The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 293, Magnificent Education

"Xiaoyu, I have no bottom in my heart. If you still choose a big talent, come and take the Office of the Office of the Office!"

"Yes, the son, I am afraid that I am not doing this education, and I will delay the big event of the son."

When I returned to the study, Zhang Wei had a bit of a little, and there was no calmness when he had just been outside, and Mrs. Li also looked at Qin Yu, and only the maintenance of the Dynasty, the chest is bamboo.

"Sister, you don't have to feel someone, no one is better than you, as for me, where do you let me go?"

Qin Yu held her shoulders sat down. He wanted to find a Zhang Liangzi Zhong, but he had to do what he had to do, even if there is a Zhang Liangtian, no treatment.

"But ... Other things are ok, this construction plant, open cast iron, I really don't know where to start!"

"The current task is to hurry to find a construction site, build a factory, and collect all the mines under the mine bureau, unified management, and the crafts can be responsible for those traits, you can take management management, you can Will write a specific charter. "

"What is the workshop, the size is it again, and the scale is it?" Zhang Wei nodded and thought about it.

"Things we often use, you must produce by workshop, eating in the work, such as textile mills, dyeing fabrics, garment factories, ceramics factories, paper mills, etc., the scale can be temporary Little a little, then gradually expand. "

Qin Yu slowly said.

I want to build a factory, the development of the industry is not realistic, so I can only take the lead in the royal family, concentrate on producing goods, let them take the sale, go on the formal, and then sell the factory to them.

"Well! I am going to recruit craftsmen who will make these things, then pick the place to build a factory." Zhang Wei got ahead and said, clearly understood what he meant.

"Well, go, you need money, you will look at it, I will report it once every month. Yes, the factory is best to choose in the north bank, the place should be large enough, let those who know how to plan planning, Plan, take the drawings, let me look. "

Qin Yu is in hand, I plan to let them go, don't do it, don't matter, continue to do it again, anyway, he has time, or let him go personally, then don't worry about it.

The key is to worry about this girl will be corrupted with his silver food.

Because this mother's mother is now alone, it can not be given again, it is destined to have a lot of ambitions, it is used as a big manager.

Zhang Wei's white, and went down to call a lady to meet.

"Mon, take you, to recruit girls from 10,000 people from 10,000 to 12 years old, remove the original 20,000, still 80,000, even if the school-age girls in Nanyang, Xiangyang, afraid It is not enough, and many people may not be willing to let the daughter come to the school to learn, is it slowed down? "

Zhang Yanyuan, Mrs. Li looked at Qin Yu as a face of crying, apparently scared by his big hand.

"It can't be slow, it is too late, 100,000 girls are the lowest quota, Fuyang and Nanyang are not enough to go to other places to find it, even if the Tong Dynasty is deceived, I have to give me Qi."

Qin Yu is a hand, the lady's college has cultivated the kindergarten teacher. From now on, he is estimated to be unified after four or five years, and the girls developed at that time are just fifteen or older, and learning is almost.

100,000, each person teaches 50 children, which is 5 million, barely can conduct national basic education, so he does not want to wait for a moment.

As for higher level education, you can't let the woman teach. After all, I have to consider ancient men and women.

"Hey, even if you can make 100,000 people, there is no place to hold it, let alone the lady's college only thousands of ladies and dozens of ladies are teaching, and they count, 100,000 people at least a few Thousands of young ladies and hundreds of ladies, where did you find so many second eight-year-old? And so many people, daily money overhead, estimate is also an astronomical figure. "

Mrs. Li saw him hard to recruit so many people, and it is also a helpless. I have to sigh that I have said it is difficult.

Death and Li, Liu's is dark, obviously, I don't know how Qin Yu wants to recruit so many girls, and finally understand why Li's wife is like this, and they have to be frightened.

"Money food doesn't have to worry, as for the place, you can divide ten branches. Now it is certainly no time to build, this is really a bit of trouble ... Yes, some temples outside the city are very suitable."

Qin Yu first swayed, and then touched the chin to go back in the study, suddenly the eyes said.


The girls are surprising, and a pair did not dare to confuse.


Qin Yutu is self-self, Haha laughed: "Well, I chose in the temple. When the lady can give those monk compensated a silver, let them go to the temple, and will be the entire Fuyang Nanyang two places The temple is all over. "

"Public ... son, this ... this is not good? Will not anger ..."

"Yes, the king, still count, so as not to affect the big king's great cause."

Mrs. Li carefully advised, and other women were also afraid of a fear.

"Hey, I am not strong, the Buddha is not to say that Purdue people? Now just let them move, how can I not?" Qin Yu snorted.

"That ... that is what the monks have not promised?" Mrs. Li had to bite his teeth, some of them.

"This time I will let the soldiers will tell them, I believe they should be very happy to move, the lady is rest assured!" Qin Yu smiled.

"What is the big show and lady?"

Mrs. Li has only got a blame, and then asked.

"The sister is not enough, it must not be able to draw." Qin Yu took the forehead. He knew that the truly is the most difficult or people, as for the resident and money, it is not a problem.

After all, the 100,000 girls must not only learn literacy, and the calculation of Arabic numbers, simple astronomical geography, but also learn everyone's elegant and female training female red, even after two years of 12 years old, it also teaches some rooms. Know how.

So it is destined to teach them must be a fifteen six years old, and a small number of big families, these people should learn.

"The king, the last time has been copies dozens of large households, those women are not still concerned now?" De Wang said.

"Well, yes, there are dozens of Nanyang County, and I have to be able to go to the Division, which seems to be able to go to the teacher, and now it seems to be a waste."

Qin Yanyi wants to think it is nodded, think it seems that it seems to be.

Although Miss Lady hates him, let them do things, he must not be relieved, but if it is hard and hard, let them go to the lady's college as a gentleman, should still be.

After all, these big users, he is not intended to kill, but it is intended to have been in the future to go overseas. In the future, the big household will only grow more and more, so many people are too wasteful.

Then some regrets, because the big household in Xiangyang is running, otherwise there are many people.