it, it is definitely not possible." Qin Yu was swaying, or if they killed who was still surrendered in the future? How is it?

So he also intended to kill the Huang Zhifu, others can use it, can't use it, the land is the same in the future.


"Gong, my brother can still live?"

When Qin Yu returned to the big camp, the mother and the daughter couldn't wait to welcome it, and the Qinru is even more nervous.

"The lady is relieved, he is nothing, I am going to make up him, but he didn't agree, so I had to be hung by him, would you like to persuade him to persuade him?"

"This ... Hey! I still have to be." hesitate, and finally shook his head, sighed, and obviously felt that there was no face.

"Okay! Waiting for me to play the emperor in the future, the lady is the emperor ... The emperor, let the lady's wind-graphful clothing also hometown, enjoy the envy of the world."

Qin Yu also understood her concerns, no way, this era is such a dead brain, so, I almost say that she will seal her for the queen, so I changed it in time.

"Xiaoyu brother, then me?" Li Yaner wrinkled a little eyebrow, and asked nervous.

"This ... What is the emperor?"

"Xiaoyu brother, don't be an emperor, the mother can't be the emperor."

Li Yaner bite his lips, even refuted Qin Yu, the opposite look, let Qin Yu and Mrs. Li are secretly surprised, and Qin Yu is a little headache.