The firearr is separated from the army, and then the west is the military, the military doctor, and the transport office.

At the north shore, the horse is located in the north bank, and the area of ​​the two is larger than the other five.

Compared to the army, the firewriter is more than the construction scale, or the craftsman is more winning.

More than 30,000 craftsmen, the front is the fireworks and artillery plants, followed by ammunition factories and warehouse.

In the middle of the high thick wall, there is only one door to connect, compared to other factory management.

Nowadays, the birds have stopped to create, but they are striving to create a hair, a long and a short, all using fur.

The stone hairstyle structure, the hardest is still the creation of the spring, but this problem has been solved, but it is only a little low.

That is to raise a iron bar, purely manually into a fine iron, and then carefully grind, and finally use the winch to make it a spring.

It is responsible for building a spring for more than 20 years old blacksmith, but even so, the proliferation rate has reached 30%, and whether it is hitting, or grinding, it takes a lot of time.

Compared to the fire rope gun, it is more double that it is doubled, and a small half hand is wasted on the spring.

"Touch, touch ..."

On the shooting field, Qin Yu lifted a long-awaited, taking ten shots, which looked with some sour beltered, throwing the gun to the teacher, asked:

"Well, the fire rate is still good, the ten shots have only a shot, how many guns can be played? How much is the rock?"

"Back to the king, a gun is an estimated to play more than 500 times, the flame is best to change one hundred times, otherwise it is easy to dumb."

"Hey, this thing is really bad to serve!"

Qin Yu helplessly sighed, telling the truth, and he also can't see him, because he is almost in the rain, it will not be more convenient to be safe.

But he also knows that if you want to do waterproof, you can't do it at the Ming Dynasty. He is not a chemist, the bullet is burned, and he is not a matter, it is estimated that he is dead, don't want to make it.

"How many rods can this fire?"

"Back to the king, long-term can create a hundred sticks per day, short twilight." The woman behind him rushed.

"This is a thousand rods in this month." Qin Yuxi wrinkled into Chuanzhu, this efficiency wanted to dress, at least a few years.

Several women and several older interstitors are ignorant low.

Not the craftsman do not sell, but this is too much, it is too much trouble.

The spring is equally ground, and the flames should be ground, and the components of some hairdressing devices should also be polished, plus the drill tube, the mill, and if the non-division of labor cooperates, one person makes a rod, and the hard work is not available for a long time.

"Too slow, this process must be improved, the light is polished, the drill tube can not be."

Qin Yu Shen Sheng said, he just turned a circle, and he also known wherever it was slow, so he was still afraid of the strength of the flowers, but also improved the process, otherwise he could only increase people.

But the light to build these two rods, it has already putted 15,000 blacksmiths and carpenters, more, don't say that there is not enough place, and also hurt agriculture.

"The king, I don't know how to improve it?" A old man asked carefully.

"For example, this drill pipe and mill tube can be used to make a simple transmission, even if it is still human, efficiency will increase several times."

"This ... How do you drive?" A few teachers came over, and several ladies were refunded after the fun.

"This, for example, two size gears, big gears drive small gears, connect to drill, then sit on the top with foot ..."

Qin Yu said to them the bicycle structure of the past, but several olders were listening to the fog, I didn't know if Qin Dawang said.

"Forget it, you don't have to manage it. When I arrived, I was looking for a special person responsible for researching. After waiting for it, I will come over, and you can make it according to the sample!"

Qin Yu said the mouth of the mouth, seeing them still seems to understand, only have a helpless pendant, then head to the guns next door.

The Artillery Factory is still only casting two cannons, one is a thousand pounds of Franca, one is two thousand kilograms of red cannons.

When the craftsman is still cast by mud mold, Qin Yu suddenly took a forehead, and immediately let them use iron molds in the future, and this time I have said how to do it.

In the next few days, Qin Yu also went to other five times, especially the aquaculture, but because of the short time, there were thousands of pigs and tens of thousands of chickens.

Qin Yu made them first strive to breed the breeding of the mother chicken. After the boar cock eggs, the sow hell was sold to the people.

There is no way, after a survey, he found that no matter how it is Fuyang or Nanyang, there is almost no poultry in the home of ordinary people, and it is not necessary to reach a large-scale breeding. It is estimated to wait until the Monkey will go to the Monkey.

In the case of the Ming Dynasty, it is impossible to completely develop into an industrial community, so in the development of industries, small farmers are also crucial.

It will be transferred throughout, and finally, Qin Yu will share a meeting with the director and the head of the people, and the people who take it.

The announcement will pick a large air nearby, and the people will be unified to build a house, a set of small flat houses, and the performance of the craftsman is preferred.

There is no way, all the factories are all eating a big pot, living in the dormitory, some or even tents.

Most of these trains have family members, but most women are in the military and farm, and the opportunity to meet is very small in one month.

Plus time for a long time, I am afraid that someone will lazy slack, so I can only use housing to continue to motivate everyone's enthusiasm.

When he came, he also intended to make a piece system, and this observation found that it is not realistic.

One is not enough to manage people.

The second step is separated. If you engage in, some people will definitely steal and reduce the production, and there will be things that have a deeds, and a lady will not take it.

So it is better to temporarily manage this, because of the current conditions and conditions, this way is the most appropriate.

After the maders went back, they announced this one. Sure enough, more than 100,000 craftsmen and their families broke out unprecedented enthusiasm.

And 200,000 bachelor Han, but only a few days, but have to continue to burn bricks to burn the wattm.

Qin Yu also began to consider the supply problem of the raw material of the Laun, because the cotton cotton wrap iron and various materials, although it is still sufficient, but now there is no businessman to come to Nanyang and Fuyang, and every day, this is not good.

In addition to buying outside, you have to produce some, so he plays a season of winter wheat in Nanyang, and then the cotton, Fuyang is a season of rice and rapesets, plus salt mines, iron mines, coal mines, can achieve self-sufficiency.