The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 303 Envy the Eight Kings

Changdefu is located in the south of the Yangtze River, the southwest corner of Dongting Lake, the southwest corner of Jianghan Plain, is only two or three hundred miles away from Changsha City.

At this moment, Changde City shouted and shouted, the bones were piled up, and the righteous army was launching a strong attack from all sides, and the big households on the wall have begun to despair. Because the thief army attacked often, there is no one sold to aid, and The anti-thief seems to be more and more.

"Mind, attack."

"Good, great."

Zhang Xianzhong held the hand of Li Dingguo to expect, and suddenly screamed, the eyebrows of the crumpled finally stretched, and the hands on the knife were released.

"Congratulations to the father, this Changde City is broken, the righteous business is available!"

Sun Kewei is also excited, and the other two volts have congratulated.

No way, since the south under the lake, they have been exhausted, and they have not yet stayed on the same day, and the brothers have already tired of this day.

In this month, the Zuo Liangyu's nest has made them a breath of breath, not only from Changde and Yueyangfu, but the soldiers and horses have also expanded to more than 300,000.


Zhang Xianzhong watched the whispering, it is also a lot of laughter, and the mood is very pleasant. Since Qin Yutian is off, the first time I laughed.

In fact, after Qin Yu lay down Nanyang, eight kings have always wanted to find a block, as a base, recuperating, and Yang Yichang has been chasing!

Since Qin Yu is in Fuyang, he said Wang, Wang Wang is skewer in Guanzhong, and the eight kings is anxious, and it is envious, but also, it can be described as five flavors.

I think that he is old to make an anti-righteous ten years, and the county county is countless, one mercenary is hundreds of thousands, but can come to the end, still falling around.

Instead, Qin Yu, who is surviving under his hand, is just a short two years, not only has a big name, but also a site.

Even when I got a party, I watched the king of the big brother, and the days were better than him. The depression of the heart was also the outside.

Just as the righteous army killed the city, the four voluntes were surrounded by Zhang Xianzhong, and when I started Changde, when I opened the dream, I rushed over from the distance.

In the past, a big man turned over the horse, a big man in a big man, and a Boxer reported: "Daji Wang, yesterday, the left thoughts, the army met the longjun."

"Hey! Is that the dog tall, is it really bullying? This time, the new hatred hate, Laozi wants to count with him."

I heard that Zuo Liangyu Dafu pressure, Zhang Xianzhong did not have a half-silk accident, but a cold voice, saying that the final face was distorted.

It can be seen about what extent to Zuo Liangyu hate.

"What is the strength of the left thief? How is the march?" Li Dingguo asked, compared to two years ago, there was a lot of mature on his face, less.

"Back to the second general, the left thief is about 100,000, the striker 20,000 people, the speed is very fast, I am afraid that I will go to Changde City after the morning."

"What, Million? This is said, the dog thief is in just a month, and it has recruited 50,000 people. Don't he are not afraid to cause the court to guess?"

Zhang Xianzhong suddenly scared, bite his teeth authentic.

Four-bit meon's face is also changed, and it can't laugh again.

After Zuo Liangyu, I was so cheap, Zhang Xianzhong naturally knew that once Changde City was already being hit, the left thief will immediately kill it.

So in this month, the eight kings have always been in the attack of Changde, let the four volunteers sold four roads, attacking near the counties near the counties, until these days, the four mensi with the soldiers and countless vibrant goods, Really start attack.

"Mind, the left thief is doubled, the original plan is probably a bit unpropted, it needs to be counted from a long!" Li Dingguo looked up.

Their original plan is to make Zuo Liangyu, and then to attack all state counties in Changde, and quickly strengthen the strength, and finally relying on Changde, and the left thistle.

After defeating the left thief, then attacked Changsha, with the two houses as the foundation, and the opening of the king, and then sweeping the south of Lake Guangjiang.

Who once thought that Zuo Liangyu was also secretly recruited to buy horses, and it was so crazy, and it was so unscrupulous.

"Two brother, that is 50,000 but a new soldier, I have no worries."

"Yes, this time I said anything else."

Liu Wenxiu sang, Ai Nengqi also hated, Sun Kewei is looking at Changde City, and I don't know what I am thinking.

"Three brothers, four brothers, although it is a 50,000 new soldiers, but there is a true guy in your hands, and though there are thirt hundred thousand people, but it is only half of the herself who can fight, there is only 50,000 soldiers. Left and right, so still cautious some is good. "

Li Dingguo taught two brothers, and he held a punch for Zhang Xianzhong: "Mind, staying in Qingshan, not afraid of firewood, Changde is open, one is not good, I am afraid that I have to be replaced back, just I will let it be. "

"Old second, you said light, I ask you, don't pay a dead battle in Changde and left thoughts, can we go? Do you go to the West?

So much money, beauty, don't you? How is the soldiers under our hand come, are you unclear? This is a mountain, it is estimated that it is full of running lights at night. "Sun Kewei is not good."

"Going north, crossing the river, then goes to Sichuan." Li Dingguo said slowly.

"Old two, you don't have a good idea, you want to go to Sichuan after the Jingjiang, you must pass the stone pillar, we have not been there? It is blocked in the Jingzhou government to enter, it is better to refund, it is better to be in Changde and Left thistot and finally. "

"Big Brother, I didn't say that from Shi Zhu to Sichuan, we can continue the north, and Xiaoyu's business, from Fuyang Fuyang to Sichuan, I believe he should agree." Li Dingguo explained.

"Old second, I think you want to go to the little child? Also right, with the relationship with the boy, I will go to Fuyang, it is definitely one person, maybe the kid will also divide you. Wang Hao or county Lord is warm, where is the fairy day? "" Sun Kawang said yin and yang strange.

Li Dingguo's face suddenly swells red: "Big Brother, you will have a bloody spray, I absolutely don't have this idea, if I really want to go to Xiaoyu, I will go with him."

Zhang Xianzhong's face is gloomy, and finally sighed and swayed: "Old 2, if you really want to go to the little child, the righteous father does not stop you, nor you blame you."

"Mind, the child is never two, if the righteous father does not believe, the baby is willing to be degrade!" Li Dingguo said in a knee knee, and the .. ..

"What is this? I am getting up, if you don't believe you, can you let you?" Zhang Xianzhong urgently, quickly took the knife in his hands.

"Thank you for your father, the child swearing to follow the righteous father, if you violate this vow, the sky is destroyed."

"Baby is also willing to swear to follow the father ..."

After the Knife of Li Dingguo was taken, he referred to the oath. The other three people had seen it, but they swear.

"Well, my fears have you help, why is it afraid? This time, we will finally die in Changde City, and the winner is the king, the loser is!"

Zhang Xianzhong saw four volunalers, loyal, touched, the tears, and the four people helped the four people.

Nowadays, people have not easy to return to 300,000. He is really reluctant to drill the mountains, even if it is finally injured, it will go south, or go to the mountains to the West.