The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 296 Datin's national policy

"Qian Aiqing, what is the construction of all departments?"

After Wang Can, Qin Yu watched an eye.

"Back to the king, all departments have been prepared, only the kings will be officially operated, and the officials of the farmers have also made the land household registration of the king at any time."

Qian Bin replied, meaning that it is obvious.

"Well, however, the land in Xiangyang will remain in charge of the Ministry of Service." Qin Yu nodded and said directly.

"The king thinks twice, the land distribution should be hosted by the farmer, if the woman who continues to be in the household, the minister is worried that the officials will mistakenly think that the king does not trust them ..."

Qian Bin has been out of his teeth, and there is a sound, and he said.

When Qin Yutou suddenly wrinkled, silent for a while, she said: "This king understands your mind, and know what you are worried, but this world is a man's world, the girls of the lady will not The women in the official, the Ministry of the Office is also to be married.

As for the land distribution, this king is not to trust you, but the autumn harvest is approaching, and the land must be distributed in the shortest time. The farmers have obviously not enough, so your mission is to recruit some readers, only In this way, this king will be slightly signed in front of the city, and you can do it in the first time. "

See Qin Yu said that Qian Bin finally made a breather, knowing that the next farm is no longer furnished.

I am going to be returned, I see Qin Yu actually got up.

"Today, I said that you are the minister of the Prime Minister of our Qin State. The king said with you to tell you some ideas for me the Dynasty, the Chinese government, and the relevant national policy of Datun."

Qin Yu also knew that he could not continue to hang them, intend to tell himself to the future plan, and then let him convey to officials, and will be able to accept him with him in the future, and you can't accept it.

In the future, Daqin State must be ruled according to law, supplemented by Confucianism, rather than the current Confucian, after the law, the law is just a tool for Confucian and emperors.

Officials must not be official, and the business is not an official, and the official can still enjoy the beauty of the mansion, and the descendants can continue to be official, but they can't have land.

To put it bluntly, Qin Yu is intended to follow his own civilian military commander, build into military Wu Shi, officially tied together, and the big Qin State is firmly tied together, and share.

Of course, in order to prevent officials of the world and military Wu Shi, completely control the military and political party, the second generation of the second generation can only occupy the 50% of the high position, the remaining 50% must be promoted by the civilians.

At that time, you can cut a knife. For example, there are hundreds of officials, it takes hundreds, then the two generations can only occupy 50, hundreds of generals, and the military second generation can only occupy 50.

As for the second generation of the second generation, the second generation of the second generation, but also, the father and grandfather have to have two kinds of members, or the general, then they are subject to quotas.

This will be written in the basic law in the future, by the royal supervision, no matter how many two officials, how many generals, can not exceed 50%, once the extension, the Minister of the Minister, the minister of the Prime Minister, the relevant military officials of the military, the military Directly removed, and the three generations must not be an official.

And whether it is a civilian child, or the second generation of the official, it takes a test, such as the imperial examination, and can be official.

All from the bottom floor, so that the underlying officials can be monopoly from the official two-generation monopoly, but only the same political achievements, the official two generations will definitely have an advantage.

This is unable to change in any dynasty, so Qin Yu is cut, and it is fundamentally.

In this way, there will be a civilian to become a official of the official, and under powerful competitiveness, the original officials will continue to weaken and transferred.

Of course, there are so many, and the treatment must have to keep up. In the future, the above civil and military officials, the most penalty is exile, seven officials have not miscascade and family.

In the future, the family is alive, and Ling Chi is dead, there will never appear in Daqin Domestic, because the charter has proved that the home altructure is not fundamentally solved.

After listening to Qian Bin, the whole person was ignorant, and the mouth is there, so half of it, she is excited: "The king is Sheng Ming, the minister admires, the king will become a king of the elderly, create Daxin Shengshi!"

He is not excited, two officials have not killed, seven products or above, can say that everyone will never need to hang, only this, Qin Yu is absolutely called the first Ming Jun, the first Ming Jun, this There are more than that of the gold medal than that.

The key is that these will be written into the basic law. Just now Wang Can heard the fog in the clouds, he was understanding, the basic law is actually the Taizu training, even more than Taizu.

Because Qin Yu said, once the Basic Law has been set, the future emperor will not be tampered with, who dares to tamper, everyone can stand up and overturned the tyrant, and join Jun.

Because of this, he served Qin Yupei.

After calm down, Qian Bin is careful: "The king, the minister has a saying, I don't know if I don't say it!"

"Let's talk, you can speak freely. In the future, Daqin State will not speak for the crime." Qin Yu waved.

If Qian Bin may not believe in him, but now it is convinced that it is unwell, so it is a look: "The king, if the official is not commercial, no land, will be inevitable, it is afraid Will be corrupted! "

"Oh, I didn't have Ming Taizu, and I won't do the kind of horse to run, and I don't give her horse.

You can rest assured that in the future, I will definitely be more than a lot of times higher than that of the calendar, enough to raise my wife and beauty, and have a rich day. "

Qin Yu smiled, and when he was highly saved, it stipulates that corruption officials, and the children and grandchildren will not be official.

Although it is impossible to eliminate, he believes that Da Qin's officials will definitely be the most intelligent in the past, more useful than murder.

"This ... this ... is higher, I am afraid I can't stop the corn of officials!"

Qian Bin actually wants to say, where can I get high again? Which is more business-suited, how many bribes?

Qin Yu naturally understood his thoughts, because the official of Daming Dynasty, I am afraid that many years have not been issued, and everyone will regard it as the laugh.

"Then, if Wang Aiqing, a young master, there will be two hundred thousand silver children every year, and the seven officials have hundreds of officials?"

"What? This ..."

Qian Bin Xiaoba almost didn't shock, a pair followed the ghost, and immediately said: "The king, how is this high, how is the living?"

"Now it is definitely can't afford it, but after the prosperity of commerce is prosperous, it is nothing, I will not only have to strengthen farms in the future, but also to improve the various processes, improve efficiency.

The national tax will mainly use commercial taxes, let the people have rich, and the people will purchase more goods, which will cause more prosperous trade, the more prosperity of commerce, and the more national taxes. My country's national policy is rich in the people, take it, use the people, the people, the people, the wealth, the beginning, the cycle! "