The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 292 Huanggong House

Next, Qin Yu has begun to seal the official, and Qian Bin is still the minister of the Prime Minister of the Administration, and seven officials have not changed.

As for the heavens and the ground, there is no appointment of Shangshi Lang, and everyone can only guess two departments from the literal.

Tiantong Department, as the name suggests, definitely like making Kongming Lantern, a departments of the generos, and the mine departments, and the mining department is not unhappy.

The court was held by Wang Can, and the literati in Heishi Town also went to the court, the court official. In addition to the leader, it is entirely called judge, a total of five, first-level judges and the first level of the court, and the court will also Divided into two parts.

The first-level judges are primarily responsible for legislation and training of legal personnel, the first and other judges are responsible for the judgment, as well as daily affairs, mutual intervention, and the first-level judge is promoted by the normal judge of the style.

"Wang House, your future work is to set up a code of my big Qin State as soon as possible, you can learn from the big mission, but one thing, each law must be simple and straightforward, clear and clear, people There is airs drilled. "

"Chen, etc. must be in accordance with the meaning of the king as soon as possible, compiled a code of my Daqin."

Wang Can quickly listed, and the tone was excited. Although the prime minister of this hospital was in Dali Temple, and Qian Bin's cabinet first auxiliary difference.

According to the different genus and Qin Yu's attention, the court of this court seems to be in the future, it can really sit in flatness with the Prime Minister of Qian Bin.

So, whether it is money or more than 20 Chinese literati, it is secretly decided. After going back, he will start in the horse, and write a code as soon as possible, because there is no code, their court is an empty shelf.

"Well! Don't let this king disappoint."

Qin Yu nodded, although he didn't study the law, he wrote a code unrealistic, but the vision and knowledge of modern people, the modification perfection on the basis of their Code, or can do it.

As for the last inspectors, Qin Yu did not now be an official, and there is no official to appoint, and the second is an inspector he has his own ideas.

Let this partner supervise yourself, it is certainly unreal, so the official of the Inspector is not intended to pick it up from the civilian.

Want to build a new dynasty, but also overthrow the system of each generation, and want to continue the continuation of the long-lasting, you must get the support and support of all classes of the municipal agricultural and commercial, at least to take into account the interests of each class. .

It is not possible.

Otherwise, like those reforms in history, people die in the country, and most of the two or three hundred years of national transport, he doesn't want to be the second king.

The people and trains are best to draw, and the craftsman only need to improve their status and will definitely support the new dynasty.

The people are mostly ignorant, and the number is also the most, in addition to the land is given to them, it is necessary to open the people's wisdom, and officials should choose from civilians.

The military is a good time in a short time, but the long-term is a big trouble, so he intends to promote the next half of the military, from the underlying soldier, and the other half of the military school, there is a merits of the title, you can enter the military school, the civilians need Test, directly granted a small school after graduation.

This can guarantee these generals and his generals, and future generations can continue to be rich, be a military martial arts, and the military officers who can make civilians have a promotion channel.

The most difficult to pull the unity is the businessman. As for the people's class, after the large-scale opening of the people, this class does not necessarily exist, it is a class that is to be knocked down.

Qin Yu's idea is that the letters and merchants are combined into a class, although these people can have a lot of wealth, over luxurious life, but the children can't be as officer, and they can not be from the military, they can act in cultural morality.

However, if there is no certain social status, there is no certain voice, the businessman will be a slaughtered pig, so the economy is difficult to develop.

As a modern person, Qin Yu naturally knows that the importance of merchants and the economy, wants to be rich in the country, and it is unrealistic, so Qin Yu is intended to leave the supervisor to the businessman.

An inspectorium will be set up in the future, and if you want to be the royal history of the Inspectors, there are two conditions, the first, the wealth in the family should reach a certain step, see the taxation of each year, the second is to take the department.

That guy doesn't like the Morality of Ren Ren, a mortar?

Well, continue to install, it is not only the study of Confucian classics. It is a good history. It can not only play the local official, but also attack the state, directly to the emperor to governing the country.

At that time, an independent departments of anti-corruption, the royal history only reached the level, or the number of people reached the requirements, once the bombing, this anti-corruption independent department must send people to investigate.

There is also such a plan, so the inspectors of Qin Yu is not anxious, but due to the small deposit, it is temporarily connected to each county.

All counties' things are still the county to manage the criminal, county-owned management civil, county military military, three people are unsatisfactory, mutual intervention, and the county and county is still directly managed by the internal government, so the government is still It is a flower stand.

Military political institutions, Qin Yu is just let Li Yan and Niu Jinxing and the left and right deputy director. As for the official Sima, the official Sima, it is to wait.

After being divided into Dynasties, everyone rushed back to find the resident of their respective Tuen Mun, busy forming all departments.

And Qin Yu also can't wait for the establishment of his own internal government, because the light of the Gong Bin's parter engages in industrial, developing the economy, definitely unrealistic, so all things, temporarily must be directly responsible by the internal government, and then hand over Administrative staff.

The Ministry of Office will be under the jurisdiction of the Secretariat, the Ministry of Service, the Finance Department, Audit, the Education Department, the Industry and Commerce Bureau, the Mine Office, the Agriculture Bureau, the Bank, Casting Bureau, Bank, and Firm.

First, the candidates of the big fortune will give Qin Yu some headaches. After all, the Ministry of Internal Affairs not only wants the Chinese minions, and then it is necessary to divide the land, dig ditch, and establish a commercial bank, dig iron iron, and establish a variety of factories. Established a formal lady college, Daqin Military Academy.

Original Qin Yu is intended to let Mrs. Li do a big man, but I think of her weakness, I am afraid it is suitable for the Director of Education.

Finally, I have to let Zhang Yizhen shall be a Big Mansion, because no one is more appropriate than her.

Mrs. Li and De King serve as the deputy director, the rest, all the bureaus, departments, and all the three men's women.

For a time, the old Langfu garden, hundreds of ladies are gathered together, and they are still lively than in the morning. As for the little, they are not qualified to participate.

Qin Yu does not need these ladies to fully understand what he does, just need them to do it in their own meaning, and go to the mission of the explanation.

Compared to those readers, these ladies will definitely do things that he told him.

"According to the King said, it is necessary to open the construction plant, and it is necessary to divide the field. It is also necessary to recruit more girls, and the human hand is afraid far enough!"

After the end of Qin Yu, Zhang Wei's brow wrinkled, and his heart was also secretly shocked. This little thief had to turn over, as he did it, he couldn't get a sky, but not only did not worry, but there is a wire Excited and expected.

"Then, the ladies in the towns of Nanyang Town will go to the fields of the Tianyang, and their work is responsible for those who are small."

Qin Yutao waved, those ladies have been familiar with the division of the field, and continue to stay in various treasants, they have avoided some waste, and each person has brought a little helper, and those who smashed it will also grow up. When a head is a child, it should be not big.

"Well, this is feasible!" Zhang Yuyi went to nodded, if the lady in Nanyang is turned back, the number of people should increase half, and one thousand more than 1500 ladies, and everything is enough.

After all, many things don't need these ladies to do it. I only need to find a local organizational craftsman, let them do it, do it, you can supervise it.